Wakeup Call Message
December  21, 2005


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The day is glorious and we are in the heavens watching all of the activity on earth and glorying in it. We see what is going on and we see the miracles that are afoot. I AM Hatonn, and I greet you on this day of days.


We know that you are all in your places with bright, shiny faces, and that the darkness that is about to descend over certain individuals is the darkness that they have created themselves. This darkness will be acutely felt by them; and yet it will be a reality only for them. All the rest of humanity will be reveling in the light that shines from every nook and cranny.


Allow me to tell you of the night that just passed. It was a night like many other nights; it came without too much fanfare, and then it recessed into the shadows that came with the sun. As those shadows faded away the sun glowed upon the populace with much welcome and grace. The particles of light lit every tree, every blade of grass, every bush and leaf that turned to face the light in its glory.


What were the thoughts of those leaves and trees? What did the bushes and the grasses say to one another as the sun cast its light of truth over all? Did they glare at the intrusion by the light, or did they heave a huge sigh of relief with the coming of the light once more?


That is the secret of the ages, is it not? That is the tale about to be told. This is no nere-the-naught truth, nor no nandy-pandy state of affairs; this is truth in the highest order that sweeps across the land. This is the end of the tyranny against the people, and the coming out of the truth of the activities done in the absence of truth.


We are here to speak in the interests of the whole. We are here to assist you all to the freedom that you aspire to. We are taking our stand with you to see that there is only peace and goodwill among man, and a call to the highest form of being here on earth as in the heavens.


When you stand and make your intentions known to us, you gain much ground in your quest for peace, for you focus on the inevitable creation of your intent. Through your actions you guide the steps we take in the process we have been afforded by The Creator. We are able to make contributions from which you take up the sword and bear it in a most appropriate way, that of rendering the light impenetrable in revealing the truth as it rushes forward to be seen and heard.


As you go about your activities today, preparing for the coming Holyday, you prepare a table for us to come and share the wealth. You lay the settings out of finest silver and gold, and you adorn the table with soft, luxurious silk and linen, festive in its adornment. When you light the candles and turn the music to a soft appeasement, we come and share in the celebration. We bring glad tidings of good cheer, and we bring riches of the finest representations of all the world.


We see in your hearts the glow of love and the outpourings of gift giving. We hear the soft tones of the songs of the time, and we know that it is Holy. We sing with you and we caress the baby’s face as he lifts it toward the light. We listen to his coo and his soft utterings of love for Mama and Dada, and we hear your delight with his first words that echo throughout time.


It is indeed a delightful time on earth. As you go about the revelry give thought to the ones who sleep and walk alone. Remember that there are those who hunger for a soft touch and tender word offered with a loving smile. Stop right this moment and send this gift out to all whose heart aches at this time of year, for they will receive and feel it on a level that their soul permits. They will for a moment or more feel the glow of love and see the love in the eyes of a passing stranger. It can be a life-changing tribute to the Oneness represented in the Christ child, and all that comes before and after His coming.


We see you now in the glow of the candles around the world. We see the whole of earth lit up like a Christmas tree, and the glad faces as they peer toward the heavens, smiling at the sight. We smile back at you and we fill our hearts with your love. We beam back our love to you; and the meeting and blending sends a message to The Creator of our love in Oneness with the All. Blessings and good cheer on this day of days.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate