Wakeup Call Message
February 10, 2004

Question: St. Germain, It has been brought up recently that some of the orders such as the Free Masons, Rosicrucian’s, and Mormons are in fact being run by the illuminati. Since you are reported to have been instrumental in the creation and development of these groups, how is it that now they are associated by some with the darkness?

SG: When I involved my self with these organizations, it was with the prompting of the light. I saw that there was need to bring forth a number of groups in which the Light of the Creator could be recognized and shared. This brought about the discovery of the innate power within each of those who took part, and added to the organizations. The lightness of the orders was powerful and mighty.


Then the ones who lived in the shadows saw the power that came from these groups, and being supreme beings of the darkness decided that they would tap into and use to their advantage the power of these groups. So they set out to subvert the causes of the original intent, and to utilize them for their own purposes. They had even then discovered how craftily they could do this, and so they used their abilities to garner the membership to their own purposes.


This is the nature of the darkness, to slowly, insidiously creep in and swallow up the light that has been present. They swallow it up and over-cover it so that the truth is more challenging to see. However they cannot destroy the light, for it is always there, and when the ones who are involved with these organizations see the light that lives there, they do one of two probable things. They either remain in the light of the order and allow their light to illumine others, or they withdraw from the order, though not from the light. There is nothing that can quell the light from these orders, if you but recognize it and live it.

Q: Thank you, I see how that is. Another question some have had is, what is the latest information you can give us about NESARA?

SG: My dear ones, you are all in a state of waiting, and for some of you this has been most wearing. Some of you who are in waiting are doing so actively; in other words, you are waiting only in the sense that you are looking forward to the time when the announcement and implementation will come onto the screens and radios. You are also doing something else, you are living NESARA in your daily lives while knowing that it is with you on a level that you can tap into at any moment, and indeed do. This is most efficient, and I see those of you who have realized this bringing it to your lives in a way that carries forth and creates the energy of manifestation.


Do you see how that works? Do you see how even one moment of living something can bring it into a larger representation of itself? This is what builds mountains and spans bridges, my dear ones.


Now what I will tell you is this; there is taking place at this time a top level meeting that will bring the announcement even closer. There are two factors in this meeting, and one of them is being prepared for an elevation to another factor. This will most likely be accomplished within the next few days, at which time a new energy will be extended and the elements of manifestation will also elevate.


My dear ones, at this point in this subject, I see that many of you are aware even more deeply of how this works. I have seen this manifest in the vibratory elevation of many of your fields. This is most encouraging to us, for we are seeing that the energies of change and ascension are working with you to elevate your understanding, not only of your earth life events, but so too of how the vibratory fields affect the 3 dimensionality of earth.

I AM asking you now to ask yourselves to tune in to the feelings you have about NSEARA. I AM asking you to find in your fields where NESARA is right now. I AM asking you to know that this is a representation of how close you are to seeing it in the 3D. I AM asking you to know that you are assisting to bring it to the screens, by backing up the efforts of the 3d with your elevations and influence on another level. I AM asking you to know that you are Divine Creators and that this is your Creation.

Q: Thank you St. Germain. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

SG: Yes, my dear ones, I would just like to say this. There is nothing in this world that you cannot do. There is nowhere in this universe that you cannot go. There is no one in this existence that you do not know. There is no one in this world that is more precious to me than all of you, and YOU are all of ME. I AM the bearer of my love for you, and I receive your love with the blessings of the angels and the songs that are sung on high. This is the lesson for all of us, and that is that there is no difference in any of us, for we are truly all one with our Creator, therefore, invincible. Please take that to your bosom and wear it on your sleeve, for we together are ONE, and that is ALL THERE IS.

Thank you dear Brother, Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate