Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 28,2003

          Good morning, I am Lotar here, and I come to you this morning with a dream. This dream is one that many of you share, and that is that there be a wonderfully evolving means by which the youth of the day may begin to understand the broader picture of the way things really are.

          You have set up the educational system to include the processes of the parties that are ruling the world at this time. This, as you are becoming aware, is not the whole truth  as it has happened in the history of your world. It is but the representation of the falsehoods that have brought the society to the state it is in right now.

          I do not mean to attack the educational system; there is ample proof that attack is not a means to a resolution, but a perpetration of the condition. So I am offering a solution to the situation your educational system finds itself in.

          First, there is a need to ferret out the riff-raff of the system, and that is, for one, the history that is presented to the children. If real education is to be given, then the whole truth is warranted. Along with the facts about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and all the other figures of leadership in the forming of early America, must also be told what came about from the other forces within their reign. The full representation of facts is the only thing that will make sense for the bright aspiring young people who are coming to the planet these days.

          These children are wise beyond the youth of yesterday. They are being born with an awareness of themselves that their parents and grandparents did not have. They are finding that the adjustment to the system of knowledge and education is frustrating in its mis-information. This causes some of them to hide behind a face of deceit, and obligation to move forward in an energy of restraint and degradation. These are the people who need your mature guidance and patience to assist them to come forward and share what they know.

          This is where you, as adults, can find it within yourselves to listen and really hear what they are telling you. Listen with your hearts, and give credence to the things they tell you. They are living with the ideas that they don’t have to die, or become ill. Yet, they are seeing that very thing happen all around them. They are living with the knowledge that there is life beyond the earth; indeed they may have memory of some of it; yet they are hearing all around them people are debunking that very thing. This, my friends, is the challenge they bring to themselves, and to you. Will you be able to put aside old conditioning, and support their wild ideas? This is key to the open communication that you can have with the young of today.

          A representation of the various methods of educating the children can be found in various places on earth today. Within the libraries are beginning to appear particularly informative volumes of literature and guidance for use in the schools today. Many of these have been discovered, and found to be of value. They have been discovered by some of the children, and brought to the attention of the boards that govern the administration of the schools. This is one of the ways that the education system will grow and support the youth of today. This co-operation between the teachers and the scholars will combine to create a system that works hand in hand with the progress that can be made that will propel you all into the new times with the power of the truth.

          Having said all that, I now address the issue of the anger that is being represented in the children today. In large part, this is due to the fact that the children are not being understood, or taken seriously with their new “language”, and new way of relating to the rest of the world. This is part of the challenge they bring to society. In order for the young people to be able to function in a way that creates an air of diplomacy and forthrightness, they must be listened to, and valued for their wisdom. The adults of the world will do well to let their pride and maturity loose for long enough to hear the beauty that the children bring forward. Look into their eyes and feel the love that lives there. This will empower you to tune in to their wisdom and find the strength of posture to guide them through the world of illusion, and find a way to bring some of their world into yours.

          This is one of the hands that has been presented by humanity to perform. Will you use the cunning and the wisdom to lay aside your information avenue, and allow a fresh new approach? Or will you continue to plod on through because it is the way it is. The way it is is changing; and if you find you can change along with it, you will find yourself walking alongside the bright new stars of tomorrow. Those stars are in your skies right now, and they shine so brightly! Open your eyes and your hearts, and welcome the gifts that they bring. For they are your family, and they are the ancient ones, come to bring you the truth of the history they lived. Wipe the tears of frustration from their eyes and sit with them while they tell you a tale of love and joy and thanksgiving for the Spirit that returns in the night to forgive and remember who they are, and who you are. They are your ticket to the future and eternity. Love them, as we love you.

          The blessings of youth are in the knowledge of truth and beauty. It is theirs; it is yours; it is ours. Salu!


Thank you dear Lotar,

 Nancy Tate