Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 18,2003

          Good morning, one and all! I come to you from the planet Orloff; I am Baldor, and I bring you this day a bit of information about your cloud cover. There is battle going on over and around the earth. This battle is between the opposing forces of light and the angels who bring the energies of change through light in this time of the origins of the new energy playout on your planet.

          When I speak of battle, I speak of it in a way that represents the opposition to the way of change. This is not a battle with swords and bombs, but of ploughshares and shots of might and justice. The opposing forces are the projections of darkness that are being shed by all of you on the planet. You are relieving yourselves of this darkness and coming forth in the strength of the mighty sword of the divine.

          This shedding and annialation of the energies is causing the clouds to take on a different kind of energy. They are no longer just collections of moisture from the atmosphere, but they are catchers of energy that is being drawn to them by the substances that certain interests on your planet have shot into the atmosphere to be collected into the clouds. It is an attraction of like forces we are talking about here, and what these interests didnít realize when they sent those substances into the atmosphere was that it would set up a magnetic reaction, and the result would be a clearing out of the same type of energy from the beingness of those on earth.

          So, you see, their actions and motivations have been over-ridden, and subverted by the very circumstances that they created. Is there not something Holy in everything? Is there not a gate that is opened everytime one is closed? I give to you the very establishment of the cross that is being borne by the carpenters who created it.

          There are many ways in which the skirmishes of the ages are played out, and there is but one that is created for the pursuit of the Holy Grail. Yes, I have done my homework; and it is information that is contained within my cellular memory, for I did spend some years on earth, as well as on Orloff. That is why I am able to appreciate and assist you in your cause today. When I was on earth it was in the time of the Renaissance, and again in the eighteenth century.

          My friends, I wish to explain one more thing about the clouds that are being produced these days. They contain not only the energies of leftover emotions that no longer serve, but they also work to camouflage the activities of the light ships that are in place and operating under the cloaks of protection. When the time is ripe for the revealing of these ships, then the clouds will dissipate and the ships will be seen and will come to announce their presence to the people of earth. Do you see the Divine timing here, and the justice as well? There is no wasted energy, or activity. Even the events that seem to be saturated with the opposing forces to the light, are nothing more that energy producers that provide a foothold for the light to step upon in its climb to the ascension of mankind. There is no greater justice than that.

          So, my friends, as you gaze into the sky, and wonder why there are so many clouds where formerly there were none, remember that they are not just repositories of moistness, but also makers of Heaven in their potential. Though they rain their moisture, and shed their substance in the form of beautiful flakes of white, they do not drop their waste on the land. They have at that point already called in the light to transmute the energy into light, and have gifted it back to you.

          You are the inheritors of the next generation of clouds that will contain only the pure substance of the light that is sent forth in the circle that is generated by the constancy of Heaven. There is no greater glory than to see the changing form of the clouds as they roll by and tell their tales across the sky. Now you can read new messages into their changing, and find deeper meaning to their tales.

          I leave you now to your meanderings through the treasures of nature, and a whole new way to look at the supposed adversities of the happenings on the surface. What is contained with the sorrowful events of nature is the forgiveness of those events in the transmuting of the energies of choice and the gifts that are laid at the feet of the receivers. Lift your heavy hearts to be eased by the knowledge of Heaven and find the solace of knowing that all is well; and all is in Godís embrace.

          Blessings, one and all.


Copywrite, 02/19/03

Nancy Tate