Wakeup Call Message
February 21, 2005





          My dear ones, on this day there is coming a time of reckoning for many people. There is coming a coup deta for a great many who have been calling for an end to all the darkness and the beginning of the new era of light. On this day there can be a revelation of gladness, for with this day comes a grand new explosion of work with the light, and that work, though not seen by most people is being carried out indeed in a grand manner.

          Greetings my loving family, I AM Enki, and I AM here to let you in on a movement that is taking place in various parts of the world. This movement is designed to alert many of the ones who live in the shadows that there is coming their day of reckoning and that within their own ranks there are those who would choose to subvert the plans that are being carried out in the purpose of power through tyranny and force.

          This, my friends is prime example of how the ones in the shadows operate. This is prime example of why when the trumpet sounds for peace there will be only those who stand reveling the sounds, who will remain and walk in the light of The Creator.

          I know, my dear friends that you are all weary of the promises and unanswered pleas for peace to come. I hear your sighs and your admonitions of defeat and frustration. Yet another date has almost come and gone, and no end in sight. I ask you all to search your hearts and take the bull by the horns and realize that this is the beginning of the end for those shadowy ones.

          How can you do that? It has long been proven that action can go a long way toward satisfying the soul. Rather than waiting and hoping for peace, it would behoove you to look out at your world and find the instances of peace that you can rely on. See that peace is a matter of knowing in your heart that it is so. When you see two or more battling over something, then see that they are merely vying for their place in the world. Then search your heart for an action you can take.

Maybe it would be to smile in their direction, or perhaps to go to them and speak of the beautiful day. If that is not your choice, then allow your heart to move you toward an active participation that comes from love. There are many things that you can do to bring peace to your surroundings.

          You say that isn’t the answer, for the peace that is strived for is across the waters in the Middle East, or right around the corner, or in your own backyard, if you live in those troubled areas. I see that this is the situation, and you feel that until and unless those areas are relegated to peace, there cannot be peace in your world.

          I submit my dear ones, that this is a reality that you create. I suggest that if you would take another look at this, then you might find that creating peace in your own world will clear your mind and heart to see how you can indeed affect the peace in the Middle East.

          I have been spending my days and nights in that area for some time now. Indeed, that is where my time on earth began and that is where the reign of terror took seed and held on for eons. I planted the seed of terror there, and today I have excavated the garden and all of the seeds and roots are lying there on the open fields allowing the light of the world to render them fertilizer for the new garden of love offerings and a peaceful world to take root and seed the new Garden of Eden.

          I am standing ground on the soils of the area, and I AM holding the energy of trouble for all there to gain power from. I have seen that all must be regurgitated in order for the cleansing to be complete. The Creator has issued the declaration of clearing through the energy of the universal love that leaves no stone unturned and no particle of sand unearthed.

          This I do for the people of earth and for all of existence, for I love you all so much. This too you can do, in your own place of reckoning. This too you can do with the ability for living love that is your inherent ability. Go out into your world today, and send love to every situation and every cloud that comes across your sun.

          There is much you can do to ease the tension in your world. You see the rights of a free people that are being forsaken and taken away a little more every day. What you can do is say, ”NO!” I am a sovereign being and no one can take away what is my inherent right as a citizen of earth. You can stand in your power and tell the ones who would come for you that they are children of God, and they too are suffering the effects of the tyrannical ideas of a few.

          I’m not suggesting that you just stand and stubbornly refuse to do as is their bidding. I suggest that you become informed as to what their system has set up, and to that degree of knowing you stand in the system that they have created, as it fits your idea of peace and freedom.

          No one is bound to follow an action that does not feel strong to them. No one must relinquish his power to another. With this in mind, you can keep your freedom, by becoming informed as to what your power is in the face of adversity. Take a stand and know throughout your knowingness that your stand is rock solid. With your mind and the messages that your soul and heart give it, you can create a world that matches your intent to the tee. You do not have to bend your grace to match that of another.

          Do you know how I was able to subvert so many in my reign of tyranny? I was able to prod the feelings of the immaturity of Divine knowing, and feed on that. I was able to match my own feelings of insecurity with those of the ones whom I enslaved. In that way I gave myself sustenance. I now stand in the Light, and I gain my sustenance from that light as it washes through my body. I gain strength through my own ability to immerse myself in the Light of the love of The Creator.

          Now I work to open the eyes of those very ones whom I enslaved those long times ago. I send beams of light and love to all whom I encounter, and I walk among the ones in the areas of strife. I take on many bodies as I do this, and in this way I can be in many places at one time. I spread my love, while at the same time I wield my sword of excavation, in my travels across the land that I once declared as mine.

          This is my destiny at this time, for ‘what ye sow, so shall ye reap’. This is not the old meaning that others would have you believe, but a forgiving energy that renders the soul perfect and clears away the self-recrimination, leaving a self-love that reaches out and encloses everyone. Nothing but love can survive in that energy.

          So, my friends, as you approach the day that has promised yet another coming of peace, see it to be so, for you and for all who find it in their heart. And as you find it in your heart, allow it to reach out to infinity and enclose all on earth. This can be so powerful as to commit oneself to the everlasting peace of a great leader of men, and it need not bend to the whims of the ones who live in the shadows and dare not come into the light. See them as love, as well, and know that when the day comes that peace shall be declared, you will have been an active part of bringing it to all of existence.

          I go now in peace and in love into the land of the troubled waters and render them at peace.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate