Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 7,2003


          Wake up my dear ones, and wipe the sleep from your eyes. I have something to tell you that will knock your socks off! I am Diaclosities, and I am going to tell you what I see in your future.

          As you know, I am living in the reality in which all your dreams are manifested. This is the reality of the best there is for all of you. This is where you deposit your dreams for safe keeping, to be able to manifest them at the appropriate time, if your intent matches your reality.

          I am seeing the miracles that come from the dedication to the truth. I am living in the energy of decided reality and the peacefulness that comes from being able to know God in all you do and say. There is an event happening right now here that rivals any that has come to pass on earth before. We here are reveling in the good fortune to be visited by beings from the cosmos, and we are sharing an intimacy that is beyond what we thought could happen.

          Our government is the best it’s ever been, and the systems of governance represent the people as was originally ordained. The financial systems of the world are running smoothly, and in a manner that benefits everyone equally. There is still some cleaning up that is being accomplished, and this is being carried out with the care and precision that brings about perfection.

          Our recovery from the chaos that you have experienced is full and being completed in a safe and orderly manner. There is an order to the systematic putting in place of the premises of pure governance. When this is implemented, the whole runs in a manner that represents the order of the cosmos.

          Putting together the practices of the Divine is to reach deep inside and supply the inherent guidance through intuitive messages to your self. We here in this reality are living in the manifestation of that guidance. We are telling you that there is a sliver lining around every cloud, and it is here for you to bring into your reality. What happens when you achieve that reality? Do we just go away and cease to exist? Oh no, we still live the perfection, only in the fullness of who you and we are; it is a melding that takes place. Some times you fall from that perfection for a time; that does not mean that you have nothing to come back to at any moment. We are always here for you; that is the Divinity.

          Now more of what we are holding in truth for you. There is a coming together of the forces of nature with the results of a healthier atmosphere in which you live. You are cleaning up the air with the technologies that have been given you from your brothers in the cosmos. It is almost instantaneous in its speed of completion. Your soil, as well is being reborn to its original rich quality, teeming with the life of micro-organisms that establish the balance that is necessary for healthy crops and vegetation around the globe. All of the eco-system is being restored to it original perfection.

          Peace has been declared, my friends, and brothers and sisters around the globe are meeting and declaring their delight that they no longer have to carry a weight of hate and prejudice against each other. Now is the time for the sharing of the diversity of the wealth that is contained within the cultures. It is a beauty that is spreading across the globe in a manner that is mind-boggling. We are experiencing the togetherness of one heart to another, one race eating at the same table with another, and sharing the same stories of love and compassion in their own distinct interpretation. We see the coming together of the oneness that is all.

          I remind you, my friends; this is not mere speculation, or a relating of a far off distant dream based only in wishes. This is actually being experienced by all of you. This is the substance of your inspirations and the powder by which you can bring it into your present reality. You are the creators of this reality, and you supply the fuel by which we exist. Remember, we are you in the epitome of your expectations and intentions for your life.

Now we get to the nuts and bolts. How do you do it? I say you accomplish this by first knowing it can be done; you can have that which you desire and intend for your life. Hold on to that dream, see it in your lives and feel how it feels when you think of it. Then follow your intuitive urges, moment by moment. Never mind if the urge a few moments ago told you to follow a certain direction, if the urge this moment points you in a different course; then follow that new course, for it represents that something somewhere in the course of events someone turned a different direction and caused everything to shift.

 Remember that word. Shift? Yes, that is the beginning of the light going on, isn’t it? Perhaps now you are beginning to understand the term “shift” that has been bouncing off so many lightworkers tongues these past years. The shift happens when all the pieces are in place, in a vibratory balance and at a level where one more decision or action or nuance of energy being put in place brings you all to the point of no return; the point called zero where you all go into that higher dimension and stay there. It is called ascension, my friends, and you are headed for that place in time and space that you have created in the cause of re-awakening to the angels that you are.

So, my friends, I have given you something to ponder, something to put into play as you go about your daily meanderings. As you serf through the internet and sign your names on the various petitions, and come across those that do not ring your bell, then pay attention to that my friends, for there is purpose in that turnaround; and it is all Holy. Continue in the light with which you sift through the nuances of life and find the actions and attitudes that most bring a feeling of peace and well-being into your countenance, for there is the land of the most Divine and strong energy that can bring you to the melding of our realities. You are us and we are you, and forever may the twain meet in heaven right here on earth.

We love you and hold you in our strength and dreams of love and compassion for all that is. Blessings to you all!

Copyright 2-7-2003

Nancy Tate