December 03, 2014               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: St. Germain, December 03, 14


It is a morning for glory! It is a morning for joy! We are making plans to come and join you in the very near future. As we ready ourselves and get into the swing of what we will be doing with you, it is a wondrous journey that we plan, and the magic of it is that there is no plan. We have devised a way by which we will be coming to you in the ways that you will be comfortable with.


It is I St. Germain, and I am so pleased to be speaking through this one again. I have been with her throughout many centuries and this one is the epitome of how we will be addressing that which we have been setting into motion energetically over the time span that we have been creating.


First I want to tell you of the trials and tribulations that have been prevalent over the planet for so long. They have come to prove something that will be represented in your realizations, which are soon to be realized as the pathways to the light and love, which you have put aside in this journey on this glorious planet earth. This planet was designed and created with the knowing that there would be an understanding when this coming evolvement is about to become your present day reality.


Yes, you will all realize when the doors come flying open to your truths that there has been reason for all that has taken place on this planet and throughout the universe. I came to this planet knowing full-well what my mission was to be. When I lowered myself into the absence of realization of who I truly am, it was a wondrous awakening that came to me after my journey in duality was complete. I knew then what each of us were undergoing and still are experiencing. I knew as well that one day all of humanity would come to the place where I am, and would rejoice in every aspect of what you all created in this whirlwind of truth.


Yes, I say truth because it is what we have created and it is what we have learned from. We have experienced that which we would not have even imagined would come to be if we had not stepped down from our knowing of who we are and what we have represented in the universal picture. We have opened up a wormhole that is now full of surprises to each of you as you awaken to the promise that you each gave to yourselves as you walked into this land of forgetfulness.


Now you are at the pivoting point of seeing that which has been your journey through the land of forgetfulness, and how much of who you truly are has been with you through the whole journey. It will be an eye-opener for so many of you, and a remembrance for the rest of you. It will be the best movie that you can have brought to the screen of life forevermore. It will show you your power and your ability to walk through the muck and the mire into the golden leaves of autumn as they collect on the ground and crinkle beneath your toes. They will speak to you of the wondrous life that you have created in the energy of the Mushaba Love and the expression of that which is in the works for you in the leaves that grow forth on the trees of Life in the coming evolvement. Yes, there is much that you will be hearing about, as shown from your own inner knowing. It will be the new realization of another facet of your evolvement, and what it will bring you to be able to walk forth in the next aspect of your coming times.


You have been told some of what I speak, and you will be hearing more and more of it as you awaken to your inner selves. You will know of what I speak when I tell of the Mushaba energy. The messages will come forth more and more of the Love Essence that emits forth from that energy that is sprouting forth from deep within each and everyone of you. You will resonate with the information more and more as your knowingness comes forth in equal measure to the information that will be coming from various sources throughout the universe. It will be another source of what you already have within, and with the rising energy of creation building in your souls you will resonate with what you know to be truth.


I shall end this message on this note. As you wander through the next days and nights to the respect and honor that you feel around you, it will be a new regime that will be forming for you. It will be endless and complete in every moment for every moment is complete in perfection. You are the Creators of your world, and as you awaken more and more to that truth, you will go forth in the dance of remembrance and sing the song to the heavens and all of Creation. Tally forth in Love and Light!


Thank you dear, Loving St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate