Wakeup Call Message
December  19, 2005


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     St. Germain 


When all of you were sleeping in your beds and the frost decorated the pumpkins at the door there was something taking place that would encourage you all to awaken and look at the gifts that will be coming to show themselves to you. As these gifts materialize there will be a decided factor that will give you all a wondrous feeling of joy and thanksgiving in the days and weeks ahead.


Think about the times that came before and consider what their purpose was. Is it because there is no Christmas spirit in some hearts and an abundance in others? Or is it because there is an ongoing replication of the joy of giving that overlights all of humanity?


I AM St. Germain, and I come to you this day to share something of import for the awakening of your senses. When you arose this morn did you feel a change? Did you sense that there was a lightness that permeated your cells and caused you to feel joyous?


If that is the way it was it is because you were a part of the new gifting of the spheres. It is because while you were in your sleeping realm you gave of yourself a gift to the others who have been laboring hard and long, and have called in this gift of love from those who already received it some time ago.


All comes round and All is one. There is no one who is left in the cold, unless they choose that for their purposes. This is a time of gift giving, and in this inspiration comes the embellishment of the trees of life. On these trees lives an assortment of glad tidings expressed in garland and in tinsel of brightly lit colors. There is no misunderstanding in these representations of love, there is a unitedness that is speaking to all hearts and souls at the same time.


Give me your tired and your lonesome, for I was once as you. Give me your old and feeble for I would be as them were it not for everlasting life. Give me your joyous and happy and I will sing along with them. We shall all gather and reap the winds of their bounty, for all is togetherness and all is the triumph of the light.


As you pass by ones on the streets today and see that they hang their heads in sorrow. Stop and offer a gentle word of love. As you see a tear fall that comes unbidden, reach out and touch that tender face with a smile and a loving word. This is not the end of times but the beginning, and in these times are the jewels of love that mend a broken heart and wipe away all the tears of regret that could ever come to speak volumes of the inequities of life.


See the one on the street corner who rings the bell for Christmas as an elf direct from heaven. This one is placing a purpose in motion and expressing a desire for the gifts of love. See these ones as more than they appear, and bless them with your thoughts of love. These times are full with potential and as you tune into and serve that potential you express the love of God in a most enjoyable way.


Wake up sleepyheads and carry the tune of love to everyone you meet. Wipe the cobwebs from your eyes and see the light of your brother and sister shine before your eyes. This is the time of the coming of the Christ, and with it comes many gifts. Bring these gifts to the mantle of God in gratitude and joy; then watch the multiplication of the blessings unfold as the new year comes in and wends its way into eternity.


We love you all and we see you as bright shining stars at the top of this tree of gold.  Blessed are the meek for they have inherited the earth, and it is Holy.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate