Wakeup Call Message
February 22, 2004



            My dear ones, I am St. Germain and I come to you this evening to tell you of an element of surprise that is being loaded for the preservation of the species of man. When many of you awoke this day there was an unmistakable air of silence into which you all submerged yourselves. We saw this taking place and we wept for joy, for this meant that you recognized the signs and knew exactly what to do about them. You saw that there was a bombardment of energy that was serving the others and that you were not meant to be a part of it. This is the level of your expertise in these matters, and this is the representation that you bring to the present event.

            We are continuing to monitor your progress and we continue to be impressed with what we see. We are allowing the representatives of the other energies to intercede in their developing strategies, for we see that you are capable and ready to meet those, and to rise to the occasion, which translates that you are depositing your light in every dark place that is created by the other agenda.

            This is the norm for you now, for this had become a way of being for so many of you. When you see the darkness shoot itís darts and play its games, you stand by and allow the obstacles to pass right through you and be dissipated by the light that is you. This is a major development in your abilities to govern your realities and not allow others to dictate what it is that its taking place in your world.

            This is where it is my dear ones. This is the final hour for the ones who would seek to keep their darkness spread over the land and governing all that is. This is no longer happening for there are enough of you who have stepped into your God shoes and exercised the power you have to bring the Light to everything that comes your way.

            You are all part of the whole; this we have told you many times. But have we told you what the whole is lately? You see it grows with every advance that you make. The whole now encompasses the entire spectrum of light that has been produced, and represents more than ever before. This spectrum includes the basic colors that you all have seen and then each color morphs into another representation of itself, and that into another of itself.

This is a never-ending cycle, and this cycle has expanded beyond the experimental aspect that was accomplished in the days of Lemuria. That was the ultimate spectrum, and was depleted as the eons of free will and matter took over. This you have brought back to its fullness and far surpassed. There are color streams now that have broken the barriers that were set in place during the time of the Lemurian energies and were set into the crystals for safekeeping. You see, while all of you were undergoing the experience of evolution the crystals were also evolving and they were doing so in the energy potential that was programmed into them by all of you. This has set up a coming together of the progression that takes place when there is a transitory element of the evolution.

            This element resulted in the reduction of the dark end of the light, and since this has occurred, the potential that was programmed into those crystals is now in progression expression and matching your energy progression as well. So there is the doubling that is taking place. We have never seen this before, my dear ones. This is new, and you are doing it. Is it any wonder that we stand in awe? Is it any wonder that we love you so? Is it any wonder that we are excited with your development?

            It is a grand thing that we see before us. When you wake in the morning and sip your cup of tea or coffee, please take note. How do you feel about that liquid? What is it that it is telling you? Take the message you receive and build on it to project you into the day, for this is your finest hour, and it is this one that is the start of all the rest. Take your practice into the arena and bring the measure of your success to the table. Then see the progress you have made, for it is vast and it is beautiful. There is no more time for standing in line for the blessing, for they are all meted out by you; and it is a beautiful sight to see from where we stand. We love and adore you all, and we will see you on the rainbow bridge when the sun comes up on a brand new day.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate