Wakeup Call Message
December  02, 2005


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  Hi Everybody,


As you may see I AM bringing this Wake up Call from a new email address, in order to be able to keep the formatting in a more easily read style. I still have the treet@myway.com addy; this one totgl@yahoo.com  will be used for communications concerning the Tree of the Golden Light.





Wake up Call: Hatonn Dec 02, 05


Good morning my dear ones, this is a time when you are all stirred up and wondering what is going to happen. Are you going to hear about the fall of the present regime before the end of the year? Are you going to be celebrating the very real possibility that there is a new government in place that will carry you through till the new government can be elected? These are thoughts going through the minds of so many right now, and in this you may be keeping the mystery going.


I AM Hatonn, and in this I encourage all of you to see it as done. See the truth being out for all to read and hear. Know that the new way of governance is in progress and that there is a new lightness in the air. See this holiday season as one to celebrate, for no matter how it looks on the homefront and over the seas, the air is alight with a joyous feeling, for peace is over the land and truth is in every heart around the globe.


I realize that this picture I paint may not match the 3D reality. However, there is much power to the thoughts and visions of the populace. When two or more people are united in one thought, one vision there is creation born. Keep this truth in mind whenever you have a thought as to the condition of the world.


Do you have thoughts of confusion and despair when you think of the situation in the world? Take those thoughts and turn them around to strength of purpose and the knowledge of peace in the world. Make those thoughts represent all that you intend for the world, and then carry forth in the energy of the manifestation of those thoughts. This is a powerful way to create.


Realize as well, that we are dealing with a 3D reality and we are melding that reality with the 5D and beyond. Realize that this melding begins with intent and from that intent come thoughts and visions. From those thoughts and visions comes manifestation in the perfect timing of The Creator. You are the creators of your world, and seeing the results in your mind begins the process and enables the 3D world to reflect the higher dimensions. It is what you can call a holding of the truth of intent, for the purpose of manifestation.


I once told a man on earth that he was very wise to have held his vision of peace and solidarity for the people of earth. By doing this he created an avenue by which that very vision could come into being. Along with this vision he also lived what he saw. He lived the very elements of what he saw for the people of the world. His life was peaceful; he was content with his financial abundance, though others would have seen him as a pauper. He told everyone he met that he loved them, and that they were his family. He gave of his time and his effort to help others to their tasks. He gave what he could of his abundance, and his reward was to receive tenfold. He never wanted for anything, and he gave knowing that in doing so he did not sacrifice anything.


This man was a dear person and everyone loved him. He was not renowned throughout the world, although in his world he was infamous. People respected him for his love and his generosity. He was called upon to watch over the children at times. He sang to them and he danced with them in a joyful, and playful way. He taught them lessons more valuable than what they learned in school, for he taught them the lessons of getting along in life in a way that empowered them.


This man lived to be a ripe age of 120 earth years, and when he left this earth plane it was because he was simply ready to go on into other adventures and to assume a new identity that would take him into the richness of another way of life, another identity in which to express his own innate wisdom as a human on earth.


This man represented all of you who know the richness of life is not how large a bank account you have, though it can be immensely huge. He represented you who know that when you smile at a child or an adult you give them a piece of God through yourself that cannot be equaled. He represented you who know that the only way to a peaceful existence is to live that peace and to share it with all in your world.


Go now and be that perfection in your mind and in your thoughts. Know that as you do, as you share yourself with others, you will be creating peace on earth with the abundance of The Creator in your hands. You are the creator of your world, make it reflect the God in you and Create perfection in your thoughts.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate