Wakeup Call Message
December 01, 2006






Listen my children; do you hear the hum of the whippoorwill? Do you hear the drone of the bell? Do you marvel at the tirade of stars as they stride across the sky? What you are seeing and hearing is the chorus of ships that beam down to you their message of love and care in being in your vicinity in these times of coming to the perfection in your reality.


I Am Hatonn this morn, and in these words I offer you a bit of solace. I share with you that as we mount in the sky above your precious Gaia, we do so with the proprietary semblance of Father Sky sending a message to Mother Earth that all is well and the plan is proceeding as was given by the Father/Mother of all.


Take for example the recent wave of people who chose to return to Home on the waves and winds of destiny. This was no accident by the standards of heaven. This was another timely event that gives grace to the plan of the Creator. It is not a sorrowful thing in the larger picture, for with the return to the heavens of these ones who stood so valiantly in the face of earth change there has been a great alleviation of the pressures of Gaia within her stratosphere.


What we are experiencing now is the resurrection of these souls into a place of rest and a destiny that gives them top billing in today’s activities here on our ships. Yes, these ones who have returned to their homes in the heavens are sitting with many of us who have their interests and destinies in our scope. As we work with these dear ones we find that they are at peace, and that they take but a few moments to remember that they are part of this sacred plan that is to bring all of earth and her life into the New Golden Age.


With this advent of new beginnings for these ones who have suddenly left the earth, we are finding that in most cases they are in the midst of what they already knew to be their truth not only seconds before they left their bodies, but minutes and in some cases hours before they ascended to this place. They knew on a level that allowed them to be at peace as they saw the waves and winds descend upon them. They welcomed the release and opened their souls to the new place of peace that told them that they not only are home once again, but that they are deeply loved and celebrated for how they lived their lives and how they surrendered their physicality to the wonders of truth.


So my dear ones, shed tears for these ones who have given so joyfully for the release of earth. Shed them, and feel the gladness that transforms the origin of the tears from sorrow to joy for where they are now. Feel the pain in your hearts and know that it is directed back to your fear of death. Then know that in their death they have found new life in light and love. Know that as the tears and pain leave your body and hearts you have monitored that which you fear and that which you will miss. Then in the next instant know that you needn’t feel that vacancy for there is none where they are, therefore none where you are.


This applies to all earth catastrophe. This is the way of it in all parts of the life you have come to identify with on earth. Then remember that there is a greater part of you who knows that this is but a portion of who you really are and that with the coming of the events that are about to unfold on earth, and in the heavens, you will be reminded of so many other levels of your beingness that you will wonder at the thought you have had that you are complete unto this life on earth.


We know that many of you are aware that all on earth is not all as is in heaven. You know that beyond the veil is the wonderful life that awaits your wakefulness. When the day comes that you are in the fullness of who you are then those who now see only their life on earth will as well be aware of the vastness of life throughout all there is.


We sing to you of that reality every day. We talk with you even if you are not listening, for you hear it on another level, and understand. We show you when you arrive on our ships and you see the relevancy one event has to another. You marvel at what you see here, and then we remind you that you have had part in what you see. You then lay at our feet and sit by our sides and you listen to the remembrances that you once gave us for safekeeping and we now bring back to you for recognition.


This is how you progress in your journeys on earth, my dear ones. You come to us in your sleeptime, or your daydreaming, and we share with you your remembrances of who you are and what you at one time shared with us. Such remembrances, my dear ones! The times when you were the captains of your own ships; the times when you piloted the vessels across the universes! All the wonders that would, for the most part, blow your mind were you to tune in on a conscious level.


Those times will be coming to the forefront of your recollections in due time, my dear ones, for in those times you are opening up even more to the memories stored within your DNA, for your DNA is answering the call of the new energies that you have called forth. And it is a pretty sound, a sacred calling and it is from your intent to be the most you’ve been and then to soar to new heights in this journey through space and time.


Come now, my dear family on earth and see the promise that you have created. Join the ones who have recently returned to their positions on our ships and know that they are free and whole and completely in love with all that they do. See them as golden and pure, surrounded by their field of the highest colors of heaven, and ready to participate in the next steps of life on earth as it is in heaven.


We leave this transmission for now and gather in our places to watch as the next phase of earth reconnaissance comes into play. We do so with the full knowledge that all is well, and heaven is being played out on earth with our earth emissaries/allies and with the earth angels that you all are. Peace be with you! Know that all is well and the picture that you paint is a work of art.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate