Wakeup Call Message
December  01, 2005


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Hi Everyone,


The message this morning was not unexpected, for the Dad of one of our dear friends passed over early today, and brought to a close a life of love and family closeness that will continue through eternity. Upon hearing of the news I felt a lift for him that carried over into the receiving of this Wake up Call. As I was typing the words I also felt Hatonnís tribute to all of the soldiers and all of the other souls who in their own perfect way have given up their lives on earth to begin anew their journey though eternity.





Wake up Call: Hatonn Dec 01, 05


Another day, another dollar is a common saying in this world. Another teacher, another scholar is what graces the world of education. Another hello and another goodbye is the continual stream of life. What happens all around these things is the story that befits the angels who have come to earth to wend their way through the intricacies of life.


As the days grow shorter and the hours near for the perfection of the conclusion, we see life go on and joyous bubbles bursting all around. We see then the accumulation of the memories of man come around again and fill the empty spaces that abound. With these empty spaces come new hope and new love expressed in the promise of it all.


When life passes on and new hope is born, there comes a resounding call from the trumpets that call home the souls who have found their end to the journey. Now is the time for consideration of all that has come before, and what is to be in the new life that beckons.


I Hatonn bring a tribute to all who have chosen to leave this plane for another. I give thanks to all who chose to live in this reality and give of themselves for the journey of all. This is a grand thing this revolving of lives, this triumph over death that greets each newborn babe. When  a lifetime expires and a new one is in the works, there is a grand parade before heaven to pay respects to that, which has been accomplished.


As the lifetimes unfold and the accountings give way to newness, the patterns of karma repeat themselves into infinity. In these days the karma is instant and does not reflect itself into the next lifetime. These are the times of instant resolution, and these days are the days of restitution of the old into brand new ways of being.


We honor all who have come before and all who will be leaving. They gift us, and themselves with their glory. They make choices that we but for another lifetime would make ourselves, and indeed have made. We give direction to the cause of life in that we go on into the glory of change with a dedication to truth, and a new idea of life restored. It is a grand journey that awaits at the unfolding of that new idea, and when it comes round to make itself known, then there will be that grand entrance that seals all promises with a kiss and a hug and a grand hello, welcome back, and bon voyage on your new journey to the stars.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate