Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 6,2003


          Tis a lovely day to be alive and in this world! This world is about to be graced with a wonderful presence, that of the multitude of angels that live in the depths and passageways of the earth. Good morning my dear ones. I am St. Germain, and I welcome you to another beautiful day.

          Once upon the earth there were a number of people who lived in a gentle and pleasing manner. These people loved their life and they loved their land. They were living in what we now call the Golden Age. When their downfall took place through the presence of the powers of the ego, their world was shattered and destroyed. It was their own negativity that overcame their light and caused the darkness of their beingness to cause the disruption of their heaven on earth.

          As is always the case, there were those who were still living in their light when their world started to fall apart. They tried to keep the light strong and sure, but to no avail. The catastrophic occurrences sent the world into turmoil, and destruction caused large numbers of people to lose their lives. Soon these few remaining light people were forced to flee their homeland and escape to places on the other side of the globe. Some escaped to a place in the mountains and were lead to caves and passageways underground where they were able to set up communities and begin a whole new civilization. This was the start of their eventual reign as the peoples of the inner earth. There they joined with other beings whom they discovered were already flourishing in the inner sanctums of wonderful cities of light.

          These other peoples had come from the cosmos and settled in the earth and were holding the light for the people on the surface. It was a cause that was well planned and executed. These were the holders of the light that were told of in many stories that had been handed down through the ages by the people on the surface. Great civilizations and cities of beauty were already in place; and a network of passageways was utilized by those who had not as yet developed the ability to transport themselves instantly from one place to another. These passageways are still used today, and they will be discovered and opened to various people at a certain time in the next several years.

          In recent years there has been a steady influx to the surface of people from those underground places. These people have made contact with various people who are in a place within where they have agreed to make contact. There is purpose in this, for there is a role that these inner people will play in the enlightenment of the people who are in their ascension process at this time. There will be occasional events that will warrant the involvement of these friends from places such as Telos that will disrupt the comfort that certain people find themselves in. Sometimes the comfort that has been established is a protection from growth that has been put in place by those who are weary of the challenge.

          In these cases, there is usually guidance sent to assist these people to see the merit in leaving that comfort zone and walking into the unknown challenge. These people are always thankful when that is accomplished, for they see the energy of change is sometimes reluctant, simply because it means they have to move out of the warmth and supposed safety of their familiar life. They also see that the new circumstances are always stimulating and pleasing.

          My friends, are you ready for a visit from your brothers and sisters from the inner cities of light? Are you in your comfort zone and feeling a reluctance to leave, even though there is a tug at your sleeve to move out into a different cause? I assure you my friends, that there is a beautiful golden tipped rainbow for you at the end of that reluctance. When you decide to step forth and follow the suggestions of a new friend, consider the possibility that you are entertaining an angel from within the earth. Then give thanks for this gift of friendship and give cause to a new bright shining star that has appeared on your horizon.

          Is there a new person in your life who is warm and kind and loving, even in the face of adversity? Consider the possibility that this friend has come from a place of light from within. Is there a halo around the demeanor of the person you saw in the store who offered you a helping hand? Was the new neighbor a help to you when you moved into your new place? Have you found a new teacher who offers you an extra amount of time with your studies?

          You are an angel yourself, you know, and sometimes these people come to learn from you as well. There is a great deal that has happened on the surface that is grand in its stature. Some of the inventions and technologies will work hand in hand with those beneath the surface. There will someday be a grand joining of the two worlds, and the result will be heavenly!

          I say to you my friends this day; that you are even less alone than you thought. Some of you may have not known of these beautiful friends who live within the earth. Some of you may have never met one, much less known you did. The time is coming when soon you will all know of these people and will realize that some have been among you for some time. I look forward to that day, and I will join you in the song that revels around the globe upon the realization. It will be a meeting from above, below and in between.

          I leave you now to your days anticipation, and the fun with which you consider each of your friends and acquaintances. They are all angels, as too are you, my dears. Welcome to the party!


Copyright 2-6-2003

Nancy Tate