Wakeup Call Message
December 07, 2006


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There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to stand up and be counted. This is the time and when you make your stand you will do it with the knowledge that you are not alone, that you stand with billions of people who see that this is their time as well.


I Am Hatonn, and with this announcement I bring to you the news that on this day there is an ongoing event coming to a close. This event is one that will go down in earth history as a day that rocked the world and sent the mice scattering to their holes. It may not seem today as if there has been any earthshaking event, however in the time to come it will be remembered that this day of Dec 07, 06 was the day that the serpent came out of the closet and showed its face for all the world to see.


Let us take a moment here and explain what I am referring to. As you all know there has been an ongoing travesty of justice within the USA. With this travesty have come many results that bear witness to the audacity of the ones who stand in rulership of the ones who allow it. I say allow, for with their admittance they are being ruled by one who seems to have been chosen by the people, and yet has shown to be someone who does not have the interests of the people in mind.


This man is playing a role, my friends. This man and those with whom he works and plans are playing a role that will go down in history as being the exemplary example of how people can get in over their heads and have to dig even deeper, rather than face those who are awaiting their move. With this example these ones have given of themselves to the issues of karma and have taken the role of being the one scorned. They have found the noose to stretch tighter and tighter with every move, and still they continue.


Why is that, you wonder? Why do these ones continue to relentlessly go on and give themselves the unlikely job of being the tyrants that they are being, so tirelessly? Or is it tireless to prod on and revel in the victories that they see as being theirs? Do they want only to see their names smeared all over the pages of destiny, or do they find that they have no taste for the truth, as the people would see it?


We see that beneath what shows itself on the surface with these ones, there is a growing situation that bears mentioning at this time. I say at this time, for with this day there is a continuance that is being stopped. Yes, this is the day that Heaven has issued a cease and desist order. This is the day that will go down in the annals of time as the day that the tide has turned and the rebellion against the Light has stopped.


Realize that when this came about there was a decided turn of events that stayed certain energies and rendered them non-existent. In order for this stay of events to take place and to remain that way, there had to be a change in the energetic patterning of these ones. That has taken place, and as we wind down this message we tell you that as far as the events of the world are concerned there is a changing tide and that, as you see, will be the determining factor that takes the turn and brings activities of the darkness to a stand still.


I realize that this is a far-seeming statement not only for me to make, but also for you to swallow. Nevertheless, it is so. With these words I am putting not only my credibility on the line, but this one’s as well. I realize and feel in her field the hesitancy backed up by her resolve to report that which comes not from her mind, but from the interpretation that springs through her fingers. She wonders at the outcome of this, and considers not posting this, for which I can say I am not surprised. However, I further feel her resolve to report that which came from the energies that she trusts.


I will give you another example of why this day is so earthshaking. Remember that all that is taking place on earth today is the result of past happenings. There has been a momentum built up that supercedes all that is decided upon today. With this momentum there could have been a catastrophic occurrence that would have meant the end of the Middle East as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The end would have come about through the annialation of that land through nuclear means. We put a stop to that possibility, for we saw that this was in the energy that was in place.


Through the energetic patterning that carried throughout the history of earth this was to have been the repeat time in which the earth would have suffered a nuclear cloud that would not only have annihilated the Middle East completely and instantly, it would have carried itself across the land and involved all of planet earth.


We saw this and put an end to the pattern. We decimated the energetic buildup and changed the history of earth for all times. We were able to with the edict from The Creator, render that history of earth null and void, and to bring in its place the Light of The Creator, bound in the promise of the new exposure to Light that would influence and astound life on planet earth to a new destiny. This destiny would not be found in the destruction of the planet. This new destiny would be placed in the will of The Creator to live the Light in peace and joy and the love of all forevermore. No more would the influence of the negative particles of expression be followed, for there was a momentum that in the instant of intention from The Creator, the new destiny was bound in Love and rendered so for all time.


What is left to do on this day my dear ones is to make this known to you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear this news. As you continue on the activities of the day, and they seem to you to be of little consequence and no more profound than taking out the garbage, remember that as the wheels of history turn and spin in their tracks there is a greater knowledge expending itself out throughout all of existence and wending its way through the world in the way of the cleansing of old ways and the restoration of the new, through the will of The Creator.


Carry this with you this day and forevermore as you go about your next activities. Remember this as you find yourself involved with the works of light and the wonders of your life. Remember that you are the Light and the love speaks through you in everything that you do. Remember also that as you go through the rest of your life you do so in the new energy of forever Light in everything that you do, in every breath that you take, through all that overcomes you and renders you joyful.


There can be times when you will feel less than what I outline here, however as I stand here with you and announce your freedom from all that has bound you to the darkness, you are now standing in the light and will remain forever in that truth that is revealed. What may come through into your life from time to time is the old memory of what is no more, coming forward to be healed in the light, never again to express in the old way of being. As you re-experience in the moment what it is that the light calls forth, you say goodbye forever to it, and feel the new lightness that is your way of being from now on.


Welcome to the freedom that you have called forth and that the Creator has heard. This is the result of your calling and the example of the unbounded love of the Creator for all of you. Wear it well and dance in the streets and you see the results in your world of the freedom of the Light. You are the blessed and the ones who are blessing us all. We salute you and join in your celebration on this day of ordinary seeming events, yet extraordinary promise.


Nancy: Hatonn, this is outstanding news! I do have some questions, though; for instance, why this day and not some other?


Hatonn: It is because on this day in history eons ago, there was the incidence of the first nuclear explosion that created the cloud of destruction annihilating humanity for centuries. This has shown itself to be a recurring event, and has been set in momentum since that first time. This is one of the aspects of a holographic universe. Only one thing can supercede this output and that is to render the original non-existent. That is why it had to be on this day, which seems to be an ordinary day indeed.


Nancy: I see. What part of our history was this, what was our earth like at the time?


Hatonn: This was the period of time before there was any recording of history. It was in a time in which there was an intent energy that was operating on planet earth when the only life form was not a form but an expression. This intent was for self-destruction and it came about through the forces of energetic intent, rather than a physical device. This was in the history of the planet in which the only expressions of life were one-celled organisms. They did have communication with each other and within this communication the first rivalry, or competitions were created, establishing a holographic imprint that would be experienced throughout earth’s history, in whatever manner was prevalent at the time.


Nancy: So it sounds like this was a part of the intent energy for earth from the beginning. That we were to be born in this competitive energy, and that part of our purpose was to be able to overcome it and bring in the Light, which would transmute and transform that energy to that of surrender, acceptance and Light.


Hatonn: That is correct; and that is exactly what you have done, by calling in this transformation, this cessation of that energy you have literally changed the course and the imprint of earth history. As you go into this next year you will likely find that the results of this day will show themselves in the backward momentum that frees all from that influence.


Nancy: Thank you so very much, Hatonn. This is very good news. I will keep that in mind as things out there look like they’re going sour; it will be but the memory of that which is no more.


Hatonn: I love each and every one of you! Go now into your day and play with all that is joyful and light.



Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate