Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 20,2003

          There is a way to determine the validity of the ongoing saga, and the way is through the heart. Good morning, I am Archangel Michael, and I would like to tell you the secret, that is not really a secret when it comes to the conditions that prevail on earth.

          There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the affairs of the state of man right now. There are those who would say that mankind is in a mode of such destructive energy that he is surely headed for distinction. Then there are those who see beyond the dramas that are being played out and recognize the travails for what they are. It is all part of the game, my dears, and the game is in its final fortresses.

          We have been telling you this for some time now, till you are screaming to us tell you something you donít already know. That is our challenge my friends, and that is what I meet this morning. I will tell you that there is coming a shadow of the fine times that will descend upon you in the course of the future of man.

          In the times to come there will be the opportunity to descend from Heaven and give the trials that have been thus far performed another chance. This will be an opportunity that will be welcomed by many, for it will represent the choice which will free them from sure death and annialation. This is the perspective that they have built in their minds, and to them there are but the two choices. This is still, my dears, the energy in which these people languish. They put all their hopes and dreams in the world that they have known, the only one that they can relate to. So while they go about their lives and see the world through the myriad of colors of doom and gloom, they remain stuck in their third dimensional world.

          I do not mean to bring you a message of gloom, however, there is that portion of humanity that keeps the energy of balance on their side of the spectrum. They are the keepers of the illusion, and they do serve humanity just as gloriously as do the lightworkers. You see, while you are all still in the dimension of the fourth variant, there is the potential to remain in the old energy, or to propel yourselves into the new. There is a certain degree, whereby the energies will all represent the totality of mankind, and there will be a oneness that will come about in the perspective of the dimensions. This will happen in an eye-blink. Till then, you will see this continuing rolling through the energies of duality as it has been represented through the ages.

          Now I speak of the challenges of mankind in the interpretation of my words. This is where the real energy of change takes place. You are the makers of your world, and you have the power to make of my words anything that your perspective brings. You can go to the literal sense and follow Websterís description, or you can read between the lines, and feel the meaning that wells up from inside your beingness. This is your choice, of course, as it has always been, and I salute whichever choice you make, for there are no wrong answers here. This is my point; all answers are correct and to the point of the energy that is being created right now.

          My dears, you are the ones who bring this reality into focus. You are the ones who bring the light to the peace marches, and the bombardment of the senses with the threats of mass destruction. You all are in a position to create a multitude of realities and live in any of your choosing. I have seen the choices in representation. I have enveloped my senses with the interpretation that comes from my beingness. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death with you and I have come home to the heaven that is always with you at your beckoning.

          You are my family, and I welcome you home to the stew that is waiting on the table. All that has come before, and will come still is to be saluted in the long lesson plan that you set before you. This is the result of the barrage of trials and temptations that you carried forth from your state of unknowingness. You left the table and the hearth to go out on your adventure of the soul, and now you are climbing the hill to find the door that you closed so long ago. We have the light on for you, and we are whispering the sweetness that propels you onward to the place where you yearn to be.

          It is called Heaven, and it is Home; and we are here to greet you with a towel to wipe your brow, and a kiss to soften the touch of those who love you.


Copywrite, 02/20/03

Nancy Tate