Morning Wakeup Call Message
Feburary 11,2003

          I am Baldor, and I welcome you this morning to a day of innocence and fun within the confines of your mind. This is a time of much pressure and agony in the world, and if you can release some of the pressure within your mind, things will be a lot brighter, and full of hope for a peaceful settlement to the events at hand.

          Yes, I speak of the events which rock your world at this time. Many of you realize that there is really no truth to some of the stories that are being broadcast to the public. Some of you are in a position to do something about it. It is reasonable to assume that there is a divergence of energies that is in place that will determine where these stories will take you and why the outcome will be as only a few expect.

          My friends, you are a quilt-laden society. This has come about through the processes of the people who would have everyone give in to the energies of mistrust and fear that they perpetrate. However, you are in the flux of change that is going to turn that around. And this, my friends is where the playfulness of the mind comes in.

          I encourage you to play a game with yourself. Whenever you hear a report of terrorism, in your mind create a report of the exact opposite. In other words, tell yourself that there is a person on the shores who is here to give a gift of love and joy to everyone in the country. Tell yourself that the people in your nationís capitol are playing their part in the game so that you can find the degree of love in the other direction. Know that there will be rejoicing at the end of the game, and that the reward will be to go on to the next level of games, and that this one will be one that you make up as you go along.

          My dear friends, this is all within your capability. To par when your opponent pars is to buy into the illusion. To par when your opponent has put down his spear and gone off in a different direction is to keep the game going only in the confines of your mind. Do you see how this is being played out? Who do you see here as the player and the opponent? Do you also see that there is really no opponent at all, only in the minds of those in the illusion?

          Now I ask that you play a different game with your mind. This time I ask that you bring the thoughts of the mind through your heart and watch the difference it makes. When your opponent takes a course of moves that leads you directly to the battlefield, take your thoughts of fear and disgust into your heart. Now feel how it feels to tell your heart that these feelings that come from the thoughts of fear are not real, but based on someone elseís story. Tell your heart that there is only peace in the world, and anything else is only make-believe. Now what does your heart tell you? Does it say, that is what I want to hear and feel? Does it say that the only way to get rid of the fear is to over- shower it with love and compassion? If so, youíre winning the game that you are playing with your own fear. Oh, didnít I tell you that the opponent might be your own fears? Well, guess what, you cannot lose this game, because the only one you oppose is the illusionary you, and that is the part of you that you have made up, and therefore is at your mercy.

          Ah, we have mercy in the game now. Where did that come from? What is mercy, but the exercise of being God with yourself? Are you showing mercy for anyone? Well perhaps you can see what it is about that person that reminds you of yourself, and accept that mercy that you give to that person for yourself. Look what you have accomplished! You have accepted that person as being a likeness to you; therefore you have seen the Oneness!

          How wonderful is life!!! How beautiful are the games you play with yourself! Did you ever think that when you play the games you can change the rules and even rid yourself of the rules and go with the energy that flows forth in the being and the doing? So many questions, you say. Well, the world is formed around questions, and when you can bring the answers from your heart and know they come from the innate knowingness of your sovereign beingness; then you have created the heaven on earth right in your beingness.

          My friends, here we are right back where we started from. Shall you play another game, this one of the totality of your beingness? This one will be good, do you not think? This one will cause the bottom to fall out of your imaginary world. This one can bring all the nuances of the dreams that give you peace and compassion and create a joyful world in which there are no arms and no talks of war, and no threats from those who walk the streets in fear and danger. This world that you can create, is the REAL world, and it is right on the horizon. It is your game, my friends, and you can make it anything you want. It starts in the mind, and what you do with it from that point determines the outcome. How can only one accomplish what Iím saying? Why not; why not the best of the beauty that is waiting to be expressed in itís entirety? This is new thinking, isnít it? But why not? Why not indeed!

          Take the words of the great magnetic master, Kryon, and show your self and the world that it is as you all would have it be, and that is golden. And so it is!

Copyright 2-11-2003

Nancy Tate