Wakeup Call Message
February 23, 2005





          This is a good day to remember what it is that you used to take of. What was it that you brought to the field of care when you took the time to see that you were a part of the outcome of someone’s life? What was it that motivated you to the trouble you took to see to it that someone was able to come to his own care, and were able to bring that realization to herself?

          These questions I pose to you, for there is something more that you can do today, and that is to broaden your scope of self-care, by being your own best friend. How wise are you when it comes to taking care of yourself? Is there a secret that you have not as yet uncovered that will render you your own healer? Possibly not, and if that is the conclusion that you have arrived at, then perhaps it is time to pat yourself on the back, and tell yourself that it is a good thing that you do for yourself in reading these words, for they may instigate a new way of thinking of yourself that will render you healed and rejuvenated.

          My dear and good friends, I AM Helena, and this one is perplexed by my coming. She thought it was her higher self, and she cannot even bring that name to her consciousness, for when she does she hears my name, Helena. Yes, I AM Helena from the Capricorn, and with my arrival at her keyboard I open up an avenue that she has in times past invited me to. She has said that if indeed I AM the one I purport myself to be, then why do I now come to her in this way. I have answered the invitation, and now I shall continue with the message. By the way, she is smiling inside and lets me know that I AM indeed welcome here.

          As I was saying, there is a need on earth at this time, more than ever before, to keep your authority intact and running smoothly. When you honor yourself in this way, you do yourself a grand favor and you lend that favor to all. You know that in the care of yourself, you do honor the body and soul/spirit that enables you to express in the manner that you came here for.

          You will need to have a nice healthy body in order to make your ascension effortless and flawless, so now is a wonderful time to see to it that this is the case. It is not a necessary function of your body to care for itself and regard the actions that the personality do as fine and dandy, not when those actions take their toll on the body. It is a wise thing to regard your body as a sacred vessel, and to treat it with the care you would treat another loved one. You notice, that I say ‘another’ loved one!

          This is not the usual message I give, as I’m sure you notice. Concern yourself not, for I will have some news for you at the end of this message of our coming and what you will do to ready yourself for that. Right now you may call this a lead in, and let it go at that.

          Now, when you treat yourself as if you were your best friend, then you take care of that body. You do not over eat, or slip around being lazy when your body requires movement. You give yourself a grand gesture of supplying healthy foods for it’s upkeep, and you allow the personality some treats occasionally in order to keep the kid in you satisfied.

          We have guests from earth on our ship who have been very informative for us, and have assisted us to see what you on earth must go through in order to keep a healthy body. We commend you in the present conditions on earth for keeping a degree of perfection in your bodies, for as we evaluate the pollution levels on earth we call it nothing short of a miracle that you retain any health at all. This is the status of your ability to bring miracles into your life.

          I would like to share with you some information that we have compiled through our studies with these earthling friends. When you go to bed at night it is wise for you to thank your body for a wonderful day in which it gave you its best performance. This will honor the part your body plays in your life. Another wise thing to do for yourself is to place a field of light around your home and the food you consume, and the places you go. You can do this in one fell swoop at the start of the day with your intent. The friends from earth that are with us now have been doing that very thing for over 50 years, and we have monitored their progress. It is remarkable the difference it makes for them.

          Okay, I’m sure that you would like to hear what I have to say concerning our coming. First I would like to say that this type of transmission will be coming to you in more ways than one as we integrate ourselves into your society. This kind of assistance and teaching will come as we are fully accepted as the family that we are. We will be bringing this and much more kinds of teaching and assistance to all of you, and in so doing there will be those who live on earth now who will be learning and opening to our methods of cleaning the earth and bringing a much more desirable way of life to mankind.

          When we come and begin to incorporate our teachings into the various aspects of earth life, we will be acting as emissaries who have one purpose in mind. That is to keep the honor and the love that we have for all of you in the forefront, and we will allow that to prevail over all that we engage in with you. As you become more accustomed to us, there will be schools set up that anyone may attend and participate in that will bring to you a clarity that will begin the process of your reawakening.

          Some of you are already well into that process, and for some of you all that remains is to fully realize in your actions, your memories, and your lives the inherent abilities that you posses. As that opens you will find that you will be the ones who will be working alongside us and you will be learning more and remembering more as this goes.

          Now I would like to tell you one more thing, and that is that this one knows not at this time, but in a few days she and Bob will be taking a trip and they will be on a mission of mercy. This mission will assist one who is in dire peril, and through this mission there will be an ‘angel of mercy’ present who will be able to turn the tide and bring about a miracle of health that will open the way for a great teacher to emerge. When this happens, then the way will be clear for the next mission, for these two are creating this as they go along, in keeping with the new way they are adopting of living in the moment.

          This that I have outlined may prove to be a familiar theme to many of you as you go about your days in this new energy. When you awaken in the morning and look out at the sunshine, or the cloudy skies, you will be inspired as to what they day holds in store, and it may well be far different from what you would have thought.

          Enjoy this new way of living, for it is your inheritance. It is your true self, coming forward and saying, “This is the way of the Masters and the angels. It is fine for me.”

          I take my leave now, and I say to you that we are becoming fast friends, and I like this news very much. Sweet life and happy days for you!


Thank you dear Captain Helena,

Love, Nancy Tate