Wakeup Call Message
February 26, 2004



            Once there was a woman who carried a lot of weight for the times that she was in. she was a deliverer of goods to the sacraments that took place within the church. This was the gathering of the loaves and the future of the villagers in her area.

One day she came upon a group of worshipers, and bent a rod that they had left on the ground at their feet. This so intrigued them, for she had not touched the rod. They gathered her into their circle and asked her what her secret was. She told them that she had been visited in a dream by an angel and was told of the powers she had of divination and of litany. The very next day she put some of what the angel had shown her to use. She took an arrow and held it across her palm. She saw the arrow as being a circle, and then it bent into a circle with the tip touching the feathers.

From that day on she used her powers through the instructions that her dreams told her. The angel came every night for forty nights; and when the morning of the forty-first day came, she knew that she would never see the angel again until the day she passed over and went home.

Soon the ones who were in the gathering had decided to ask her to be a part of their group, and work her wonders for them. They convinced her that they were doing good deeds, and that her skills would enhance what it was they were doing. After a time the other members of the group met secretly, and decided to use her powers for their own benefit. So they devised a plan whereby they would represent that they wanted her to produce riches out of thin air for a certain group of people. She had been able to do this in the past, and so when she did it again, they pretended to take the riches and give to the people whom they said needed it.

In fact, that group of people kept the riches, and every so often, they would do the same thing. Soon there was a large cache of riches that the group kept secret from Lilliel. This was the way that they were able to begin to eat the finest foods, drink the finest wines, and wear the finest clothes. When they designed their homes, they were able to afford the finest silks and linens and the finest building materials.

            One day Lilliel began to wonder why they had so many nice things. After all, they worked for meager wages, and they never seemed to advance in their work. So she carefully watched as they went about the distribution of what she manifested for them. She found then that they were going to a certain address, and leaving the riches there. Then they would return from time to time and come out laden with some of the riches. She followed them to the stores where they spent the riches and came out with wonderful things that they would take to their own homes.

            She was very distraught by this, and at first she wanted to confront them and tell them that not only was she done with them, but that she was going to report them to the law. Then she realized that she could get into trouble if she did that, so she devised a plan. She took herself to the place where they riches were stored and emptied the building. Then she took the cartload to the nearest constabulary, and found the officer in charge. She told him that this cartload of riches was the only thing left from her grandmotherís estate and that she would like to have the riches disbursed among the poor. She said that she would have to be the one to do the distribution, along with the assistance of the officer.

So they went out into the village, and knocked on all the doors of the poor. They left equal disbursements with the people, and when the cartload was empty, she returned to the building and found that the place was full again. Now where did this come from? She surely did not put it there? So she filled up the cart again, and once more found the officer. They went to the doors of the poor who hadnít received any of the former cartload, and then returned to the building, which was once again full.

This went on for several more times, and finally the woman would not go back again. I am weary and wish to go home! She declared. I do not understand, but there is something here that is not right. I started by giving the group the riches that they asked for; then I found out that they were keeping it for themselves. So I gave it all to the poor, and it all kept coming, there was no end. I dare not go back there for I fear there will always be more, and what am I to do. The people will never find the way in which they can fend for themselves and so there will never be a way for them to feel good for themselves. I will go to the officer and tell him that the end of the riches has come, and now we must educate the poor to be able to make these riches for themselves. They will feel so much better about themselves then.

So she did just that, and when she returned home she fell asleep in her bed. She never woke up, and the next day, the villagers found her peacefully asleep and they took her and laid her to rest in the graveyard. That night, she arose from the grave and she walks all over the land bringing riches to the folks of the world and seeing to it that after they have received some of the riches that they become educated as to how they can provide for themselves.

She saw that first they have to see that they can have the riches, and then they will be able to believe that they can bring it into their lives themselves. So this woman, who is known as Lilliel is still among you, she steals away at the break of day and walks in the sunshine and the fields of flowers. And then by night she brings all the riches to the poor, and leaves a packet of information in the hands of a teacher who will spread the word about self-sufficiency and self-sustenance.

This is what is taking place now, for this is the new dawning of an era when the people of the land are being given the chance to learn this all over again. This is the new dawning of the age of gold and silver, and now you are the angels.