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My dear ones, I come to you today in this manner to tell you a little story. This story has to do with the reason that we celebrate Christmas. It has to do with what is in store for you this Christmas and for all the others to come. It is a story about a little girl and her father. It is about how they came to be and why they are here. I am Overton, and I come to tell you this secret that is in long standing and is ready to be told.


Long ago on a faraway planet stood a girl, fair of face and long in stature. She was little because she stood three feet shorter than her father who stood beside her at ten feet tall. He was not fair of face, but serene and glistening in the structure of a male who was black skinned and gentle as a lamb. He was looking softly at his little girl and feeling an adoration for her that was unbound. As he gazed upon her countenance and felt her stirrings from within his own being, he knew that she was communicating something to him that was most profound. She was relaying to him what she was seeing half way across the universe. She was far-seeing and was ready to relate to him what it was.


As the frequency of communication flowed between them, this is what she was experiencing. There was a planet across the universe that was undergoing a challenge in its waters. It was circling a sun that had ten other planets circling at the same time as this one, this one that was in such peril. As the one planet sang out it delivery of help and caring to the others, it gave itself over to the integrity in which it existed. It said to the others, ďYou are my brothers and sisters, and I know that you are here to assist me in this most challenging of times.Ē


The sun stood by in itís unfathomable light and agreed to allow this comradery between its family, for with the sunís interference the whole of the story that they had been writing would have to begin all over again. So the sun sat back in itís light and sent out loving energy to all of the family. He saw that there was an ongoing discrepancy in the energy field of most of the planets and it all had the one packet of fear that was brought into the whole story from the beginning of time.


Time, the sun thought. What is time but a made up idea that contains no truth but that which I give it. If I were to take time away from my family, then what would they do? Would they see life as it really is, or would they go on in the idea that time is all there is?


As the sun pondered this thought a great voice rang through him and he recognized the Voice of Truth, which he knew was the Voice of God, The Creator of all. He stood in the loving energy for what seemed like forever, and then he realized that forever was an idea of time, and so he returned to the moment and realized that he never left it, it was always the moment, and would always Be.


Then he took another look at the family out there all circling around him in a bed of blackness and saw the inner glow from within each and every one of them. He knew that each of them had heard his conversation with the Voice of Truth, and he smiled upon them. He smiled and let out with the most profound energy of love that could ever be imagined. Every one of the planets felt that energy of love and relayed it each to the other, all but the one planet that was in such peril.


This planet took aim at the sun and bellowed a great despairing retort to what it perceived to be a grin of insult. All it could think of was that the sun was mimicking it and allowing it to suffer while the rest of the family went about itís good times and left it behind to flounder in itís misery.


The sun was able to read what the planet felt, and immediately he ran a beam of light over to the planet and resounded a great wave of love in its ear. If you will listen to me and hear what I say, I will set you free from your misery. But you have to listen carefully and with no idea of non-belief, for what I am to tell you is the truth of what you are suffering, and all you need do to release that suffering is to change your mind about it, and let it go.


The planet heard what Father Sun was saying through his love, and stopped for a moment and allowed what was said to sink in. The idea of letting go of the misery it had been experiencing for so long was almost unfathomable. Could it be that in an instant I can let go of what has been pestering me and tormenting my soul for so long? Could it be that I can be free in a moment and never allow the fear to settle in again?


The sun heard the thought of this dearly beloved and as the planet contemplated this new idea, she began to smile within. She opened up her mouth and gave a great grin of desire for the idea that began to freshen her shores and make the waters wiggle and wave. She began to feel a great belch from within and thought to herself, if I can just let this energy that is beginning to move and circulate inside of me move on out and relieve me of my bloatedness, then Iíll just bet that I would feel so much better, I would feel free and light and ready to take on the whole of the universe in upliftment and love.


The planet thought for a while about this possibility, and as she did the feelings of release began to make a difference in her structure. Pieces of her skin that has long been covered in water began to emerge once more and dry themselves off. They began to give life to new growth and allowed the sun to dry out the folds and crevasses and give new life to the inner calling of the light. The mountains and valleys gave new course to the rivers and lakes. The rocks and boulders supported new trees and grasses. The idea of creatures walking around and being one with the other parts of the planet began to take life.


The creatures began to evolve and to welcome new kinds of beings that took shape and form and found that they could communicate with all of the other forms of life that now took a liking to this new way of being. They saw a grand gesture happening to their new land and they gave homage to the sun and his part in their lives. They built great empires and found new ways to populate and give new life. They grew in stature and they separated themselves from nature. They grew apart and then they began to do things that werenít in keeping with what the planet had felt at first about how she was clearing out the misery she had been in.


So she once again raised her eyes to the sun, her father, and asked, but how can I do all this and still not be happy? How can I survive all this and keep an inner calm and love for all of life? I let the ones on my skin take over and they lost touch with me. How do I keep my freedom for them and for me?


The sun smiled down on his daughter, ďMy dear Gaia, I have told you about the ultimate truth and I have told you that it is the Voice of God, The Creator. I have given you the inner truth that lives in freedom and empowerment. You have long had that energy within your soils and all of life on earth, but you have forgotten one thing about all of that. You have forgotten that you have that ability within you to recognize the God within, and to listen to the voice of Truth and that whisper of love that tells you of the truth of anything that you ask about.


Gaia shook herself slightly and felt the Voice of truth tugging at her shores. She knew that if she did not stop questioning and listen to what that voice was saying that she would forever and day go on in this conflict and would not be able to see what was staring her in the face all along.


She stopped now and was still. Nothing moved on her surface or within. All was quiet and at peace for the first time since all of this began. In that silent peace Gaia began to feel the voice reverberating within. She heard the secret words that gave her such a feeling of joy and peace that she didnít know at first what to do, so she did nothing. She listened more and she heard more of the love generated in her and all around her. She felt that she was that love and as she felt that it resounded throughout her being that she had heard the voice of truth and that she was finally in the arms of love. She knew that the voice of Truth was being lived by her and all of her world.


She smiled and embraced all that she was and is. She resounded throughout herself the idea that she was complete unto herself and that her Oneness with the voice of Truth was complete forevermore. She knew that from that moment on she could go forward in that power and create a world that would never shrink from the love, would never hear anything but Truth, would always be that truth expressing in itself and all of its creations.


The little girl in that far off galaxy looked up at her father with a softness that expressed her love for all of creation. She knew that in those words of truth came the reason that she and her father were there where they were and that their part in what they had been hearing had been successful. She knew that when her father told her before that some day they would understand what their work for the universe had come to and why they were who they are and looked as they did.


Though their countenance was different from each other and their stature was individual, they had completed the first phase of their work, and now they were ready to get on with the next phase of their lives in joy, love and peace. They were ready to go forth now and give their lives new meaning in the ways of creativeness, empowerment and freedom that they now knew was at everyoneís fingertips and in the heart and soul of all life throughout this second universe that had been created for this purpose. This is the way it is and this is the way it will always be. Freedom, love and creativity in Truth is what it will be for all of the expression that is to come and has been forever and a day.


This is Overton once more and I can see from the smiles on your faces and the tears of joy in your hearts and souls that you understand and on some level deep within remember all that was taking place on Gaia as she was readying herself for your presence. She is now ready to go with you into the new beginning. Take her by the hand and follow her bidding into the freedom, love and empowerment that will give you constancy of Truth to live in forever. Have a most merry of Christmases and know that from this one on through eternity Christmas holds a new meaning of a new birth into love and light for all time.


Thank you dear Overton,

Love, Nancy Tate