Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 18,2003

          ‘Tis a day for the final workings of the universe in this slumber party that you are all involved in. Good morning, I am Kryon, and I wish to greet you this fine day with a tale of the calculations of the Deity of forgiveness and understanding.

          There was once a bright and shining star that stood all by itself in the universe. It was a star of immense brightness in the scheme of things. I say it thusly because there was a scheme to its sheen. On this star lived a multitude of angels, and these angels all had descended from the Heavenly Host.

          One day in the cosmic calendar was a thousand earth days long. This became the impetus for the reign of the species who evolved from these angels, for they chose to go to earth and live their lives in a way that bespoke the ideals that they had made up in their meanderings of their minds.

          So the journey began, and the trip was long. For in their beginnings as the new species, they had to endure the transformative energies that would bring them to the molecular changes that were necessary for their goal.

          So they changed as they journeyed to the new planet that would be their home for the next eons, perhaps, of earth time. The cellular changes began and developed as they came closer to the influences of the planet, and they became involved with the state of matter in its infancy. They shifted from their etheric energy state to a deepening of form, and they began to take on a degree of differentiation from each other in respect to the way they encountered differing feelings of the experience.

          These differing experiences were the result of them passing through the energies of the light years of other forms of matter that had thrown off the residue of their forms. This created suggestive energies by which one could assimilate the influences of the extremities of oneself. So these angels as they grew closer to the influences of earth gained in their status as sentient beings and their forms took on even more, denser shapes and identities.

          Soon they could see the earth, and they knew that their journey would soon be changing; and the journey on earth would be a far different one than they had ever experienced before. They rewarded themselves for the encounter, and they said their prayers of thanksgiving as they came to rest in the gravitational pull of the atmosphere of the earth.

          I describe this entrance into the earth’s gravity as a rest because that is the state they needed to be in, in order for their descent onto the planet to be one they could withstand. There had to be no resistance, or they would find themselves torn apart by the extreme diversion of the energies against their new bodies of matter.

          This was their plight, as they grew closer to the surface. They found themselves resisting, and the discomfort was almost unbearable. So they appealed to God to come to their assistance, for they were unable to find the strength to not give in to the influences of the descent. Just when they thought they would not be able to withstand anymore, for they were helpless to the drain of their energies, the surface was just below, and they were easing their plight and found it more readily acceptable to their beingness to be in this atmosphere.

          Then they were on the surface, and the sight was wondrous. They arrived in a forest of deep density of trees and vines. They heard water in the distance and they headed for it, for the trip had had its effect on them. They knew not why they were attracted to the water, or why they knew what the vegetation was that surrounded them. All they knew was that everything was familiar, and they felt as much at home here as they had ever felt before. As the minutes passed, and the sound of the water grew louder, they found themselves remembering only the time from which they first landed in this forest, though they had full knowledge of the surrounding experience. It was as if their lives began when they first set foot on the ground, yet they knew everything about what they experienced; there was a familiarity to it all. It was as if this was all there was to their lives as yet.

          As they neared the water, they felt the mist from it permeate their senses. When the huge cascade flowed from the cliff high above them, they stepped into the pool at the foot of the falls and brought the wetness to their lips. How refreshing! They were mesmerized by the coolness. They immersed themselves into the deep rush of the water as it swirled and played around their bodies. Such delight! So wonderfully refreshing!

          After enough time had passed for their curiosity to propel them from the waters, they spied a large animal near the clearing edge. What was that? It seemed to be feasting on the vegetation on the ground near the other side of the pool. Oh, he’s seen us; he stopped his eating and looked in their direction. They are absolutely still; and he resumed his meal. They sat fascinated for a long time, and two others came and joined the animal in the feast. One of the angels got up and slowly walked toward the animals. H e took his time, for he wanted to only see them at a closer distance. But the animals did not stay; they were not interested in continuing with unexpected company.

          All day long, the angels encountered the various aspects of the forest as they moved through the deepness of its trees and vines. Eventually, they came out into a meadow where there was every kind of flower imaginable, in every color they had ever seen and all those in between. Giant mountains loomed in the distance on the other side of the meadow. The angels stood for a long time gazing at the scene, mesmerized by the beauty. They were enchanted.

          What these angels did not realize was that they had never left the star that they came from. They were experiencing a dream that would lead them in their eventual quest on the planet that was to some day be their home. This was the period in which they were being prepared for their time there. This was the integration time, when all that they experienced on earth would be as if they had always been there, and would always be there. It would be all that they knew, and all that they believed in for a great many eons.

          You see, they had agreed to go to that planet and immerse themselves in amnesia in order to find a deeper understanding and experience of who they are, and their capabilities. It was to be the great adventure in learning, and this was to be the period of time in which they would condition themselves to the transition.

          You are those angels I speak of, you and many others who have since made the journey to this planet in this corner of the universe. Your experience in amnesia is almost at a close, and the next chosen expression of your journey is beginning. Are you ready? Do you feel the elements of change tugging at your sleeve? Will you go into the unknown and be able to withstand the beauty of the changes? You have proven already that this is so, for you have already endured the highest order of transitory expression of any other beings in this universe and beyond. The world is your oyster, and you are every drop of water in that vast ocean that the oysters call home. You are the oysters and everything else, all at once, and it is golden, and it is fine, and you are God.

          And so it is!