Wakeup Call Message
December 13, 2006


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  St. Germain 


My dear ones, when you celebrate this holiday season and find your thoughts to be straying to those of worldly events, take the time necessary to bring yourselves back to the thoughts of love and the gifts that are adorning this time of year. I Am St. Germain, and I bring to you the true meaning of Christmas, at this particular season of joy and change.


As we wind down to the time of the opening of gifts, we come also to another time of opening. This time for many of you is a time when there is little left to the imagination as far as the effects of the Spiritual world is concerned. What does remain to imagine is the profundity with which you will be going on from here.


There is much to accomplish in these coming times, and with the air of the season and the love that is felt for family at this time, there is to be a great juncture of compassion extended out to those who are alone in this time, which tends to magnify their loneliness.


We can do something about this; we donít even have to speak with them or physically take them in our embrace. All we need do is think of them in love and abundance and we gift them with the choice of receivership. This is the promise that we give to our fellow human, and in this promise we honor their choice to acknowledge, or to turn away.


There is a further choice they can make, and that it to, upon receivership, turn the gift they receive around and share it with another. In the turning they receive ten-fold, and so too do we. As others gift of what we have given, we receive, as does all of humanity. The giving is multiplied according to the innate love and compassion living within each and every one of us.


This is especially powerful at this time, for there are those in this season who are finding their worlds to be crumbling around them. This is a carefully planned and executed strategy that the Light has enacted, to bring the Light into the world and to render the ashes fertile and ready to sprout forth the fruits of the seeds planted now in the debris, washed clean of the old energy. With these events in these peopleís lives there is a decided change in the energies surrounding the political scene in this country and around the world.


As you watch the screens and hear the words come forth that represent the activities of these changes, you hear and see only parts of what is actually taking place. If you were to see and hear all of what is taking place, there would be a great uprising so profound as to shake the foundation from under many peopleís belief systems, and ways of life.


This is not to happen, dear ones, for to bring about these truths at this time would be to defeat the carefully planned steps that are being enacted even this moment. As we garner all of the pieces and play them out in sequence, we establish a wheel of progress that becomes the reality that will be evolving in a very short time, in the scope of things. To put a timetable on matters such as this is to proceed with a thought that we can predict what is to come about from any given moment in time.


This is all new, my dear ones. With these maneuverings we are setting history on its heels. We are uncovering more and more of what has been taking place and what is to be compiled with the rest of the information that will be revealed when the time comes that humanity is ready for it. In the meantime, there is no time to waste, for the procession of steps is in full swing, and is unstoppable.


Therefore my dear ones, when we suggest that you relax and find activities for yourselves that will inspire you and move you to great deeds of love and compassion, do so knowing that you add to the energy from which what we do is inspired. We are able to fulfill that which you have ordained through your message of free will in the name of humanity and for the future of your planet in the universal plan of the return to Light.


There is no such thing as failure, so as you find yourselves falling into that wave, stop and turn it around to the Light of inspiration that lifts you and share it with the person next to you, the one who comes to mind, and the people with whom you share space for any given time. You will be lifting a candle unto the Light of the Christ, and all of humanity will feel it.


I share with you this day one more gift, and it is this:


Walk through the haze of the effects of the day,

And know that at thy feet lay the remnants

Of that which is not of truth.


Walk into the bright light of the moment in which you now live,

And you see the stream of love and forgiveness

As it radiates out and surrounds all

Who fall away from the old way of regarding it.


There is no trouble that cannot be dissipated

With the Golden Light of Truth.

There is every wonder to behold

As you walk in the Light of the Christ

And offer up your glad tidings to every one you meet.


Go now and walk with the angels

For the World supports you

As you walk in the steps of The Creator

And know thyself to be invincible

In the Love and Light that you are.



Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate