Wakeup Call Message
December  16, 2005


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  Hi Everyone,


Occasionally I do a channeled reading for someone that brings valuable information of a general nature, and I feel inspired to share that information with all of you. That is the case with one I did the other day. I obtained permission to send out that part of the reading that I felt was pertinent. Here it is.






In the area of materialism I wish to use money as one of the ways to be preservable and live through upcoming earth changes / plagues etc.


St. Germain: In the coming times, there will be a whole new money system. At that time the world will have been preparing for it by relinquishing the old and making way for the new. You are all in that transitory stage now, and in the process there is likely to be some confusion. As the terms of the financial sector become cloudy and impossible by many to predict, there is likely to be much loss for some, and much gain for others. Those in the systems that involve the change will likely benefit more from the transitory times. This can be assisted along by being able to think in a way that pushes the plate so to speak and being able to see what might be coming up that will be of more service to you than has previously been.


In other words, to have future vision can be a decided asset in these coming times that are beginning now. For one to have the foresight to explore the new ways of commerce and financial stability is to take great gain in the coming times. Take the old systems out of the box, and examine them for any potentiality they may hold for you now. There is nothing that says that you must wait for the prize to come to you. There is much merit to stepping up and knowing what you are dealing with and seeing all aspects of the formula. Remember that all that is based in Spirit is uncomplicated and abundant.



My great teacher / ascended master has mentioned that engaging certain attitudes creates certain illnesses. So I ask for an insight about the exact attitudes that are preventing me and or deteriorating my body from living to an age of over 200 years old.


St. Germain: Your teacher/Ascended master is indeed wise. The adage that you are what you think is at work here. Further I will say that you as a part of the whole are what you think. In this way the representation of the belief by all of humanity is very influential on the individual reality. Very much for the rest of humanity there is the belief that you must die, that there is no immortality.


We know this to be one of the lies that have been programmed into humanity. The truth of this is that you are destined for immortality, and now is the time when that is being realized by more and more people. This is part of the journey, and to go from this point knowing that this is the case, is to fire yourself up to the light of the truth of the matter.


Consider this; you know the fullness of the lie; you know this is a strong factor in the present reality. You also know that this is part of the illusion; you know that you can bring the immortality into your present reality. Now you know in every moment that you are immortal; you live that truth in everything you do. If in one moment you slip and forget that, in the next moment you bring it back to your reality. This is a path of self-forgiveness of the slippage. This empowers you to gain more footing on your path of immortality. Realize also that if your contract, which has been set up by you, indicates that you are to shed this present body and assume a new one; that still keeps you in immortality. This is what we, as Masters do; we choose which bodies to utilize and continue in our endless journey.



It is obvious I have come into this life with certain things to own or finish up in regards to emotions that have not been brought into wisdom. So I reincarnate and rehash them getting hit after hit of their redemptions. From the Lord God of my Being and the Heavenly Father that burns within me I yearn to be aware of what I am engaging and say no more. My question is what are my signature emotional reactions?


St. Germain: Your signature emotional reactions are of little consequence in the larger scheme of things. What is of vital nature is to see the parts of your being that are in perfection and know that what is opposed to that perfection will right itself in the manner that is best appropriate to this journey. To prepare as with a test in school is to see the limited picture, therefore the possibility of overlooking, or pushing away that which is more sly or cunning to find a way to remain in its warm safe feeling place in the depths of your cells is amplified.


When circumstances bring about an expunging of the emotional baggage that has accumulated over the lifetimes, there is a decided effort to know all the emotions so as to be able to bid it goodbye. Within that premise lies the possibility of leaving something behind because you think, “There, we got that all taken care of; now on with it.” This creates a feeling that there is no reason now that you are not ready for ascension. Rather know that the perfection is showing itself and that you are already in a state of readiness, just by being the perfection of the moment.


You know that the moment is as it is and that the next moment, whether it be fraught with emotion, or at peace and contentment, is perfection. To forever be trying to regard the emotional outpouring as the final, or certain one that will be the final release, is to think of it in terms of linear reality. Know that when the way is clear and you have expunged all from your beingness, you will be in that reality and it will be as a feather against your cheek with a slight tickle to the skin of gossamer wings as it sings from your soul.



In regards to scientific camera's taking pictures of the molecular structure of water and showing beautiful snowflake patterns when the water is focused upon with joy, gratitude etc, if I was absolutely present and smiling with boiling, steaming water going into a tube and dripping into a bottle while the whole time proclaiming "I Have Always Been Immortal In This Body" then afterwards "Cursing" this bottle of water with a beautiful prayer that every cell in my body is immortal and then drinking it, I know there would be some results. But in a sense wouldn’t you say I have created the Red Lion, an elixir where this body can continue to live on and on?


St. Germain: With the coming of the trains of thought that will be prevalent with mankind, there is the potential that there can be pure water, and indeed focused water. This is water that can be imbued with molecular programming that is geared to restore to perfection anything that is in disturbance in the body, and on earth.


This means that in the ensuing times one need only state with fullness of knowing and intent that the water they take into their body will be a perfect match for the state their body is in, their blue body that is. The blue body is the part of the aura that is closest to the actual physical body. It is the part of the aura from which the physical takes its orders. It is the blueprint from which the physical regenerates itself. The blue body in turn takes its instruction from the fifth layer of the aura, the Etheric Template.


As these waters are trained to receive their imprint from the vibration of your thought and intent they will become your vessel for restoration. Each drop will act as the remembrance of your bluebody; its vibration will communicate with your etheric template, and emit the matching vibration within your body cells. This is why the water will be restorative. It is a perfect match, brought through the water.


This too can happen with the waters of earth. As the people of earth share their intent for the perfection of earth and themselves, they will imbue, right along with Mother Gaia the vibration for the perfection of her Etheric Template, and the restoration will be complete. When this is a constant within the vibratory fields of all on and within earth, then it will be a constant realized and lived by Gaia and all life within and on earth.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate