Wakeup Call Message
February 10, 2005


 Hi Everyone,

       Tomorrow Bob and I will be taking a day off in happy celebration of life. We invite you all to join us in that celebration. 

            Love, Nancy




          Go my dear ones and make this day as fruitful as you can. Go and find a new interest that will grab you by the heart and render your day a great and glorious one. In order to be great and glorious it need not be so in the eyes of the world, but in the realm of your world. The way to determine that is to feel the joy that floods forth from your heart while you are in the midst of what you engage in.

          Good day, I AM Joseph of your past, and I am telling you what I used to do to bring a stop to the woes of intemperance. I would go out into the fields and sit down between the rows of corn. Then I would start humming a tune that sprang forth from my heart. This would invite the angels into my midst, and then there would be a crowd singing the glories of the day.

          This always spawned a new idea for me, an idea from which I could find an interesting pastime to while away the day. I then hurried on wings of silver to find my Mary, and when I found her, I swept her up in my arms and away we would dance to the rhythm of our hearts’ song. We would gather our children and sing through the meadows till we dropped. Then in the meadows we sat exhausted, yet joyful, for we allowed the heavens to lead us in song and happy jubilation.

          Ah, yes, I hear your ‘buts’, and your exclamations of defeat. You say there is no joy here in this forsaken land. You say that the gloom of the day has captured your heart, and rendered you prisoner in your own body.

          I say that you have control over your body, and you can step out of that gloom with a shout and a cry of victory. You can find the trigger that releases the gloom and string forth as a ball from a cannon.

          You say you are tired just thinking of it! Well, my dears there is always the mortuary where you can lay down and give up! Or you can rise out of your chair and tell your body that you are ready for the celebration. You are ready to take the bull by the horns and render him a calf, new and eager for this life that is ahead. You can smell the sweet fragrance of the new mown hay, as you lift your nostrils to the heavens. You can see the sun peeking round the clouds that cover the sky, and you can roll in the sand at the height of day with the warmth of the sun in every particle.

          Look no more for the gloom of the day. Look instead for the glimmer of light that comes your way in a tender touch and a friendly smile from a stranger. Hug your dog, and roll on the floor and play with him till the tears stream down your face in happy release. Allow the love in your heart to follow your tears to a comfort that draws the love forth and into the heart of another. Then do it again till there is only love and joy that you feel.

          You can transport the gloom to a new place of sunshine, and that place is within the soul of your own beingness. You have the potential within to be all that you want to be, and to realize the physicalness of that potential. Allow the ideas that spring forth to materialize, whether they grow and reap anything but the feeling of accomplishment. Do it, and know that that is the first step. Do it, and know that this will bear some fruit. Do it, and watch the result come to you, no matter the number.

          I AM your other You, and that of your love who is by your side. I represent the You who came before and who lived in love to set an energy for those who came after me. Mary is the other You who stood by my side and loved and lived the life we created together. We were not the Joseph and Mary who graced the story of the baby Jesus. We were another Joseph and Mary who came to this earth in a set of hills in New Mexico 263 years ago.

We came fully awake and kept that state through all of our lives. We bore eight children, and they too knew who they were and kept that knowledge for all of their earthly lives. We came here for the purpose of setting an energy for the rest who would come, and now that energy has been revisited. We are now released to the heavens and our memory lives once again in the consciousness of those two who found their former home in the hills close by.

          The timing was perfect, and from this point on they will find that we are relentless in our love and guidance. We shall know at any moment when they are calling out to the memory that represents to them that they have this innate knowledge of what we lived for them, and for all of humanity.

          We picked the names of Mary and Joseph, for they symbolized a birth of love and Light upon the earth. They symbolized a new coming that would set people free from the shackles that they put upon themselves by entering into a deeper phase of forgetfulness.

          It is now time for the awakening, and more and more people are finding their other identities, the ones that represent their innate knowledge of who they are, for that knowledge has been set upon the earth in one of their lifetimes, in order for them to be able to find that innate knowledge once again, while on earth.

          Come my dear ones, and follow in the footsteps of the ones who have found this connection to themselves. These ones who are so dear to my heart, and who have come to the hills to find themselves are you friends and they are living the promise that each of you are living.

Have you found your other earth self, as these ones have? Yes, these ones I speak of are the ones who bring you these messages and the Golden site from which they spread their love for all of humanity. They did not know that they would be introducing you to us. Their release of this information is the first step to the rest of their lives.

Come and join us, and recognize that at some point you did, or will tune into another part of your earth self that never forgot. We came from the stars, and to the stars we shall return. First we have some more living to do here on beloved earth.

          We shall go forth in harmony and love, living in joy and peace forevermore.


Thank you dear Joseph and Mary,

Love, Nancy Tate