Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 13,2003


          Today is a day of change for all of you. Good morning, I am St. Germain, and I have a bit of news for you.

          There is a time in everyoneís life when they have to stand up and be counted, to one degree or another. This is the time, my friends, for the winds of change are bounding round the nationís capitol, and the results will be widespread and final.

          I will tell you of an incident where two or more people can make a difference; and that is when the trials of the oppressed come to rest in the governing of the highest court of the land. When there is total and unbiased anarchy there is no voice of the people. This has almost become the case in this country. Because there is this condition on these shores, there is a belief that there is unlimited, clear and unbiased representation by the media of the events of the day to assure that the truth comes out to the people. This is a fallacy that is present in the minds and hearts of those who want to believe it is so.    

It is far easier for some to wake in the morning and find their consolation in the governing body that they have put into place. This is what the purpose is in the people who have been put into a place of trust. My friends, this is an idea that has been adultered throughout the recent past. There is an absence of this condition, and there is no reason for trust in the highest office of the land.

          Having stated that thusly, I now feel impelled to state that this is a condition that in the highest purpose of the Divine is in order, of a sort. Yes, my dears, this is an example of what it takes to thwart the holding in of the dark energies of the people of a nation. When the darkness within the energies is held in reserve then more of the same is drawn to that being, and the same scenario is created over and over again. This has been the case for many centuries on this continent and the rest of the world.

          What is now happening is that the darkness is coming forward; is being thrust out by the growing presence of the Light. This is causing the increase in subversive activities and the growing desperation of some of the people in the positions of trust. These people who have been put in these positions, and have been taking advantage of the faith the people have in them are now drawing to them the dark energy that is being released by the many who are coming into the Light of the Divine. This is a condition of the evolutionary process, and is to be seen as such, and not feared.

          The energy in which this can be met in a most satisfactory way is to feel the strength of your newfound energy of love and compassion; and send that energy forth with intent to heal the world. These people who are operating in the energy of the darkness they live in are following the course they agreed to follow on the level of the highest aspect of their beingness. However, what they hadnít bargained for was that their aspects that operate in the role of the anarchical energy would get caught up in it to the extent that they would extinguish that spark of knowingness of themselves that can light their way to their truth; the momentum in which they operate is so great.

          We my dears are in a position where we are ready to come to the assistance of the people on earth if it is necessary. We will intervene in the event of a war that would be catastrophic to the population, and earth herself.  There is a condition under which the events will be allowed to play themselves out; and that is in the event that you all have been able to come to a satisfactory, peaceful conclusion of this condition yourselves; and kept war from happening, through your own initiative. If this does not come about, then we will intervene, for it will reflect that the ties of anarchy have been too great.

          My dears, we have continually been awed by your actions and abilities to turn around events that may otherwise have been considered destructive and impossible to the degree in which you have come through. There have been untold considerations that we have put aside when you have rode the wave of success once again and brought a change in the energy that steers you toward the probability of ascension, and the bringing about of Heaven on earth. We see the possibility here once again, and we wait with baited breath for the eventual outcome of this next playing out of the energies of the Light.

          Within the halls of the nationís capitol there takes place today an occurrence that may seem to thrust the world into another war. I assure you my friends, that this is not going to come about; it will not come to fruition, for the orders for war will be met with empty bombs and a turning around of troops and planes. Because of your displays of the intent for peace, we have been given permission from Heaven to take these measures. So you see, my friends, your intent does move mountains and stop the avalanche of destruction.

          I wish to close with these words: The tiniest acorn falling from a tree does the greatest good toward the evolution of the father and the mother in the hierarchy of life. You are all the acorns of the Father and the Mother; and you are going to see the greatest result from your fall from Grace. And the outcome will be Heaven my dears, Heaven on Earth.


Copywrite, 02/13/03

Nancy Tate