Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 10,2003


          Wake up, my friends; there is a great day ahead for you to mold into the day of your dreams. Good morning, I am Diaclosities; and I am going to tell you about an incident in your world that will make a great deal of difference on your planet in the times to come.

          Yesterday there were people all over the globe praying for peace and for the enactment of various particles of justice and mercy in the smooth operation of your world. My friends, this in its energy has potential to change the face of the activities on the planet. It is an ongoing attempt to bring the people of the world to the realization that there is more to this living process than fighting with one another. There is a higher order of living than finding the manifestation of the emotions of war, fear, and competition in the state of mind of the whole.

          Continuing into today the reverberation rings round the globe with the momentum of those who carry the thoughts of peace forward from the ceremony into theirs steps through the minutes and hours. This is how powerfully the prayers for peace permeated the energies surrounding the planet.

          For us in this realm of your intent, we felt a genuine melding for some moments with many of you as your hearts rang true in purity and harmony for the peace that resonated in your hearts. You are living fellows of peace, you live it in your daily lives, and you chose to stay with those who are struggling to maintain a degree of peace from which to spring into the steadiness of peace that represents a being rather than a doing for achievement of that peace. This is where the answer lies my friends, in being peace, in living peace in your lives.

          I will tell you now that there has been a difference in the development of the activities that have resulted from yesterday’s prayers. Certain people in the US have been running on pure adrenalin in the direction that their fear propels them. Out the window goes clarity and good judgment when that is the state of the psyche. Down the drain runs the ability to come forth in the strength of love that brings forth the purity of intuitive guidance. For this group of people this has not been a way of life for them, for their guidance comes from a sense of fear and mis-guided loyalty to the world of illusion.

          My message today is to BE who you are to the greatest degree. This is the fodder by which you will achieve the greatness of your potential. This is what brings peace into your world, through the inner chambers of your beingness. There will be calculations that will prove this; this will come from the activities of yesterday. The impact of the prayers for peace will show in the instruments which monitored the energy of the planet at the time of the prayers, and afterward.

          Slowly science is catching up with itself in the potential that lives in our world in this realm of the manifestation of your dreams. We here already know the results of these measurements. We know the difference it made for hundreds of thousands of people to express their prayers for peace all around the globe. Even in the hearts of those who knew of the activities and merely gave them a single thought of unitedness, even this contributed to the whole, and made a difference.

          My friends, we are having a party here in this realm for all of you who tune in to the resonance of peace here and there and everywhere, for it was not only on this planet that the prayers were expressed. You see, within the realms of heaven prayer is a state of being. So, there is the reinforcement of prayers on earth, and the enactment of them for you. Heaven supports everything you do in the name of the God you are. And, my friends, everything you do is in the name of the God that you are, for as you know all that you are and do is in purpose to achieve the godliness in every moment that you are in the realm of the most glorious.

          These last few steps that you take in the time to come are the “saying good-by” to the old expressions on the planet, and the “welcoming to the moment” of the new expression which is the forerunner of the times of infinity that lie ahead.

          So go on in your lives in the promise that brings you to the alter of the blessed, and know that you are Holy and in the Divine love of the Creator.

Copyright 2-10-2003

Nancy Tate