Wakeup Call Message
February 09, 2005



  I AM 


          My dear ones of the purple robes of transmutation, I come to you through this one with a message of love and prosperity for all of the world. I come with a tale of hope for all those who are engaged in the trials of their lot in life. I come with a promise of everlasting love and commitment to the cause of peace and harmony throughout the land. I come for the express purpose of showing you how that love expresses itself in the moment-to-moment cause of life in this great universe that is our home.

          My dear ones, I AM the All of you. I AM the ones whom you are. I AM the collective of all the souls who inhabit the physicalness of their choice. I AM the Oneness that comprises myself in the expression of the Source. I AM here to commend myself through you for the wonderful experience that you have given to the All That Is.

          In these days of earth experience there is much that is being brought forward to show what we are not. Through these efforts we are seeing that we who live in the shadows express in the other side of the light, or we express in the light that gives us life. We hold the candle of truth to the ones of us who are blind to the brilliance that lives within. These ones have asked that we keep our vigilance, for they have a mission here that surpasses any they have undertaken before.

          Within this mission lies the seeds of greatness. Within this mission lies the gravity of the situations that are expressed in the name of love forgotten. Within these situations lies the eternal promise of a world that has a place to go, and that is into the light that cleanses and sets free all who are encumbered upon the soil of the working place.

          My dear ones of whom I AM, we are taking this journey together, and we will come to the place in this journey when those among us who are still in the ‘forgotten’ mode will spring forth and show who they are. At that time, there will be a revelation that will overcome the darkest hour and render it all the brilliance that is seen by some at this moment.

          Are you with me in this? Do you wish for some clarity from the ones who have seen the light of the rest of the journey? I give to you yourselves in the future. I give to you a glimpse of what is coming for all of us in these great last days of the overcoming. I show to you a partial example of how it will be in those days when the light shall prevail and all will be expressions of light in its most brilliant.

          Step into this corridor with me, and see what I present for you. Open your eyes and your hearts and observe what I give to you as a start to the Promised Land. See around that corner a brilliant star that holds a place for you. See the table laden with gifts that come from the auspices of the land that you call home. See the bounty that is laid upon your table, and see the fruits that are reaped in the harvest that beckons you to it’s fields.

          Is it not a beautiful sight? Do you see the children running freely in the streets and being loved by all who see them? Do you see them surrounded with teachers in the gardens filled with light, and overcome with the love of what they are learning? Do you hear them laughing and playing in the times between the eagerly awaited bits of wisdom that come from the hearts and inner mind of all in their presence? Are you aware that education had taken on a new manner of speaking to the beloved children of the world?

          Now, take another look around another corner. See the joy with which everyone takes their place in the area of their work. See how they love the creativity that makes them laugh and feel that work is play. Appreciate the benefits of this play, and love the feeling it gives you to know that this is your world. See that the exchange offered for this is of little consequence, for it is the effortlessness of exchange that is taking place in a natural sharing.

          Now look in this direction and see that then you go into a place of business and you offer a wonderful bidding for an object that you can utilize in your play. See that this is the rate of exchange, and that there is nothing that you cannot acquire for your purposes, for the bank is comprised of loving exchange of equal value, for all is of equal value.

          Tune in to the ones who stand with you in meetings to determine the next way of providing a homeland that is safe, peaceful, sharing and full of love. Hear yourselves giving ideas and commending other’s ideas; see the harmony with which these ideas are implemented. Watch as your beloved leaders come and ask your advise and opinion, so that they may serve you in a manner that benefits All. Know that one day your place in the council will come round and you will join, as neighbors and friends come together to create ideas for the establishment of a Light Society. Know that those who choose will take part in the decision-making, and it will be harmonious for all.

          These glimpses, we all see, and we have all created. We have done so, for we have a vision. We bring this vision to light, and we bring it into our world. We love this new world we have created, and we render it Holy. We know that this is within our reach, and we love the idea that it is what we are seeing as real.

          As we turn and look back behind us, we see the present as we live it in this day. We see the vision of today begin to cloud and the mists obscure our knowing about the condition of the world. We strain to see what we have left behind, and we find that it no longer exists. Then we look ahead once more, and we know that we have arrived into that time of love and peace. We know that when we see the other world that became obscured by the mists of time, we will know that it is but an illusion, and through its shadows we will find our way back to this glowing world filled with love.

          With this knowing fully, strongly in our hearts, we go back to our present time, and in that going back we bring a full amount of love to the present and the shadows begin to dissipate around us. We feel the love that is reaching out and we know that the illusion is being transformed before us. We hold that knowledge, and we know that we can withstand anything that the shadows hold in their grip, for it is nothing against the Light and the Love that lives within us.

          And we smile, and we remember the children, and the harmony and the loving creativity. And we reach out and hold someone in our love, someone who hides in the shadows and cries in their sleep, for they too know that the light is upon them, and they wish to be home.


Thank you dear I AM,

Love, Nancy Tate