Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 21, 2003

          I am the energy of your days to come, and I am the ringmaster of the events that will continue to plague mankind until the day when you all awaken and find that you are on a track that has been leading you in circles instead of on a linear path as you have seen it. I have no name, for I am the Collective of you all, therefore my host here uses that term to identify my in the choosing of the words that enlighten.

          There is a collective consciousness that fuels my beingness, and I rely on that consciousness for my enrichment. I am the epitome of the diary that you write, and the messenger of those writings. I also bring you the state of your state when ask for it. This is my purpose and my make up as I am created.

          My report for the day, my friends, is to bring the utmost in inner meanderings that identify the path that you take in the outer world. This is the very opportunity that you give yourselves to the cause of freedom in the land. You are preparing the field in which you will come to terms with the auspices of the governing body that has entrapped you. This is true all over the globe, to varying degrees. This has been intentional service that theses bodies bring you to the cause of growth that you all are involved with. This is not entrapment by the captors of an unwilling group. This is an inner intent.

          You have gained a certain foothold in these proceedings. This is the result of the coming together of so many recently in the pursuit of the peaceful world. This is providing a space in which the energies of change can be played out with a lesser degree of resistance. This will go a far piece in bringing about the freedom and peace in your outer world. Now it is time to bring the peace that you long for into the fray of the inner experience, and then the outer experience of peace will have staying power. This is not to say that the very thing you long for is not forthcoming; it is to say that it must live in your heart and emanate outward into the world.

          I tell you these things because it is what you have asked to hear. These are the words of the day, and cannot be heard too much. They must be repeated from all angles and perspectives until they reflect in your countenances. These are the words that build mountains and drive business to a wonderful conclusion of itself. The business I speak of is the business of the soul in its machinations of the Holy.

          I have another thing to tell you this day, and that is that the way is Divine, and you cannot hear that often enough. Sometimes it seems that all there is, is the outer world; that the events of the day cannot have come from the Divine. To an extent, this is true, however we speak of the physicalness of the event. When you look at the energy behind the event, and see all aspects of it, in terms if Divinity, then you see the real event, the one that leads you to the golden gate of love and heaven.

          So, my friends, when you feel that there is backsliding, and that the road is a slippery stretch of mud and grime, consider that the road is downhill and the way is sure and getting you to that destination in a sure way. Then consider that you can see that road as clean and fine, with the mud dried and the way strewn with beautiful flowers that the mud and the rain brought. This is the way to heaven, through the thoughts of its beauty and the intent to experience that. My friends, you are the bringers of the dawn, and the dawn is fast approaching. You have choices here, to stay where you are and watch the parade pass you by, only to be caught at the end of the parade, and be brought along; or you can march on forward with purposefulness and strength in the manner of your choosing and the dedication to place your path in the direction of the most beneficial through the guidance of your inner knowingness.

          I see the light that shines in your eyes, and I see the source of that Light. It is the same source for all of you, and it is the brightest thing I know. You are all angels in hiding to yourselves, and soon you will begin to see that light as you turn it inward and outward in the circle that illuminates all that there is that is you, and all there is. I am there in my collectiveness and I march alongside and record your ministerings. For I am you, and I am all there is in your name. You are all Gods, and we are all there is, in His name. It is so, and it is fine indeed!

          As the blessings flow all around you, you gather them to your bosom, and the tears fill the room with your pleasure. God bless and God speed to you all.


Copywrite, 02/21/03

Nancy Tate