Wakeup Call Message
December 29, 2006







Good morning my dear ones. This is a time in your lives when things are about to break wide open and spill the contents of grandmotherís attic into your living rooms. It is a time when there will be no doubt as to the validity of what you have been hearing over the past years, and now it is coming down to the wire. I Am Hatonn, and this message is one that began last night as Nancy closed her eyes to sleep, and then felt that familiar touch from me with news that she would like to hear.


What I told her basically last night is that in the next six months there will be great changes that will come about, and vast amounts of people who will begin to see the truth for what it really is. In this truth they will find a release from anger and a return to love. Did you expect to hear that the revelations and disclosures would bring a flood of love, rather than anger? Well, get used to the new way of being on earth, for that is what is soon to be upon you.


Oh, oh, I used that dreaded word, soon, didnít I? Would you like me to explain and give you a meaning to that word? Soon means ĎIn the time of The Creator within youí. Yes, that is what it means; you have invented the word, and this is what it represents. You are the ones who, through your vibratory responses have created an idea of time that you find to be most frustrating at times. This gives you a clue, does it not, that you can find a new meaning for the word, or abolish it forever from your vocabulary.


On with the news I wish to impart this day. I have looked into the future, which means this coming year, and I have seen that all of you have made a turn-around that exemplifies the wildest dreams that you can conceive of. This shows me that this, which I have seen to be your future, will come to pass, with a gentle tug at your memories from me, and others. Donít be surprised when in the days, weeks and months to come you hear all kinds of proclamations come forward from the various messengers who have stepped forward to carry the news as it is broadcast for all to hear, through the waves of eternal grace.


This is the time in your lives when all cards will be placed on the tables and the world will see what has been taking place in the alleys and byways of earth. With these revelations there will be abrupt and decided changes in your lives. Be ready for the influences of these revelations to turn your world around and fill the spaces that have been mystifying you for these past years. There is much to be done as these changes come about, and I see many of you will be called to move and move fast, for the times of leisure in amplitude are over for a while. There will be a turning of the tide and you will find in many cases your world will be either mobile or accelerated into high gear in the manner in which you are pressed into service.


This pressing will be of your own choosing, and the choices have been made for many years now. Ever since you decided back in 1986 to go forward and bring this planet and your life on it to the light, rather than to destruction, you have opened your diaries and scribbled out the projected plans and replaced them with bold new entries that speak of the journey to the Light. You have been conferring with us, and the details are being followed as they come about in your minds.


Yes, you have been conferring with us and in that conference we are working with you to uphold and see to it that all that you intend for your world is followed through. You saw that the best and only way to accomplish that which you intend is for All people to come into harmony. Not only those of you who are serving the Light now, you saw that those who serve the darkness are also in the Light, even if they donít see it.


We know that the Light is all there is. We know that in order to have substance, form and life we must have light, and can you think of anyone who can be left out of that formula? What does that tell you? Even the most severely forgetful person can find his memory and return to be welcomed back into the Light. Can you imagine and conceive of even those who represent the darkest ones on earth cannot be welcomed into your lives when they come before the people and admit to what they have done and surrender to The Creator and all of you?


What would you do in that event? Would you swarm upon him and render him lifeless through your rage, or would you feel the anger and rage slipping away into the pool of remorse, and washed away with the light of the Divine Forgiveness of The Creator? I see you doing just that, for it is in your Divine nature to walk that path into the arms of Divine Justice and mercy, and total forgiveness of all that has been done unto the idea of eternal bliss.


I am not giving you exact events in this message, in order for you to respond instantly, and in the purity of the moment when these things occur. I am with you all the way, and as the need occurs for you to be made aware of what is to take place, it will be given you by all of the messengers. Follow the inspirations and intuitive urgings that come at any given moment, and allow your Christ self to lead you through the events that will be taking place.


There is no need for the ideas of what has been to cloud what is to happen in the coming months. Allow yourselves to live in the moment, and remember that all is in Divine order, and no one is going to find themselves in a position that they did not design for themselves. This is paramount to keep in mind, for the urge to reach out in blame to someone else may be uppermost in your reactions. Keep unto yourself that you are the bearer of the events in your lives. Know that what comes about is for your benefit and for humanityís as well. You are all One, after all.


I will say this about what is about to unfold. We of the Galactic Federation are in co-operation with all of you, as well as the ones who have come from all over the universe and other universes as well, to see this final playout of the most intense part of this turnaround in the energies of duality. We are totally and forever here to serve and to assist you to the completion of this phase of the journey. Look for changes in the financial situations, the political bodies and the economic pictures first. These are the backbone of all the rest of earth society, and they will be the forming events of what is to come from the turnaround of those issues.


From those events will come the restoration of the ideas of freedom and justice, of the love for one another without the distrust that has built over the centuries. Look for all of earth life to resound with this newfound joy and the peace with which the new earth is formed. In these next six months we will see events that will astound some of you, and enliven many more to the truths that they have been suppressing. Be ready to do as you are lead by your inner guidance, and remember that no matter what it is, it is perfect, for it is your plan in unison with The Creator. You cannot go wrong, for you have reached a level of attunement that gives your soul full dominion over your choices. You are free already, feel that and live it to the fullest.


I leave now and I give you the blessings of the day. May you always walk in peace and joy knowing you have created Heaven on earth, and it is yours and you are All that is. You are dearly loved, and you shine upon the heavens with a glow that is as a candle in the window calling us home to you.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate