Wakeup Call Message
December 06, 2006




   I AM 


We shall give you all that you desire and more. We are the whole of the intent energy that you are projecting at this time. When there is a downslide of energy we serve to pick it up and redirect it to you to borrow from until you are able to pick it up again of your own accord, for we see what it is that brings it down for you. It is a downgrading of the intent through the ministrations of the energies that serve themselves. This is a flagrant disturbance of your free will and therefore we can step in and restore to your field that which you have called forth. This is one of the abilities of the energy that is being beamed to you right now.


I am the Holiest of the Holy, for I represent the totality of all of humanity. The I AM presence among you is so strong as to serve to reinstate the wonders that you are capable of. In the transference of the intent energy from your mind to the ethers, you complete the method that brings to existence that which you have called forth. As you flow through the energies of resistance that give you pause in the recognition of that which you have created, you find the energies of manifestation to be in a way the totality of what you expect.


This is the time, my dear ones, in which the energies of manifestation are being transmuted to the creation energy in which there is a total recall of ideas in the manner of the intent of the individual. With this concept of individuality comes the idea that as you sow so shall you reap. This does not only materialize in the form you know as karma, it also speaks itself in that which you think into being. It is a flow of completion that takes you to the next idea and the next, therefore rendering the completion incomplete. This is the flow of abundance that is being explored and experienced by many today.


As this comes into exactness with humanity it individualizes with every person who calls it forward. It is more than an individual who has created the manifestation, for it is a match with the whole, in as much as there is no separation. This is what makes this energy so powerful right now. It is a spoken intent of the totality of humankind, for all that one expresses in intent is tuned in and expressed by the whole.


As the energies of Abraham have explained, there is no idea that is not shared by the whole. There is only one, and therefore one is expressing and manifesting at the same time. The way that intent manifests and shows its face is perceived in a different way by some. For instance, when the whole intends to be powerful in its purity, that translates differently by different individuals. These individuals have all called forth that which they perceive to be powerful expression, and the manifestation shows many faces. This is obvious to all who live on planet earth.


It is also obvious to those who share the space around the planet. When the ones who monitor your progress see what is taking place, they are able to gauge the rate by which you are coming into the Oneness in expression. They see that as you manifest the intended, there is a coming together of the flow in a way that has not happened before. That is why you are seeing a cessation of the energies of intent for war to a degree.


The leaders in the Middle East seem to represent themselves in a way that speaks for the people. They show themselves to be in alignment with the people, and yet what is seen is that the people are in alignment with them. This means that the totality of the energy of humanity is being turned around to represent the anti-matter state that is being expressed in stages around the globe. This means that there is a turning around of the energies of intent to the state of peacefulness, and it is being expressed by the ones who but months ago were talking war energies to solve the problems.


We see this as a sure-fire sign that the energies that are beaming to earth now are having their effect. We see that in the hearts of the leaders there is a softening and a lessening of resistance. Things brings us to the statement that there is a change taking place that flows into the intent energy of peace and brings it about from the deepest of places within the souls of the mass of humanity.


We may for a time see some resistance to this, however even that is lessening as we watch the degrees linger and then dissipate allowing the Light of truth to enter and fill the void created by the lessening of the resistance. From this Light the ones who are allowing that into their lives are being affected, and the result is that there will be seen a new advent of peace talks and people who will draw new hope and dedication from what they see, rather than being disturbed and despairing by the events that were prevalent a few months ago.


Remember that this also is an energy that duplicates itself exponentially. That means that as it grows and flows more so it will. This is one of the factors for the speeding up of time, and the bendability of time as well. Have you noticed? Time is no longer as was experienced even a year ago. Time as you knew it has changed and will from this point on be the result of the energies that you create by the manifestation of your intent. Time will be the immersion of your intent, and will show itself as you intend. So watch how you regard time, and realize that you create what you perceive, not only physically, but in time as well.


Go now and be the powerful creators that you are. Watch as your world reflects that which you think as never before. See the ideas that manifest so powerfully, and adjust any way of thinking that is not in tune with your intent and desire. This is the time for you to realize your strength and the ability you have to create your reality. It is also the time when all the realities that you have created are imposing themselves on each other and bringing to your lives the totality of all that you have instructed.


Be aware that as the negatives of those realities come to be integrated or transmuted, this is determined by the energy in which you are expressing at the time. Being in a positive state can hasten the transmutation of the negative and render your lives more in flow with the purity of your intent. This more than any other time is when your positivity is supported and reflected in your life, therefore dissipating and transmuting the negative.


We recommend that you enjoy this time that you have given yourselves to experience the flow of love and abundance. Drink of the joy of love and the blessings of peace, for you are bringing it into existence. Join the chorus of truth and experience the rebirth of the Love energy that permeates all of the shadows as they come to attention and surrender to the Light. You’ll find this holiday season to mean more than the expected, by making the choice to celebrate in the purity that speaks to you. You are the bearers of the joy of the season, and the gifts of Home are bringing you the riches of intent and depositing them in your heart and soul.


Thank you dear I AM,

Love, Nancy Tate