Wakeup Call Message
December  06, 2005


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  St. Germain 


My dear ones, have you ever taken a peek at the world from over your shoulder? That is something you might want to do, as it can give you a whole different perspective. The stars might shine a little bit differently. The leaves might rustle in a whole new way. The children in the park might sound and appear in a way that youíve not experienced before. Isnít that a new reality that you would like to have?


Good day, I AM St. Germain and I AM offering you a whole new way to look at life. When you continually go through life with your eyes directed to the horizon you always see what is ahead of you. The past is behind you, and what you have of that past is a memory.


When you avert your eyes to another direction, into the memory, you may find that memory does not meet with what you actually see behind you. This can be an awakening for your perspective. It can offer you an idea of life that you didnít have before. It can indeed affect your present and your future.


Consider when you are hiding from the sudden deluge of rain that comes upon you. What do you see as you turn and watch the drops rail against the building as the winds blow them hither and yon? What is within your idea of a rainstorm that has not been your reality before? Does this present storm match at all with any other?


Think of all the times you have gazed out at a shower and had a thought or two about it. Does it come anywhere close to this time, or is it blandly the same? Consider the thoughts you have about the storm, and the individualized thoughts of the drops of rain and the wetness against the building. Do those memories of former storms and drops come close to the present ones?


This is how you create your world. This is how the sameness is formed. This is your opportunity to create a new moment with every storm and every happening. Look over your shoulder at what just occurred and see what it tells you. Do you think of it as you see it, or does it tell a false tale of what you previously saw?


As you go through life you do so with an idea of the moment. You judge the moment by what is already history, and yet you do not even realize that you judge. With each passing moment you have a memory and in that memory is judgment. Oh, not the memory that denigrates necessarily, but the kind of memory that indicates your feeling about what you saw.


I know that you are living the moment and that you are forming your life around those moments. You are taught in the metaphysical circles that to judge is to err. This is the word of the Masters and yet here I AM telling you that you judge the moments in the memory of them.


Consider that in the next moment is the reflection of the previous, for in the present moment lies the acknowledgement of the past one. In that moment of the past lays the judgment, and in the present moment that judgment is removed for it contains the newness of the Now. This is what is meant by the Divine Judgment. Have you heard that phrase? I thought not, for it is not well understood, therefore avoided.


In the Divine Judgment lies the truth, for in that judgment is the purity of what is perceived. What is perceived is valid only in the moment and changes in the next moment, which is the future, for but a moment. In actuality, the only truth is the moment. All the rest is but memory and Divine Judgment.


With this perspective utilized in your everyday life you can create anew every moment. You can bring magic into your life and you can find a new appeal to life, through this. You can recognize the ability to manifest in your life that which you desire and intend. You can bring miracles into your life and you can live a life of blessed reality.


So today, I suggest that you make an intent to look over your shoulder and see what is there. Observe the feelings that you have with these views. Note the combination of the vision and the emotions that accompany and declare the visions to be what they are. What is the Divine Judgment of these moments and the memory of them? Then take the memory and render it Now.


For instance you intend to have a bowl of fruit. You set that intent and then you envision it. Think of how that bowl of fruit looks and see it out there in the negative, as it would appear if you took a picture of it and then looked at the negative of that snapshot. Concentrate on that negative image. Feel it and know it is. Hold a feeling of gratitude for that bowl of fruit as you feel it in front of you. Hold that knowledge of the bowl of fruit and smell the delicate aroma of the fruits. Discern the individual smell of each fruit, the apple, the grape, the peach, whatever fruit is in your bowl.


As you hold that image and that gratitude know that it is in front of you. As the bowl appears before you, you will know that you have created it in the physical. Taste the fruit and be ever so appreciative of it. The sweet crisp taste as it meets your taste buds, is ever so enjoyable. You are grateful for the sweet taste of nature as it permeates your taste buds.


Now that you have a bowl of fruit in front of you hold that gratitude for it, and know that you are powerful. Feel the peace of that and the delicious proof that with God you can do anything. Now pick up one of the pieces of fruit and take it to your lips. Better than any fruit you have ever tasted, for it comes straight from God and your own power based with God has created your miracle.


Now think what you can do with the God Power! Look over your shoulder at the world. Think of what you can do with that world. Think of how you can create that world in an image of God. Think of what you can do with this power you have to create in the image of God and know that it can only come from that God power that is love. It cannot come from fear, for if you brought fear into the equation, you would lose that bowl of fruit, the world that is represented in Godís image.


I look over my shoulder and see you all in love. I see you all in Divine Judgment and I see the power of that Divine Judgment. This is a way in which you are creating your world. As you begin to see the perfection that I see and that God sees, you begin to create in your own God power as we do. I see you doing that for my Divine Judgment is of the moment and surely in place for your manifestation of perfection.


Take the day and create in your own way. See it as perfect and see the negative of the vision. Manifest your own destiny and see it unroll before your eyes. It is love and it is light, and it is your miracle come true.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate