Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 3,2003

          Good morning all my beautiful friends; I am Lotar, and I wish to say that we of Jupiter heard your plea loud and clear. We too want to be your friends; indeed we are your friends.

          At just about the epitome of our sunset, we heard your voices and your thought through our telepathic means. We are a species of humans that is quite similar to you in that we reproduce through the same means, and we stand upright on our feet, which are webbed to a slight degree. This reflects the heritage that we share with the aquatic species that swims in our waters.

          We are a lot of fun loving individuals, and we realize the magnitude of that on our well-being. Though we play often and care deeply about the leisure activity that is necessary to our health, we also are a studious lot. We fill our intellects with the stimulation that comes from an insatiable ability to absorb information and filter the knowledge that streams into us from the cosmos.

          Our institutions of learning are, as I have shared with you, actually live beings. They are the substance of the information and the intent of our learning. We create these beings through our desires and our nature of information gatherers. This serves our planet in a way that would be foreign to you, at first.

          When one day you visit our planet and the moons that surround Jupiter, you will be able to see to a greater degree of understanding, what I tell you now. This day will come, and you will then be of a degree of vibration that will support the information that will come to you. You will see how your journey on earth has added to our knowledge and formed a great number of the nuances of our learning system.

          Our commerce is a system of providing according to the wishes and intent of the masses. The greater degree is of the individual manifestation of that which is desired. Some however is provided for the interest of others, in a sharing atmosphere. This is part of our sociability that we have learned from you through our experiences on the earth in times past. We found that many of the practices you employ in the social aspects of life are most pleasing at times. We however keep them in a degree of perspective that is realistic and non-involving of the aspect of our beingness that you would consider the ego. Our ego has taken its place in our supreme love and compassion state of being, as a wonderfully co-operative and co-mingling friend and compatriot. This too, we see for you on earth at some time.

          Due to the influences of the moons on our species, we are in total co-operation with their pulls on our atmosphere, and we have brought the influences into alignment with the energies of the planet. Therefore they are as a part of the planet as is all of creation with God the Creator. Our solstice celebrations are all encompassing with the moons and their phases, in relation to Jupiter. We garner a great deal of energy output from their effects. We are a sovereign being as a whole on our planet, and we envelope the love and compassion with the moons; and the resulting energies surround us all with an air of beauty and protection from invading forces such as debris from the cosmos and the influence of approaching bodies.

          When we tuned in to your wishes and announcements of peace and friendliness between you and us, we were delighted with the communication of togetherness. It is the first time we have heard from you en-mass since the earliest days of your existence on earth. Yes, there was a time when we enjoyed full communication with the people who lived on earth. Those were the times of the first Golden Age, and the time has been long since the wonderful last communication of your love for us.

          We wish to thank you for this re-newed assurance of your membership in our family. It is as if the prodigal has returned to the fold. Within our household of the family of man and the cosmos, we have missed your alliance. However, we have understood; and we knew it would be this way. For it was planned and known by all of us in this system, and this galaxy, as well as all of creation, that your sojourn on planet earth would be a challenge, and one that we would all benefit from.

          This is why we love you so for the journey that you have been on. We love you also because of who you are, and because you are a part of the One, as we all are. When we are able to stand side-by-side with you and re-count the wonders that you have experienced, we will all join in the grand reunion and feast in merriment in a party that will resound through the cosmos and ring out through the universes in a great crescendo of song and jubilation.

          So, continue to send us messages, my dear friends, and we will continue to send you energy of light and love in our invitation to the upcoming reunion. We will continue to stand ready to come at your bidding and welcome you back to yourselves. Our visit to planet earth and our family will be one of rejoicing.

          God bless each and every one of you! We look forward to further communications; and we bless the ground you walk on.


Copyright 2-3-2003

Nancy Tate