Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 14, 2003


          Good morning I am Diaclosities once again, and I bring you some news from beyond the portals of energy that surround the earth. These portals supply the means by which visitors from the cosmos may enter the earth’s atmosphere and come to the surface of the planet.

          When these portals are open, there is a part of the picture that contains the energies of the past visitors. This is the way of the cosmos and all that is, that wherever an energy expression has been, a portion, or imprint of it remains.

          When another energy visitor comes through the portal it meshes with that former energy and becomes the totality of the energies. This is a moment of happenstance, and changes as the visitor continues through the portal and other imprints.

          I am telling you this for the purpose of preparing you for the information that I am about to impart to you. There is a certain incidence of power that is responsible for the outcome of many possible cases of identity. With the coming of the visitors there will be a presentation made that will interpret itself in various ways, according to the individual encounter of the visitor.

          This is the ability of the visitor from the cosmos, for earth is a unique creature, and the rest of the cosmos is more in tune with the sameness of the all. The visitor is a hologram, and therefore is the identity that any one puts on him. This is the case simultaneously. In other words, if it is his intent, he can be one likeness to a certain individual, and another to a different person. So too, it is with the animal kingdom, depending on the degree of intellect that animal has. The powers of reason and the ability to recognize certain numbers of sounds and other stimuli is the determining factor.

          This information will be important for you to know when the visitors begin to make themselves known to the masses, for this is going to happen. When you start to see the various beings coming forth to reveal themselves, you will be seeing them as you project to them your expectations of how they will look. Even if you have repeatedly denied that they exist, deep within you are aware that not only do they exist, but you are indeed one of them.

          So, my friends, when the occurrence comes about and the visitors filter among the people, welcome them for they bring you a great deal of love and assistance in the times to come. They will be coming to show the world that there is indeed life all around in this cosmos. They will begin to be the emissaries of light from out there in Heaven right here on earth. Those of you who have acknowledged your status as emissaries of light here on earth will join them in spreading the light in the manner that carries across the globe the truth of what is right there before your eyes.

          When this takes place my friends, there will be a consolidation of some of the aspects of yourselves that will empty, in a manner of speaking, various portions of the realms of brotherhood. This I speak of is my realm, as well as the various others that you have created. This is not exactly an emptying, but a merging, because those parts of you that separated your realities will regain some of the memory imprint that you left behind in other time frames and because of the natural law of nature, these aspects will meld back into the oneness of origin. This may not be for any longer than an instant, for the effect may not be lasting as yet. When the memory imprint is regained in a manner that retains the imprint long enough to become a conscious awareness, then the transition will be complete, and the awakening will take place.

          So, you see, my friends, how this visitation by your cosmic family can begin the opening of your awareness? This is a step toward the eventual total awareness of who you are. From that moment of conscious awareness before you slip back into the amnesia, you will begin the passage through the portals of time and energy deposits that give you the perspective to build on the opening that you will be experiencing. It is the relativity that is in place here. When you see these visitors you will relate to them as parts of your beingness, and the moment will be a coming home that can start the whole process of remembering who you are.

          My friends, I tell you this, and I rejoice in the telling; for it means that there is soon to be revealed the completeness of your selves. There will be those of you who are not going to be comforted by this. There are those who will deny that they are seeing visitors from off planet. There are those who will not see at all, for those minds and beingness will be closed. All is perfect, and purposed in this occurrence. The Divinity is present in all of it, and the way is Holy and filled with love and compassion. It is a grand and glorious future you have, and I am pleased to be a part of that future, for no matter the outcome, there will always be a me and a you. We are one and we are us and it is all blessings for one and all.

          Go in love and joy this day and always. Till we meet again, I bid you good day.


Copywrite, 02/14/03

Nancy Tate