Wakeup Call Message
December  13, 2005


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“Come one and all give me your tired, your hungry your defensiveness and your despair. I will right it unto the Lord and make it free. I will give unto you the ownership of the world and you shall reign over your creations forevermore. This is the edict that I bring down upon your face and it shall be as this forevermore and without err, for you shall come unto me and be as I AM in the Light of all that is Holy.”


This, my dear ones is a quote from The Creator. This was handed to me this day in the event of another catastrophic happening that shall not take place. These are the words of release from the despair and degradation from the world of the dammed; it is no longer a reality that will plunder you into darkness. This world is behind you, and in this forevermore promise is the Light that beams out from each of your hearts and souls.


I AM bringing this to you from the ship the Phoenix, and as I send this transmission to all who listen I do so with a heart full of love for all of you. I Am Hatonn and I Am here to give you a gift of love that can bring you through the days with a lightness of step, and a joy in your heart.


One day long ago I stood upon the soil of earth. I came in a personage that was known to you as King James. I gave him a testimony for the time I was within his embodiment, and then I vacated him to return him to his quest. While I was here visiting in his capacity, I told many of the truths of the Bible. I told them that one day there would be a grand revolution, and that many who had been following that works would see a different story. I explained that there was merit in what was to take place with the content of the Bible, and that when the world was taken as was to be interpreted by this man and others, then the truth would come forward and be revealed unto the people of the world.


This came as a surprise to some, and to others it was regarded as the prophecy that it was. This was going to be a laying stone of the foundation of a belief system that would gain great strength through it’s doing, and lead many people out of their sovereignty even more than before.


I told them that this would relay the word of God in a way that was purposed and that when all was said and done there would be a new prophet that would bring forth the truth. This prophet would be contained in the singular voice of many who walked the earth. This voice would spring forth from a multitude of prophets who gave voice to the truth as was received by the ones of ancient times. In this day there would overcome the darkness the light of the great truth of The Creator, Source of us all.


As I went among the people and spread the word, some came to me in denial and asked for clarity. They told me that they would have to regard me as a heretic if I could not satisfy their lust for truth. This I regarded with love and compassion, for they thirsted for something that would steady their thoughts and calm their hearts. They yearned to feel the peace of knowing, and yet they searched for something that for them was beyond their grasp.


Today I see these same people, with different faces and different lives. I see them seek and find, I see them explore and set aside. I hear them lamenting the fate that they would have seen to be the work of God, only to be betrayed by their own self-doubt. This is the shining example that is being tuned up to the heavens by some who seek the answers in the sands of time.


I also see some who shine their light in the face of truth as it makes itself known in their times of silence. I see the look of rapture on their countenance as they hear the words of God in the truth of their own inner knowing. I see their world shine as a result and they face the world with a new strength. They shine their light upon the people and they smile at their coming. They welcome those who search for an answer, and offer their truth to take or leave behind.


This is all in purpose, my dear ones. As we in the heavens abide with you in your journey, we recall the times that we walked and talked with you. We see the progress that you have made and we smile upon your faces as you lift them to the heavens. This is a bright new time of living and loving, and in this hour we find the solace of truth. We see that behind the façade of fear and tyranny there is a light that shines ever so brightly and shows the way to the doors of Heaven.


Come now and feel the love that we emanate forth from our positions in the skies. We herald your coming to the time of awakening, and we ready ourselves to freely walk and talk among you all once more. We look forward to those times when we shall all walk in openness and glory, for it is upon us. This is the promised time and as the bricks one by one are pulled and pushed from the foundation, we glory in the collapse of the darkness, which gives way to the light of truth.


Go into your day and find the light of truth in all that you do. We hold the candle bright and send you words of love and thanksgiving. Remember the words of ancient days and honor their place in your life.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate