Wakeup Call Message
February 25, 2004



When you bring music into your life, you bring the language of the Gods. There is something about the tones of the music that sings to the soul. Have you ever seen a note so pure in its expression? It is the experience of a lifetime. Yes you can see the tone when you look at anything and see it as the music represents it.

It is the ripple of the water as it flows through the stream and over the rocks. It is the sound of the suns rays as they dry the dew on the morning leaf. It is the flower that opens its petals as you watch. It is the morning light as it parts the curtains of night. It is the kiss of a mother on the cheek of the child as he lays sleeping. It is the pussycat as it lays in the lazy afternoon quiet and dreams of being the lion that roars through the day.

When you think of music do you think of all the wonderful notes and how well you can dance to the rhythm? Do you just allow your body to sway with the tones of life and express your touch with the infinity of the wonder that is the music? When the music begins take a minute to be the music, and then see where it takes you. There is nothing like the sound of love to take you to a place where there is love all around, and life to live in its joy and the fullness of the expression of life.

I once saw a butterfly that came to rest on a leaf, and he was so beautiful that I waited and kept my attention on the silence. Soon I heard a tone so sweet that came from that butterfly. That was the song of perfection, and I recognized it from when I was God and knew it. Then I heard the butterfly say that I am and always was God and so was he. He said that I recognized the language of God because I helped to invent it as he had. He then told me that he expresses in so many ways, and that he is the totality of all the butterflies and that I am the totality of all of mankind, as are all of you. I loved that butterfly, and I loved me and you in a different way that day. I loved all of creation, and now as I listen to Enya I love her and her music for I know that she lives and loves in all of us, as do all of the beings who bring us the language of love and of all of creation.

God speaks in every way imaginable, and it all carries a song, if you can but be still and hear it. The song is of you and the song is of me, and the song is of life and the love that we live through all of eternity. Next time you hear a song, stop and really listen with your heart and you will hear what you are saying and how you are communicating with this song.  It is wondrous and it will steal your heart away.



Thank you for your songs,

Love, Nancy Tate