Wakeup Call Message
December  15, 2005


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My dear ones, there is a decided difference in the air today. Today is a day filled with chance and circumstance. It is a day in which there can be openings for peace and for truth. It is a day in which all of you can see the world in a way that transposes the supposed things of the day and superimpose a newer bright vision over all that does not suit you.


I AM Hatonn coming to you today with a message of encouragement. Yesterday there transpired a happening so profound as to tip the scales in a large way in Washington DC. This happening was done behind closed doors and was the start of a turn around that will have far reaching effect. That effect will likely be showing itself in the next few weeks and on into the New Year. To reveal the nature of this event would be premature. Be assured this will come to the public in its time.


As these effects show their various aspects, it will be wise for you all to take care to keep your neutrality. By doing this you allow what is to come from this happening to be in its truest form. With this allowance there will be a great awakening by many who are at this point sound asleep or only now beginning to awaken from their long slumber.


As this becomes evident to those of you who have been experiencing this slumber in others around you, there will be a decided necessity to bring forth the tender touch of truth and the tempering of the words that serve to enlighten. Think of the souls who are standing in the truth, the only truth that they have known all of this lifetime and many others as well. This is a passage of their lives that they will relinquish only with great terror and possibly with supreme effort, for they regard their belief as that by which they identify themselves.


This is as it was planned, my dear ones, for in this plan of the ages there has been great sacrifice and great gifts disguises in agony and defeat. Seeing beyond these trials we can see the greatness of their stand, for they have chosen a role that presses them into various avenues that are for some lonely ones.


This is the same as with all of you lightworkers. For most of you it has at times been a lonely one, however you have stuck with it and are coming through with flying colors. You are ready to take the staff and wend it into the wheat with a flourish that hurts nothing and accomplishes its purpose. You are ready to reap the rewards of a long road through uncharted territory, and we are right there beside you.


Everyone on this planet is in the midst of his own embattlement or peace seeking. This is the time for the laying down of the sword, and the picking up of the silver blade of love, tipped with the golden fire of restoration. Take the news that is soon to spring upon you and see it for the potential it holds and for the effect it is holding for this very moment, right now.


As I go about my work today with the emissaries on earth I do so with a new spring in my step, for I walk alongside some newly opened beings. I see the gleam in their eye and the spring in their step and I match theirs. I sing with them and I glory in their being. I float through the day with a verve and a vigor that gets things accomplished and celebrates the doing.


This is a glorious day, and as the sun sets on this day there will be a resounding through the heavens for the heralding that has come forward on this day. Tomorrow will herald another day like today. All the days to come will echo the mighty sword of truth, and the angels on high will be calling your names. Come unto me and sing the blessings of the times, for they are great and they are glorious. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we wait no longer. The time is here and now and we are the beloved.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate