Wakeup Call Message
February 06, 2004



Without your hearts echoing my own passion, caring, curiosity, humor, grace and courage – how could either of us recognize ourselves?  Is it not the part of our own family of light that resonates with our own divinity and humanity?  


I listen with my soul to the AMAZING instantaneous assistance provided from all directions to any one of us who has a pain, a dilemna, a moment of discouragement.  I see, perhaps with Sophia’s eyes, all the smiling faces and uplifted spirits as the words, energy and light energy zips through the SSN server.  I am SO PROUD to be a part of this family. What a buzzing cyber highway. Beep beep!  Our lights are on, NOW!


I feel with the pringles on my skin and acid taste in the mouth the profound power and authentic truths that show up on the screen.  YES, YES, YES – the integrated energy exponentially is lifting us all UP, UP and AWAY. 


My nose can almost smell the lattes, the flowers and crisp morning air described as a tribute to another day. 


Streams of compassion comes pouring out from my heart as each one shares their struggles and a happy little elf goes jumping and bouncing across the meadow with each inevitable triumph.  Sometimes, I can hardly contain myself – and say loudly to the empty room – YEEHAW!    


But I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU.  You, the other parts of me – YOU, the very heart of me. 


When I am doing a healing treatment – I have to tell the client – “I am nothing without you – for how could the healing gift I bring have any place to exist without you needing that?”  And I say to my students – with their open ears and eager minds – “I am nothing without you – for how could the concepts and words of inspiration and empowerment even be born without a receptive new bud that will grow into its own glorious blossom?”


So THANK you – for being you – because without you – I am nothing. 


Joy Rae


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