Wakeup Call Message
December 27, 2006


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Whenever you desire to have a day filled with love and joy, all you need do is set aside any ideas that the day is any less than that which you desire and go into the day in that energy. There is nothing complicated or confusing about this, for it is the Law of Spirit and it is how we all are in our purity. Anything less than that is the creation of another idea.


As you wend your way through the remainder of this holiday season remember the words of a wise man who trod through the fields of battle and saw the truth of what was taking place. “If but for one other thought than war these men would lay down their arms, they would then embrace each other and invite them home for tea.”


This is what I suggest to you, my dear ones. When you feel averse to anyone take a moment and change that feeling round by imagining them sitting with you in your home and sharing a cup of tea with you. What would you say as you contemplated their reactions to you? Would you find the way to communicate to them that you are interested in them as another person and that you see in him a spark of that which resides within you?


If so then how could you go from there in any manner other than peace and love, unless they were shining back to you that which they are mirroring back to you? This is the tried and true method of the ages to prove the separation that has developed between the species. If I were to tell you of the coming time when there will be species walking on the earth who were foreign looking and sounding to you, would you right away feel a resistance to them, before even encountering them? Would your idea of them strike an old memory of how you have responded through the eons whenever a difference was noted in others?


This is a conditioned response my dear ones, and one I wish to remind you of at this time, for in the time to come there will be many beings who will make themselves known to you. They will be coming from the ships that now encircle your planet. Those ones who come to walk among you and present themselves as equals to you, will do so in the energy of wholeness. It is in this energy that they will come and be a part of the transformation of the world you now live in, your creation.


I will also be with you in this time, for I am one of those who may appear a bit strange to you in my appearance. I have the ability to appear as any of you, however in order to be able to come to you in truth, I will come as a semblance of both the human of your planet and the humanoid of mine. I will come in a way that will at the same time be a curiosity and a blessing in disguise, for I will bring an opportunity for you to see beyond the physical and see the light that matches yours.


When will this be, you are asking? It is to be at a time when it is advisable due to the conditions of the planet. I will come at a time when there is an openness of the people to receive us in truth and not in separation. That is not as far away as it may seem, for a people’s idea of what is acceptable can change overnight.


What do you do when you go to bed at night? You go to sleep and just lie there and dream, correct? That is the start of it, and as many of you know that is not the end of it for those hours that you lie prone. As you know there is much activity that takes place in the other realms as your physical body lies at rest. You come and visit us, and confer, and plan and have casual times with us, times when we are exchanging our laughter and our joviality. Those are the times in which our physical appearances are not amiss or strange to you at all. In fact, you sometimes allow us to see you in a light that is much different from the countenance that you carry while on earth.


Because of these visits that you make, you are preparing yourselves for the time when the recognition of us as the same as you in your inner being will be evident and obvious to you as we come and walk among you. You are in the planning stages for that time right now. We don’t speak only of those of you who know consciously of this truth, we speak also of those who are still asleep to this truth of their life.


As we descend into the world of 3D, we will bring with us the ability to transcend the effects of the 3D and to carry our energy of the fifth and beyond onto the shores of your world without having too intense an influence on you. We will by then have seen that you will be able to not only withstand the effects we bring, you will as well be able to lift yourselves into the realization that you are where we are, sharing the same realm as we do.


How will you do that overnight? It is because of the preparation that you make now. It is because you have listened to your inner wisdom and have seen that you are able to, in the twinkling of an eye, elevate yourselves from one level of being to another. In effect you will lift yourselves unto us and be as us in your world. At the same time, you will also assist Gaia to be her elevation as well, for she would not be able to do this without your co-operation, and hers for you.


What will it be like when that happens? It will be as a new way of looking at things. It will be as a sly fox going after the prey and discovering that the prey is no longer what it seeks. It is the union of that prey with him and the joy of evolutionary completion for the stage in which he aspires. It will then be a total and complete acceptance of what is and an embracing of that which is your world in that moment.


In the next moment there will be a feeling of complete and utter surrender, bringing with it a feeling so joyful and full of love and peace that you will know that you have only touched the surface in your former experience on earth. Your changes will begin within, my dear ones. It will begin with a song, a whisper of joy. It will then blossom out to the splendor of the hour, the days the weeks as they travel across the mind and create in the echo of the thoughts that wash over you. There will be an unfolding so Divine, so pure, that it will seem as if you have never experienced any less than that which is upon you. In the next instant you will know beyond a doubt that indeed that is so, for all that came before was but a whisper that reverberates through time and washes upon the shores of illusion and fleets away with the waves of eternal bliss.


Have I convinced you yet of the coming times of love? Have I touched upon your fancies and rendered them light? Is there a spark of recognition in the words I send forth from my heart and soul? If so, then welcome to my song of truth and welcome to your world. This is the time in which you will be making great strides in the coming evolvement of your world, and as you open more and more to what you create in your world, you will be amazed at first and then you will recognize that this is the real world and your long-standing role has been accepted and disbursed to the winds of time to come to rest as the seed for the rest of eternity.


I take you on this journey into your future for there is so much to come. I Am Baldor, and in this message I also tell you that the union of Orloff and earth is about to begin. I tell you that as my world and yours become one, we transcend time and bring the future into the present. We do so with the flavor of sweet nectar that grows on the vine of truth, and gains its nourishment from the eternal joy that transcends all time and space.


We walk in the same garden and we drink of the same nectar that oozes from the tree of light that rises golden in a glow that spreads further and further into space. As this blossoms forth we see that our transition is complete unto the ideas that have bore the changes. Then we see that it is just begun, for there is no limit to what can take place in the realm of dreams and promises.


I await the time when we shall share that cup of tea and bring the light into the room for all to see. We shall disperse with the energies of separation and know that our union is now and forever. Till then I remain your faithful and endearing brother and ride the waves of change on into the new tomorrow.


Thank you so much dear Brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate