Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 4,2003

          Wake up my sleepy friends, and smell the roses! I greet you on this day, and I welcome you to the world of the Galactic Federation. We are the representatives of the fleet command of the galaxy you reside in, the Milky Way galaxy. We come this day to show you the wonders that will come about through the auspices of the law on earth that is about to be revealed.

          This is a law that has been long in coming to the people of the United States, and the rest of the world, in turn. It will bring about the continuing unfoldment of the freedom of the people from the tyrannical governing practices that have been prevalent till now. This is an upcoming event that will give the people a new outlook on the life that is before them.

          There will be some who at first will find this change frightening. This is to be understood, and will be met with compassion, and the coming forth of information that will appease their worry. Citizens will find that they, in most cases, have never in this lifetime known a fair and just system of government; and the change will raise fears in their hearts that will close the doors of reason and trust.

          This is where you my dears can ease the burden for those who will be in fear.  You, who are equipped to understand and welcome these changes, can be of service to those who are in fear, by showing them the beautiful way it can work in your lives, and therefore theirs as well.

          I will share with you a difference of opinion some of the galactic members had at the onset of the coming together of this law. You see the structure of this law was presented to those beings who brought it forward in purpose to the ones on the earth who brought it together into a bill. Those of us who were instrumental in forming the basis of it took our roles of “devils advocate”, if you will, and found the most possible arguments against this law, and weaved through all of the ideas and presentations with the truth of the hierarchal energy that is present on earth right now. Within this, we inserted the energy of the original substance of the governing board of the country, and found the common thread that would give the minimum amount of change to the bill that would come before the congress of the president.

          This enabled us to come forward with a set of ideas that would provide a network of ideas with which the congress could bring forward a deciding vote that would be unanimous and give clear choice to the president. This was presented by the members of the Supreme Court upon their pulling together of the sections that they found most pleasing and fitting to the cause. They then presented their document to the congress, and the rest, as they say, is soon to be history.

          Now, I would like to tell you that the members of the Federation that were in dis-accord, were playing their role in full co-operation with their peers of the second ray. This is the ray that explores the other side of the issue at present. This is the part of the coming together of the auspices of the land that is in question at the time. Due to the interventionary energy of this law, there had to be an element of free will alive and strong in this law. This was assured within the make up of the bill, and will be evident in the document as it is presented to the people upon announcement.

          We are telling you who will read this that this is a Divinely ordered and carried out part of the eventual re-joining of the earth in an awareness of the part you play in the family of the cosmos. There are positions awaiting your return to the grand council of the galaxy; and the Galactic Federation will be welcoming you back to the seat in which you will find a familiarity, while at the same time, will seem all new. This is because of the evolvement that took place while you were on your grand mission on earth.

          We are finding that the energies of change are coming about in a manner that may set aside the need for intervention within the subject of war. Due to your efforts at peace bringing there is a difference in the rate of vibration across the globe, as well as within Gaia herself. As you raise your voices in the cause of peace, some of you in turn feel the peace more strongly within. Those of you who are not raising your voices, but are hearing of the marches and petitions that circulate, are finding the true vision within that speaks of the true strength of change that comes from within.

This is a gifted society that is being formed. You are all working together in your various roles to form the tightness of unity that brings a new found strength to the society of man. This is a wonderful sight for us to see, for we would rather see you bring this peace without intervention. However, we are prepared at a moment’s notice to bring about the necessary steps should that be seen to be the only course to saving your planet from destruction. We assure you this will not come about, this destruction. There are enough of you who are working in the Light that there is a very real probability that you will reign as the bringers of the dawn of peace.

We are moved by what we see reflected in the glow that is sent from the hearts and souls of all of you there on earth. We are in awe of the challenges you have brought yourselves; and we see the temerity with which you carry them forth. We love the spirit with which you are awakening to the truth of who you are. And we are ready at any moment to welcome you back to the arms of your family in love and joy and peace.

Blessings are about to rain down upon you, my dear ones, so hold out your hands and receive the bounty, for it is yours just for the sake of your inheritance from yourselves.  

Copyright 2-4-2003

Nancy Tate