Wakeup Call Message
February 04, 2005


 Hi Everyone,

     Well, here we are in our new place, a cozy, quiet RV park in NM, with a view of the lake. We have gotten our Verizon Internet connection set up with our cell phones, and we’re back in business. Glad to be back with these messages. Have a great day and weekend!


        Nancy and Bob





          My dear ones till today we had not been able to confront the people on earth who are taking their power and running all the way with it, into the shadows. Now we are finding that though their hold seems to be tightening, they are indeed losing ground. Their escalation is proof positive of their cowardice under fire, and the evidence of their immanent demise of power is in the stars.

          Good day, I AM Commander Korton, and I welcome you to this round table discussion of what it is that can now be done. You are all wondering when is the tide going to turn, and when will you see how the Light can irrevocably change the pattern of the shadow’s activity, and render it transmuted to all Light.

          I will share with you a few points that we are taking, and allow that you too can use these points in your work with the light. One thing that we are doing is showering down upon these ones a vast amount of light and love. We are doing so with the authority of our sovereignty, and with the compassion that moves mountains and redirects streams. These mountains and streams are the movements of tyranny that these ones have put in place and fully expect to utilize as was done in other times in your earth history. This time, however, you will not see the repeat of history, for in those times we were not allowed to intervene even in this manner.

          Another thing that we are doing is to shower colors into their fields that are neutral. In this way, we keep ourselves from projecting our intent upon them, which would be a definite act of interference. In so doing, they come back with a counter act that interrupts their flow of intent, and causes them to pause long enough for a different idea to enter their field. This different idea is that of pure light. When pure light enters into one’s field there is an instant recognition of truth, and in that truth lies the message of who one really is. Nothing can put down truth when it is received into one’s field.

          Because The Source of All is behind this great plan on earth, the original idea was not only to subvert the truth, but also to carry the truth along in order to balance the duality. In this way, the free will experience could have a field in which to play. Now that the energies of transformation and transmutation have enveloped the planet, the return to the purity of truth is coming back into the present reality of all on earth. To some it is speaking more loudly than to others, or I might say that those who are not hearing it as well as others are tuning in less than the ones who are recognizing their innate Divinity.

          This too is changing. Another way in which we are assisting in this transformation and return to deity is in that we hold an idea and a vision of the higher self of these ones. We hold it in love, and we see it as their oneness as they go about their ministrations on earth. Evidence of their being affected by all of these measures is the stepping up of their activities of the darkness. If they did not feel the pressure of the light surrounding them with love, they would not be putting on the extra effort.

It is as though they all gather in the locker room after a set of the game, and the coach gives them the pep talk intended to spur them on to victory. Only in this act, there is a desperation that tells of the innate knowledge that they are in the last throes of the game, and they will be victors in the end. But not the way in which they envision, but in the way that The Source sees them, victors in the Light and the Oneness.

          We stand here in unison with you, and we see that through their activities they are running scared. We see their fear, and we see the short span of time before they are to succumb to the light. We extend our compassion out to them, for they are almost at the end of the game. What we see for them and all of you is that there will be a great celebration and all will throw their arms around each other in comfort and love, for there will be need for comfort in the first stages of the new phase of ascension into earth lightbodies.

          What I suggest is that you all take a few moments in your daily meditations and give thanks for the light that still lives within each and every being on earth, even those who seem to be the farthest away from that light. In that way, you honor the oneness that is and you honor the individuality of each and every one of you.

There is no need for disdain of anyone on earth, for in that disdain you forfeit a spark of yourself. Only light and love can merit the truth in manifestation. We watch from our places and join you all in this final stage of preparation for the totality of the One, for there is a grand new beginning that is in the works, and you are the bearers of the torch that lights the way to that New Jerusalem.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate