Wakeup Call Message
December 08, 2006


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  St. Germain 


Dancing through the dreams and singing through the daytime are the ways to bring the wonder of the potential into your lives. This potential is the fire for the warmth of your life, and as you go through the steps to bring heaven into your earth place, you will find much joy in being in the moment of your love.


I Am St. Germain, and as I bring you this greeting today, I also bring you a bit of news. As I began the activities of your yesterday and observed what was taking place on planet earth, I saw that many of you watched as Mr. Bush Sr. broke down on camera and allowed the news he had received to spill forth on the floor. He was reacting to the news of his demise in the world of financial prosperity, and he was being every bit the human he aspires to be. He was weeping for far more than the fortunes he had lost, he was weeping for the position of power that the money meant to him.


As one of the bureaucrats in the financial and political world of earth, he gave forth his declaration that day of how dear to him his power place had been. He who had for so long maintained his position, revered and idolized by many in his group, feared by many more, knew that this world he had created was in splinters around his feet.


Put yourselves in his place and feel the despair he must have felt, having to speak of the topic he addressed, rather than being able to spill the beans about what was truly in his heart. Can you feel the desperation in your heart, and can you feel the compassion for a man who treaded all of his life in a world of competition and shadows who was now and forever lost to his life in his eyes?


I know, and so do you, that no one is lost to the love of The Creator. No one is ineligible for the Grace that comes from the unconditional love that is The Creator. When someone delivers the final blow to the life that he has been living and comes to the front with the truth of what has taken place, there is nowhere to go but to the front of the room in solace and in the openness of what has taken place.


This brings me to another point. You my friends are standing in a place where you can make a difference not only in your world, but also in the world of all of humanity. Yes, even the ones who live and operate in the world that Mr. Bush and his friends live in. There is no part of what is taking place on earth that is exempt from the love of The Creator. This is why I am saying what is recorded in this message, and further why I say what is recorded from this point.


Now is the time to go forward into this holiday season and find the joy for all that is taking place in your world right now. Knowing that the situation of yesterday and what the day meant on a grander scale than the weeping of that man, means to this planet and what did not take place is a huge thing to celebrate. You are the ones who created yesterday’s happenings, or non-happenings, to come about through your collective will. You gave, in no uncertain terms, the declaration that this planet, your home world, would never again be decimated by anything, nuclear or otherwise. In your energetic statement you directed us, through The Creator, to put an end to the energy of the catastrophe for yesterday and render it Light. When Hatonn told you this yesterday, it was in celebration and confirmation of what you had accomplished.


Now it is for you to go on from there and find your path to be as you live it and to be the Creators of your world in the Light in which you now stand. How does it feel, my dear friends, to be standing in the Light, with no danger of calamity, other than in your own thoughts? Does that ring of freedom; does that bring you joy? I see that it does, and as I survey all of you and understand where you are coming from, I join with you in the courageous results of your stand, for in so doing you stepped into a world that was not only foreign to you, but one in which you sought to find a place that would bring you to yourselves, as you have created in the light of The Creator. You have created a world in which your thoughts will be filled with love and ease, joy and peace.


You are in a position now to find not only the compassion for Mr. Bush Sr. but for all of the ones who will be facing their own wrath as they realize what has happened to their world, this world in which they have become entrapped. As they find their positions swaying and toppling them from their destined outlook, you will find yourselves feeling a mixture of joy, and compassion. This is fine for you, for in this mixture is the truth of the situation.


Upon the toppling of their empire comes the reinstatement of who they really are. This marks the beginning of their return to the Light, and as they begin that journey back to their truth, they will surely find their way to carry much chaos and trial. For this we offer them compassion, for we have surely sat in chaos and trial of our own making. Throughout all of history, we have all played the part of villain and victim, hero and coward, all there is in the realm of possibility, and nothing at all. That is why we can find our compassion and allow it to override any other feelings that this time in our history can bring us.


I now take my leave and in so doing I swing through the ease of being in joy and know that as I dance through the next days I do so with the promise that each of you have given to humanity. I do so with the full knowledge that we are all in this together and with the turn of the New Year we will be seeing much more of what this time is bringing. Be ready for a new year that will go down through history as the pivotal time of the restoration of the Love and Light on planet earth.


There is never to be another time on earth when tears will fall as the cloud of poison drifts over the land and stops the progress of the Light. This you can be assured of, and you can decorate your trees with the proof. See the lights of this Christmas shining forth the truth of this time in the history of man when all is in order and truth shall be the beacon that brings us all Home to ourselves, in a world created in Light and expressed in Love.


Thank you Dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate