Wakeup Call Message
February 16, 2004


          Good morning all my beautiful friends! I AM Sananda, and I AM so pleased to be able to bring you this day a bit of news from the galaxy. This is a time in our lives when there are so many occurrences taking place on your planet that I wished to tell you of some of the occurrences that are taking place on our end.

            First, I will speak of the continuing incidences of justice that are mounting in the etheric, and this is coming from all of you beautiful lightworkers on earth. When you take the moments to assign an intent to the state of your world, you set up the replica in the etheric, therefore causing the stamp of approval and the continuing contributions of the lasting energy of manifestation. Every time this same energy of intent is created, it adds itself to the existing energy intent and strengthens its purpose. This is what takes place when something is manifested in the matter state. This is what is taking place right now.

            There are many ways that this is showing itself here, and in many ways it will begin to show itself on earth. You are seeing the reports of what the truths on earth are, and have been; and soon you will see the results of this knowledge spring forth and pepper the land with itís light. There shall be an opening of eyes and hearts such as youíve not seen in this world to date. You will see a coming together of all the iniquities of the former lies and injustices. Youíll see that there is no longer a cloud to obscure that, which has been hidden. You will also see, my friends that the light which is then streaming forth will show these ones who have been in the shadows to be bright lights themselves, who have been caught in their own illusions and are now released to see their own light and remember their own truth.

            Another event that is taking place here in the Heavens, is that the family who awaits your invitation, through your actions of allowance, are ready and set in place to come and make ourselves known to all on earth. We have, as we have informed you in the past been in place for some time, and as events escalate on earth we have sent some emissaries to earth to meet with various officials and private people to make arrangements to be brought forward and to assist us in our first contact. These various ones are making a difference on earth and in the places where we will be able to come and peaceably be met and welcomed. We will take our time, as the situations warrant, and we will not force our appearance on anyone. There is to be a compatible contact and mission of purpose, and this has already begun. This mission in itself is serving to mete out the rough edges and establish a firm base on which we will be able to come and be announced as the benevolent beings that we are.

            By continuing to correspond with these ones, we are preparing to make our appearance right after the expected announcement is made. This will come at a time when the energies are the most advantageous, and we are seeing that those of you on earth who are preparing conditions for that are in your places and able to focus your energies on the mission to which you have been assigned by your own higher selves. When these particular steps are in motion, then you will see the escalation, and the opening will be filled with the events and announcements that are to be the ushering in of the New golden Age.

            My dear friends, I am so very pleased to tell you of these energies and events of our transformative stages. You are all taking your parts so well, and this is because of the energies of transmutation, the Christed energies that are infusing all on earth, and indeed earth herself. These are the times of new awakenings and you have called in these energies. Now you are making use of them, and my dear ones, you are experiencing the effects that these energies of change bring. For some we are seeing that these changes are a challenge. May we offer some helpful suggestions?

            We are seeing that your physicalness is accepting these energies with a bit of resistance, for they are used to the older, more tired energies of the matter state. In order for you all to accept the changes, it can help to breathe in the light that you see in front of you when you close your eyes and ask for the light of the Christ to appear. See this light, and know it is you. See this light flow in and clothe your physicalness with its healing presence and infiltrate your beingness with the coolness of the light that soothes and bathes you with its infinite love. See that all is in perfection with your physicalness, and that is the reflection of your infinite Spirit. You are the infinite One and with this realization you can surmount the obstacles that your amnesia shows you. In doing that you will lay to rest another bit of that amnesia and allow your innate knowingness to emerge and show itself in your awareness of who you are.

            My dear ones, may I address now the question of why you are in this process at this time? It was several earth years ago when you decided as a peoples to come back to the love and light that you are. You gave us permission then to bring in all of the family to clothe you all in the light of transformation. In doing this you took a giant step in the direction that you had destined many eons ago. When this was set in place, you were but mere shadows of who you are now. You were streams of intent, and you were going to ďgo the mileĒ. Then you came to a different procedure, and you forgot who you were and where you were going. That was part of the plan.

Now it is time to remember that plan. Now is the time to come to the realization that that plan is being realized as we speak. When those of you come up against what seems an immovable obstacle to this realization, remember that the way to love is to be, to live that love. Remember that there are ones on earth who are now here with you and have been with you from the beginning. There are many aspects of you who have been here from the beginning, and they are all parts of you and me and everyone. There is no one where who is not experienced in the ways of the Christ. There is no one here who has not had their own individual part in this whole story. Everyone here has become a different aspect of themselves at some point, and this is all to carry this energy of change to the limits and then see there are no limits.

Isnít it grand, and isnít it glorious! We are standing here alongside of all of you, and we are holding your hands, and wiping away your tears with our kisses. We are cheering along with you, and we are carrying the load to ease your burden at times. We are loving you, and we are seeing your beauty and your colors change with every step you take. We are in awe and we are in love, and we are blessing you every step of the way. Go my dear ones and step into the shoes of God for Ye are Gods and Ye are invincible.