Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 24,2003


          Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to bring you a tale of the once wonderful idea of democracy. This is an idea that lived in the hearts and minds of many around the world, and that got compromised in the course of the establishment of a new government in the United States.

          Many men in those days gave credence to the aspect of Divine order in the land of the free. They did not see the troubles that would come over the running of the new confederacy, and the travails that would plague the nation in the years to come. They were so full of the ideals of the present governing form that had been set up, that they did not see that the parties were being compromised, even from the onset. This was an idea that was not conceived of in their estimation of the perfection of the documents that had been drafted and signed into law by the people and for the people.

          Soon, the auspices of the land began being altered to suit the egos of a certain few. The changes were so subtle as to not even be seen by the general consensus of the governing body, but the change was there. It was represented in the gentle, nuances of idealism within the pages of the Declaration of Independence that were altered to read just slightly askew from the original draft. These changes were in place when the document was signed. They happened between the time of the drawing up of the ideals, and the time of the final draft to be approved and signed by the ones who affixed their signatures to the document that was to shape American government for the next two hundred odd years.

          Now, my friends, you are seeing a start to the dissecting of this document, and the drafting of the original, to advise the people of the changes that have taken place, even from the one that was signed. To this day, the declaration itself has been altered by amendments that have taken the rights of people out of their hands, and diminished them to a mere shadow of what they were intended.

          This too is true of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. There is not one of the original documents of state that has been left in its original purity. There has been adulteration of all of them from day one; and this is going to be turned around very shortly. The people will see that this anarchal way of governing has been a gradual disintegration of the way of life that they were taught was in place since the day that history made a turn in the direction of democracy in the new land that was to bring freedom to the people who journeyed across the water to a new promise they brought to themselves.

          We here in our realm have kept that promise strong and true. We have kept the ideals of that dream sure and secure. It has grown right along with the dreams that have lived in the minds and hearts of all of the citizens of the world. Yes, this has been a concept of governing that has lived in the hearts of all those who live in one form of government or another. They look to the original promise of the ideal of democracy, and they try to apply it to their way of governing. They are feeling the repercussions of the adultery of the governing system that is in place now in the United States. They realize that the original energy of the democracy is no longer even recognizable in the land of the free, for it has been established that there is no land of the free, except in the fantasies that so many hold in their minds for what is the illusionary aspect of their lives.

Here you are seeing an illusion within and illusion. You are seeing the way the wool has been pulled over the eyes of so many; and the fraud has been perpetrated by the blind desire for their dream to be as is represented in the history that is taught. There are those who see the reality of the system, but they feel hopeless to change it. That is they have, until now. Those who have been asleep are now joining the many who have openly joined the cause to protest the atrocities that have been wrought, and are voicing their demands that the Divine energy of the governing practices be brought back, and the imperial practices of the few be forever abolished from the land.

We here in this realm of your foremost dreams and desires are holding that energy for which you so long. There are a number of you who are beginning to reach deep within and take that power back that you relinquished. You are seeing that it is up to you to establish that coming together of the Divinity in motion that is the ideal on which this country was started. You are seeing that it starts at home, right in your own beingness. It must be a cleaning that begins in the vessel that houses the very epitome of the cause of freedom and peace. There is no other place in which to manifest the rights of Divinity than in the heart and soul of the one who intends it for himself. There is no other formula for success, and more and more of you are realizing, and putting into action that very premise that will bring that energy to the way of life on the planet that you so love.

We are holding that candle for you. We are keeping it bright; and we are looking forward to the coming home of all the parts of us that represent the unity of the masses. There is no greater beauty than to see the harmonic unity that happens when each individual takes his place in line and sings that tone of freedom and peace within his own beingness. She is the representation of all that is Holy, and he gives his all to the cause that brings unity to the beingness of herself, and to the people who are the citizenry of the great planet Earth.

We offer blessings; and we welcome you to yourselves in glory.



Copywrite, 02/24/03

Nancy Tate