Wakeup Call Message
February 17, 2004


                                        Later Years - 1981 to 2004

Time marches on. In this last era, I began finding real truth, learned more lessons, and was faced with a great deal of family tragedy which began early on in 1981 and continued throughout this era.

We expect the very old to die, but not the very young. A hysterical call came to us one day in April 1981, Jimmy’s wife, Mary, called and told me D.J. had stopped breathing. Paramedics were called, but it was already too late. D.J. was about 3 and a half months old at the time. Justin was 2 months old. An autopsy revealed D.J. had died of SIDS…Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Sheer terror knew no bounds when we realized this same thing could happen to Justin. To compound this terror to see a tiny baby lying in a coffin who is a dead ringer for my own child. Justin’s nursery was immediately abandoned and his crib was moved into our room. We never again felt at ease until Justin got passed the danger zone of about one year.

This tragedy tore Jimmy and Mary’s marriage apart. Jimmy never remarried and feared having another child…the pain of losing his son was too hard to bear again.

In May of that same year, my older brother, Elbert, called and told us his oldest son, Gary, had died from complications associated with epilepsy. Gary was only 26. I also had several uncles die in that same year. It seemed like every few months another relative died over the coming years until most of my parents’ and in-laws’ generation of siblings passed away, with only a few surviving to this day out of over 60 siblings and their spouses.

The first 7 years of Justin’s life, I was a stay at home mother except for about 2 months when Justin was about 14 months old. I again worked at the state. I had to drive 30 miles each way. I remember saying one day when walking into the ward, “God, I hate working here, I wish I could quit.” That very night Jim told me to quit because he didn’t like the way Tia was taking care of Justin while I worked. I never went back to work there again.

Justin started showing exception ability from the age of 18 months that continued to be more amazing as he grew older. It would take another 10 years before I would realize how exceptional he was when I learned about Indigo children and why they were being born in such huge numbers all over the world. He had to be put in home schooling in the 5th grade where he stayed through high school because other kids attacked him viciously because he was so different. Justin refused to bow to peer pressure and marched to his own drummer. He did better in home schooling because he wasn’t held back by the repetitious monotony of regular school and got a better education. He went to the local college and took every class they had to offer that interested him. He graduated with honors and was always on the Honor Roll, President’s List and Dean’s List and was a member of their Honor Society.

Jim retired in 1988 on Social Security Disability…another challenge. My father’s final stroke and death that same year sent me back into the medical field for a few years. I helped take care of him. A week after Dad returned home from a rehab hospital, he got pneumonia, and had to be hospitalized. Dad was then put in a nursing home over my objection and the other younger siblings. I knew Dad would give up and die, and he did less than 24 hours later. I had seen the pain in his eyes. He felt he was a burden to my mother and gave up the will to live. He was also faced with a problem he couldn’t face. He overheard his doctor tell my sister and uncle that he had to have his leg amputated or he would die of gangrene…30 minutes later he was found dead. He had cheated death 44 years earlier when he was given less than 24 hours to live. He had a reason to live. I have seen first hand, on many occasions, that a person’s will to live is everything. I continued working in the medical profession for a few years while Jim played Mr. Mom.

I also had a side line, I did mail order. It finally paid off in big way because it eventually brought me to where I am today. I went from having two employees working out of our house to ten in a rented office space. From one old computer to four networked together. It was during this time, that I first heard about the prosperity programs connected to NESARA, except no one had a clue that’s what was involved. I talked to many people who were practically hocking their lives to buy more shares assuming they would became incredible rich before the year was over. It didn’t happen. Government bureaucracy reared its ugly head and said I couldn’t do what I was doing. I tried switching to other things, but the overhead was simple too high. I also had to lay off most of my employees.

Another family tragedy hit in 1991 when Jim’s father, Earl, shot himself. Earl refused to live on renal dialysis without beer. Jim’s mother became more clinging after that. Jim’s son, Jimmy, moved in with her which helped with that problem, but created others because they argued constantly. We had to play referee.


During this same period of time I met a woman who only lived a few miles from me. She was also involved in mail order, but was also into spiritual awakening. She loaned me many books, tapes, and videos on the things she had learned. By this time, it was 1991, after Harmonic Convergence, which I also learned about.

What I got from her lead me to search for more info on conspiracy theories; government corruption; spiritual awakening; UFO’s; our true origins; about the civilization under Mount Shasta…Telos, and other places. About Lemuria and Atlantis; who was responsible for the spread of AIDS and learned it always had a Cure. I learned there has been a cure for every disease known to man for at least 40 years at that time, now it’s over 50 years. I learned about the various coming events like the Photon Belt and Pole Shifts. I learned the truth about our Space Program; war on drugs; and the JFK’s, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King’s assassinations. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Michael Scallion. I AM AMERICA series. I leaned about the many Ascended Masters, Archangels and various members of the Galactic Federations like Sananda, St. Germain, Metatron, Maitreya, Kathumi, Kryon, Hatonn, Aton, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Soltec, Ashtar, Athena, Mother Mary, Mary Magdelena, plus others. The list of the information was endless. But most of this was fear based information at that time. But my thirst for answers continued.

We moved out of California for several years, and lived in Oklahoma for a while, and then Nevada. In 1995 my mother was put on renal dialysis and was moved into a senior citizens’ retirement complex 30 miles away where she could receive better care. Prescription drugs had destroyed her kidneys.

February 14, 1996 my oldest sister, Helen, died after a 7 year fight with cancer. Once treatment began, Helen never had another good day. Helen’s husband, Bob, died less than a year later of cancer. His fight was very short, only 9 months, once he was diagnosed. This sent me on an intensive search into alternative medicine.

January 1996 we were summoned back here to take care of Jim’s mother, who broke her left arm. Shoulder replacement surgery, a pacemaker, two mastectomies, two more broken arms, a bleeding ulcer, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, a broken left hip, Alzheimer’s and we are still here 7 years later. She was placed in a nursing home last September. Her orthopedic doctor said it would take at least 2 years for her hip to heal, even then she would never walk again. Her regular doctor said she wouldn’t live that long. She’s lost down to about 80 lbs. from about 125 lbs.

In August 2001, my mother died less than 24 hours after being told her chronic leukemia had become acute with a vengeance. She died at 5:48 AM. One of my cousins, Neoma, who was close to Mom, had a dream that my dad came down from heaven to get my mom. Neoma suddenly woke up, it was 5:48 AM. I was the only family member with Mom at the time she died, so I knew the exact time she died.

Family tragedy was not finished. In December 2002, my second oldest brother, Elbert, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My third oldest sister, Shirley, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both refused alternative treatment. She was also in a car wreak this past year and broke her arm in 3 places. She had to have 11 pins put in her arm. Since the Cancer Foundation is paying for her treatment, they would only authorize is surgery, chemo, and radiation. As of 3 months ago, her treatment had cost over $500,000. She called a few days ago and told me the chemo destroyed her teeth, which means it also probably affected her bones as well. Elbert used a new treatment that zeroes in on only cancer cells.

June 2003, my second oldest sister, Louise, the one who had polio, also died of cancer. Her doctor couldn’t find it for 2 years. Another doctor found it on her first visit, by that time it had spread throughout her body. She was given 6 months to live. She chose to not fight it, and died in less than 30 days. She also gave up.


On the day of 9/11, I knew it was an inside job before the WTC fell. The more I learned about it, only confirmed my suspicions. No one had to tell me, I just knew it, like I knew some people would die before they did. The following February, I found out about Dove and NESARA. I read something that made me realize the prosperity programs being mentioned were the same ones I had heard about 10 years earlier. That led me to Four Winds, where I found out even more. Then to Nancy Tate’s site, and on the NTAT, and ultimately to SSN, and the SSN chatroom which I visit every night.

My soul growth has taken a giant leap forward since joining SSN. I was able to replace the fear based information I learned earlier and see the real truth: that love is all there is…we are all one. That love and peace were the real answers I was seeking, that the whole world needs. What the world needs now is love, sweet love, not just for me but for everyone. We also need peace, not just peace from war, but inner peace. Harmony and balance with the world and within ourselves. Freedom around the world, but also freedom of _expression, to know ourselves. To know Joy and laughter. To know there is abundance and prosperity, enough for everyone in the world. There is no need for lack or poverty for anyone in the world.

The road has been long and bumpy, but I have learned a great deal over the years. I hope my story and journey will help others find their answers as well.

Love, Peace and Harmony,

Cara McKennon