Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 27,2003

          It is a fine morning to sing with the birds, and shine with the sun in the course of the trips of the day. Happy morning my sweet ones, I am Baldor, and I am fit as a fiddle this day, for there is something afoot that is endearing you all to my fancy.

          In the days of old, there was a troop of soldiers that gave themselves wholly to the cause for which they fought. It was not a battle, as you know it today, but a battle of wits. This was a time when there was peace on the land, and there was a reigning monarch that came to the people with the aplomb of sensitivity that bore him well the stature he held with the people.

          I speak, my friends, of the planet Orloff, which has in itís past known many wars and many battles. This planet has come through the inquisition that is the equivalent of that which was on your planet; it has come through its own version of the dark ages, and so as was the rest of your history, in the uniqueness of our planetís identity.

          With this sharing I give you of life and times on Orloff, I am showing you that life in general is the same. There are emotions, and there is love that fuels all the causes of freedom and conquest of truth. The outcomes of the emotions may have different faces, as to the personalities of the people, but the energy created is basically filled with the same potential as all that gives expression.

          I come to this point in my soliloquy to bring you a version of our expression of the times of bringing the peace to the land, as you are pursuing right now on earth. This is the time that we on Orloff refer to as the in-between-time. This is the time when the last vestiges of the life we knew in an energy of compromise and rivalry was being dissipated. We were in the death throes of a way of life that was another degree of the progression from one stage of development to another. It was an interesting stage, and one that bears resemblance to what you are experiencing at this time.

          It is almost like your old-home week, when you celebrate the coming back together to review old times and catch up with the new. This is a time when your lives are put up before the review board, and assessed for success, or failure in the eyes of the beholder. We here on Orloff behold that there is a similarity, yet a distinctly unique expression to your lives in comparison with ours.

          Whereas we were driven by our sense of instinctual survival, you are driven by choice, which influences your instincts and your survival. Whereas we continued to progress through the oneness with our creator, you are progressing to that oneness through the intuitive urges and guidance as accompanied and influenced by your free will. Whereas we came to the end of a certain stage through the evolvement of our species in the natural progression of our experience and our timely events, you are coming to that same stage with the ruination of various parts of your culture, and the re-establishment of several ancient ways of healing and reverence that will lead you in the fullness of the circle.

          Do you see the relevance I speak of here? This is a commonality that has but one difference in motivation. That is that your free will and that of your Creator are, through your choice and perception, separate entities. This is the difference that you are coming to full circle with. Soon, through your choice, you will be bringing your free will back into the realm of your Creatorís will, and will therefore be melding the energy of oneness into the will of All.

          We on Orloff have been watching your progress, and we delight in the show that you bring. We are inspired to greater heights through the stimulation that you bring. To view a people in a different way of expression, and yet see the commonality is a wonderfully enriching source of knowledge and understanding for us. We are able to see the nuances of difference, yet observe and at the same time be part of the recalutations of the promise you bring to not only yourselves, but to all of creation as well.

          I love your planet, as I do this one! I was once a citizen, and then again a few times, of Earth; and when I came to Orloff, I found the stimulation of carrying forth the energy memory in my beingness into the oneness of the will of the Creator in my expression of the Divine promise of the almighty presence of the Creator at every moment. The experience on earth gave a richness to the experience of oneness here on Orloff. I carried with me a grand assortment of cellular memory that continues to this day. I find that there is a circle that is being established in the evolutionary process, and that the circle is going to enjoin with yours, and there will be a tone that will ring out so strongly that there will not be a remembrance of it in any beingís experience. This is all new, my friends, and you are the beautiful ones who are laying the groundwork for this to come to the experience of the universe, and beyond. Do you see the gift your bring to all of us? Do you realize the extent of your influence on all of the family that you gave yourselves to this cause for? Yes, you gave yourselves this gift; and when you started you had no idea the wondrous example you were making for all of existence.

          Now, you are in the last stage, and the other end of the circle is in sight. There is a great glow of light that emanates from that circle; and all of the universe is aware of the tremendous gift you give to us all. I include Orloff in that counting, even though we are on the periphery. We feel the energy of family with all of you, and we feel the privilege afforded a member of the wonderful unity of All.

          I take my leave now from this transmission, and declare the kindest day and life for all of you. You are our family and we feel the ties of adoption dissolving to become as though there was never any separation or non-knowing. Blessings to you all.


Thank you, Baldor,

Nancy Tate