Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 25,2003

          Greetings, I am Kryon, and I come to you this morning with a tale of two wonderful cats and a dog that wanted to make a home for them. This is a tale that will ring in your ears as the magic of the essence of love between two or more human beings.

          Once there was a dog, who loved two cats. He adored the way they always seemed to know exactly who they are and what they wanted from life. They would scurry about and play games with each other in the name of hide and go seek. They loved the initiation they gave each other in the name of common sense.

          Then one day the dog made himself known to the cats. They had never before seen him, and wondered where he came from. He didn’t seem to be a threat to them, as he showed himself, but didn’t come closer than they were comfortable with. They wondered, how he knew their comfort level, and why he took this interest in them.

          The dog talked to them with his mind. He told them that he had been watching them for some time, and he loved the way they conducted themselves through life. He told them that there was a certain magic to the way the performed their everyday chores and play. He would like to join them if he may, and perhaps learn from them.

          Well, they had never heard of a dog with those motivations before. It just wasn’t natural and dog-like. Is it a trick? Would the dog gain their trust, and then pounce upon them as if they were two mice in a field of flowers? This could very well be their undoing, if they agreed.

          The dog heard their thoughts and concerns. He very much wanted to be their friend, and play with them in their days. He knew he wasn’t like other dogs in that respect; he would rather play with them than try to attack them. He was feeling a deep love for them, and wanted to be able to show them that love.

          The cats tuned into the energy that the dog held for them, and they commiserated to him. The idea that a dog could be won over by two cats was too much to pass over. They were intrigued by the idea, and felt that this could be a real boon to the cat world. So they agreed to invite the dog into their daily activities, and teach him the independent way of thinking that they live by.

          The dog was overjoyed, and he came to them with caution, so as not to frighten them away. He felt that he must ease into this friendship, and not appear too aggressive. So he watched them from a fair distance at first, while asking them questions as to their activities. Why did you go to the back of the barn to look for the mice, and not inside? Why are the squirrels acting as if they don’t see you, when he knows they do? When are you going to come out in the open and find the mice that carry on in the field and the trash bin? All these were questions that perplexed the mind of the dog.

          The cats laughed and spat their delight that they were able to teach this old dog some new tricks. They knew that this was the first time in the history of catdom that this had been done. They were delighted that they were the ones to pave the way for the possible new turn of events for the rest of the cat kingdom. So they went on in their shenanigans throughout the day, and the dog watched and asked his questions till the sun went down. He figured that the next day was soon enough to join with them in their play.

          One thing he hadn’t counted on was that every now and then during that day, the cats stopped and took a break from their play. They curled up in a neat ball and slept soundly for a few minutes, till one eye opened and then the other, and they stretched and were up and about their play again. This was a mystery to the dog, for he knew that they would be getting a good night’s sleep; and why did they need so many naps during the day?

          Well, when the sun set and the shadows turned to blackness, the cats were going strong. But the dog, who had only sat and watched while the cats took their naps, was ready to go to sleep for the night. Why didn’t the cats realize that night was the time for sleeping, not the daytime? Now he would have to either miss out on all their night stuff, or try to stay awake and learn more about their play in the dark. What a great opportunity to learn some really exciting stuff in the dark! But how can I stay awake?

          The cats heard the plight that the dog was struggling with. They took pity on the poor misguided dog, and told him, “If you go ahead and get your sleep tonight, you won’t have to miss what we do, for tomorrow night it will be the same thing, and you can sleep when we sleep during the day, then stay up with us at night.”

They had a plan, being the crafty and intelligent creatures they were. In this night they would gather together all the cats in the neighborhood and tell them there was going to be a huge party the next night, and they were all invited. They were going to corral hundreds of mice during the day, and then let them loose at sundown so that they could all have fun chasing the mice as they scurried about. And there was going to be a dog who would be their audience. He would laugh and play with them, but he would also have lots of questions, for he was interested in learning the ways of a cat. He would cause them no harm, and would be of some assistance to them in their play. He would keep the other dogs away, and would create a wonderful place for the cats to play and prove their superiority.

          The cats all eagerly agreed to come to the party, and they all took their naps so they would be fresh for the evening’s activities. The sun set in the west; and the cats all stood and stretched to the height of their capabilities. They looked around for the dog, and he was nowhere to be found. They waited a few more minutes and still he did not come. What had gone wrong; where was this important part of their play?

          Meanwhile, the dog had wandered into a place where there were two other dogs. He felt that these dogs would be open to his new kind of play. It would make the night go so much faster and interesting if there were other dogs who would be kind and join in with the cats. So he invited them to the play time. The dogs recognized this one as a weird kind of dog of the neighborhood. He wasn’t like other dogs, in that he really wanted to be like a cat. They decided to play a game with him; only he wouldn’t know it was a game. They would go along with the play, and then at just the right moment they would pounce and have their prize. The cats would never know what hit them!

          That night, the dogs came a little later than was expected. The cats thought they were going to be playing with just their new friend the dog, but when he came he brought two others. This just won’t do! They look like they cannot be trusted! So the cats all hissed and screamed for the dogs to go away. When they instead came closer, the cats went into defense, and like a shot they were off deep into the night, with no chance of play, or capture.

          “Oh no!” The first dog exclaimed, “What have I done. My new friends are gone, and they’ll never let me back to their trust again. I am lost and degraded, for I gave way to temptation, and let my friends down. I will never be able to learn their ways and play at night like they do. I will never know the thrill of chasing bunches of mice while they scurry to and fro. I will never be able to hold my head up in a field of cats, or dogs either. I am disgraced, and I do not know what to do.” He hung his head, and the tears trailed down over the whiskers on his face.

          He stayed there till the sun came up the next day. He could not console himself to even go and find his breakfast. There was no use, for how can you live in peace if you cannot be with friends that you trust and that trust you. There is no sense to the game if you cannot find some common ground. There is a great deal that I have to learn, and it is not about being a cat and not being a dog. It is about being who I am, and letting the cats be who they are without having to be like them to get along with them.

          The dog realized that he hadn’t thought those thoughts through reasoning; they had just been there. Wow! And they had such a ring of truth that had to be true. He sat still for a while longer, and let his mind go blank. Then he heard in his thoughts that there is no use to despair in the plight that he found himself in. Once he has learned something, then it is right and smart to go out and put the learning to practice. He could be a dog, and let the cats have their play, and not try to be something he wasn’t. They could all learn from this, and live harmoniously. Loving each other for the wonderful things they can teach each other, while still being themselves. The dog knew he had a job ahead of him; and he knew that he could do it by just being who he was and sharing that knowledge with others. He could make a difference, and not have to change at all. He could go through life being the best he could be as himself, and still show others that they don’t have to fear him. It sure took a load off his mind, because now he wouldn’t have to go around proving who he was, all he need do is be who he is.

          So from that day on you saw a change in that dog. He was still the dog in every sense of the word, and he was also a creature of God, and walked his talk, and loved it. The cats eventually came round, and they played games with him, as was their style. But no one ever hurt anyone; and in the end they closed the game and went their way with a glad feeling in their hearts and a grin on their faces. This is the end of the story and the beginning of another. That one is up to you, my dears; and that is the way of it.

          And so it is.


Copywrite, 02/25/03

Nancy Tate