Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 12,2003

          What a marvelous morning for a sunbath! I greet you to this day with a promise of goodwill for all. I am Lotar, and I find the day to be one of promise and finality to the orders that have come down to the day from the intent of the masses.

          Since time began on your planet there has been a continuum of classes of people in society. This has been the reason for the separation of the ways of perpetration of the goods and services on earth. Some societies have amassed a great deal of financial troubles because of this. When there is a society that concerns itself with the over-abundance of the few, then there is anarchy among the governing forces of that society.

          We here on Jupiter are aware of how that works, for we have gone through that manner of system, and come from it in an enlightened awareness of how it came about, and what not to do to allow it again. In our ancient history, we gave in to the energies of that kind of societal gathering, and the result was the gradual desecration of our livelihood and well-being. We were lead by our inner guidance to the place of independent thinking and a feeling of successful repair of our world by the unitedness of joining our intellect with our intrinsic feelings.

          We now live in another dimension from the one you presently reside in. We reside in a dimension that supports the enlightened state we exist in. In fact, we encompass several different dimensions within our capabilities. This you are coming to. This too will be the dimensionality that supports your knowingness, and encircles you with the life force and manifesting energies of the Divine. For you it will be as a sort of re-visiting of these energies, for you have come from them. In your amnesia it seems a level that you will attain finally, though it will be a familiarity you experience.

          When we were in your state of expression, even though it bore no resemblance to your societal experience, for ours was not and is not, a free will society, we expressed in the infancy of our progression to the stage we evolved to. Indeed, we still evolve. Part of that evolution for some of us, was to choose to go to earth for the duration of that evolvement of free will. Once this part of your expression is “behind” you, those who came from Jupiter will return for a full report, and a continuing supplication to our system of intelligent study of the manifesting energies of the different expressions in the galaxy and beyond. Within our storehouse of knowledge, your experiences on earth will provide ample evidence of the experiences of free will in a society, and the boon to mankind and all of God’s expressions that will be catalogued along with all the other expressions throughout existence. All of this will be held for perusal within our literary and educational systems.

          When we tune in to your meanderings and your instances of good will among yourselves, we see the history that supports the energies in which you now walk. If you could see the entirety of your sojourn on earth, as is in the whole of the existence as a Divine being, you would suddenly awaken, for the truth would be so loud in your senses. This is a commonplace experience that you carry with you now. On the other hand, the lives you live now are the jumping off places for the laying out of the experiences that provide the fodder for the incredible advances you will make once you have achieved a certain degree of enlightenment.

          I, Lotar, am in awe of what I observe when I see the whole of your earth history. If you could see what I see, it would be as a pinhead in the realm of existence. Within my abilities I am able to see the whole of your existence on that pinhead in full 3-D, on into 4-D and 5-D. It is as a flashing forward as to my intent to see the entirety, or to see portions of your history. It is with a completely different perspective to view ones life in that manner. It is with fullness of perspective; therefore the energy of full awareness is activated. This is how your amnesia will “pop”, and flow away.

          As these last few days, months, years of your present dimensionality count themselves to the new threshold of societal endeavor, the energies are building and pressing in on all of you. You see the result in the intensity of the manifestation of the conflicts that are happening within your beingness. As the old turmoils and the old conditionings are brought forward to be cleansed, there is a continuing manifestation of the energies that cling to the old ways. If this was not happening, you would see a world of love and compassion instantly. This too, my friends, is due to choice. Your energies are choosing fullness of expression, and this results in the complete evacuation of the old energies.

          We are preparing a table in the chambers of heaven, and it is a portable one. We will be moving it to the great dining room of earth when the time comes that you will see it. It will be laden with the best possible delicacies that you can imagine. As you think of the treasures of the palate, we collect them as they float around in the energy machine, and place them on your table. As you feel the wonders of the scintillation of the taste buds, we gather the fruits and place them in the crystal bowls at each of your places around the table. We pour the wine that waits ready in its headiness. And we prepare the best chocolate that can be imagined in the creamy richness that endears the soul with its glory.

          So, my friends, we await your grand entrance into the hall of honor, and we join in the celebration that will come. Prepare your selves for the grand awakening, for we are ready for your coming home to the energies of love and forgiveness. It is a forgiveness of yourselves; and it has nothing to do with judgment, for there has been nothing “wrong”. The forgiveness lies in the forgetting of past deeds, and the fullness of living the moment.

          I leave you this morning with a desire to return at a later date and inform you of the progress I see. You are family, and I love you all.


Copywrite, 2/12/03

Nancy Tate