Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 26,2003

          It is a fine morning indeed, and it is a morning filled with the magic of the understatement of change. I am Diaclosities, and I am here to bring you a wonderful bit of news. This news will take you to the heights of pleasure and tell you that there is indeed hope for the world and for the ongoing saga of peace and plenty in the land.

          Today you will not hear of in your media the meeting that will take place in the halls of the venerable leaders of the world. You will not hear of it till the results of that meeting have come into existence. There is a time that bears watching that will come to the front and produce the results that will be born on this day.

          You have dropped the seeds in fertile ground; these seeds are the ones that are being fertilized right now with the light of truth that emanates from Heaven. You have reached deep within and found the seeds that have lain dormant for so long. These are the seeds that you have nurtured and fed to keep sure and strong in their potential. I speak of the seeds of the Divinity that lies deep in your beingness.

          Today the world leaders meet with the idea that they will leave the halls at the end of the session with an agreement that will bring the whole issue of war to a close. This issue is one that hides the real energy that propels it forward in the minds of a few. It has been covered and disguised with the craftiness that comes from a direction that seeks to persuade away from the truth.

          I am seeing and living the results of this venture today. This is my reality; that is why I can see what this meeting has brought about. I can see all the pieces of the puzzle that acted in accord to bring about the epitome of the actions they take today. In order to achieve success in this meeting, the whole scenario has already been performed in our realm; it but needs to be brought forward into the realm that you reside in today.

          I will tell you of one of the aspects of this successful agreement. That is that all come to the meeting in full openness, and prepared to lay all their cards on the table, in respect to the degree with which they are involved in the storage of the weapons in their own country. With this openness they also will reveal what they know about the other countries’ stockpile of weaponry, and how they achieved the stockpile. In this way, there will be no room for secrecy as to the numbers of weapons and the originating source of all of them. This will take place in an atmosphere of non-judgment, without the finger-pointing that caused defensiveness.

          Another part of the openness is that there is no room for half-truths and keeping of information in the name of protection. This is a matter of the well-being, indeed the very survival of the planet, and there can be no secrets and no surprises at a later time. Every person in attendance will come to the table with a directive to reveal all the aspects and representations that they brought to any meetings with the opposing parties in question, for there have been those members who have assisted in a back room manner.

          What we are seeing here is a complete resolution of the issues that are the motivating force behind the engine that brings war onto the battleground. Wars are started with the atmosphere of mis-guidedness and mis-appropriation of motivation. There is no room for reason when it comes to preparing for war. There is no backing down when it comes to ego and the defense of it. Too many wars have been followed to a deathly end in the defense of ego. This time, this is the very issue that is being dissected.

          The members of the world tribunal have prepared well for this meeting. They are gathering in the atmosphere of complete trust of each other, and the unburdening of the information that has weighed heavily on their minds and hearts through this whole era of high tech war and government. There is no room for further manipulations and conspired ways to subvert the people. This is the time in which the truth of the Divinity will come forward and drive the issue home to God, and will be blessed and sent back to the people. Peace will come about from this meeting, as a result of the coming forward by all of you in your demonstrations for the peace that will save this planet and allow the peaceful co-existence of brother and sister through eternity.

          So I say to you, my friends, that today is a day for rejoicing. Give your fellow humans all over the globe the energy to come forward in their hearts and minds with the truth of their beingness, and to pass on to the whole of humanity, from which these leaders can draw to assure that they leave no leaf unturned and no stone unrevealed. For this is the day when giants fall, and the meek shall inherit the earth.

          I give you blessings, and I sing for you a song of freedom and peace throughout the land.


Copywrite, 02/26/03

Nancy Tate