Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 17,2003


          Itís a wonderful day for a party, and a party we shall have! Good morning, I am Sananda, and I am jubilant this day because of the energies of change that have come about on the planet the past few days.

          My dear ones, you have caused the tyrant to back down and follow the course that is the beginning of the outward-bound steps that he must take. There is no mistaking the promises that have been made, and the untold beginnings that are taking place in the interest of freedom and peace throughout the land.

          The people of the earth demonstrated their strength of conviction, and along came the gavel that proclaims the end to the anarchal meanderings of the present regime of power. I am not saying that it is all behind you, and the way is clear from this point on. What I am saying is that the tide has turned, and now they are running in a direction that bespeaks the desperation that besieges them.

          A closing of a door has been accomplished, and the hand of humanity is on the knob of another door that will lead them to the supremacy that is governed by the All. There will one day walk the land the individuality of humanity as it walks in freedom and the peacefullness that comes from striking a blow for the sovereignty of man.

          We here in Heaven are cheering you on, and we await the next step that you take for your cause and the cause of all of the cosmos. We encourage you to savor this event of the past few days, and then find the inspiration to go forward in the next position to bring peace to the planet, and maintain that momentum till there is no effort required, for it will be as a way of being.

          Our way is sure and steady, my friends, and we will continue to bring you the energies upon which you can find the courage and intuitive urges to go forward in the cause you have set before you. You are realizing that there really is no enemy here, save the darkness that you are shedding in this journey. You are seeing the road clearly as you progress along its many twists and turns. You have declared the destination, and it is right around a corner that is very close, and very dear.

          My dears, I am going to tell you now of the wonderful things that await you on your earth right now that will be an integral part of your lives in the near future. There are untold numbers of opportunities to bring wealth and good will to the people of the world through the new technologies that are going to be presented in the coming times. These will be means by which the air, soils, and waters can be cleaned and restored to their former richness and perfection. Various ways of providing clean and free energy to produce power for all your needs are going to be brought forward from the closets in which they sit now. The smooth and sure operations of governments for the people and by the people will be put into place and monitored by Heaven for the interim of its infancy. Then the sovereignty of all of you will be the only monitoring that will be necessary; that is when you will have progressed to your next degree of ascension on the planet.

          The various means by which the wildlife on earth have been endangered will be done away with, and the balance will be restored, which will bring harmony between the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. Man and all his offspring will live with the rest of the balance and provide an atmosphere of peace and compassion for their comrades to co-create the destiny of the planet and the life on it. All this, and more you will do and there will be peace on this planet as there never has been before. Do you remember when you were here in the ancient times? Do you think that you will regain any of that wisdom and knowledge? Let me tell you this, my friends; you have found that very energy within, and it is awaiting your beckon to come forward and allow it to guide you in this next phase of your journey. You have begun to awaken the memory that has lain dormant for so long, and welcomed it back bit by bit. At first you are finding that it is coming forward in the intuitive urges that guide you, and some are finding a familiarity with many aspects of Heaven.

Some of you are operating in the energy of free will as you did in the Garden of Eden. You will be creating that garden again, and it will have evolved right along with you. In fact, that garden is the garden of your world. You never left it, you changed it; and now you are restoring it right along with yourselves. The earth is your Garden of Eden, as too is your physicalness. Yes, regarding your body as your own Garden of Eden gives you the insight in which to tend your own garden and make it the best place in which to carry out your Divineness.

My dear ones, I am going to take my leave of this transmission this day; I shall return when the cause for more communication comes to my knowing. You are all beautiful angels, and I salute you. Go in peace, my friends; and walk upon the waters of joy.



Copywrite, 02/17/03

Nancy Tate