Wakeup Call Message
December  05, 2005


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My dear ones come for a moment and sit by my side. Come and share this time with me. See how the hours sift by like sugar through a sieve, and know that as they do, they mold themselves in a myriad fantasy from which you may never want to return.


I AM God, and I come to you today to express my joy and my love with you. I come to speak through this one as a mighty warrior and as a gentle lamb who lies down in the midst of battle and comes to the throne of the almighty Spirit and gives of itself to the cause of freedom. Freedom can be expressed in many ways my loved ones. Freedom is a state of mind, and in itís nuances can be found the most and the least of the tremors of society.


As you go through the days of this coming age you will look back and remember these days. You will see that there is only the perception of what is lived and what is imagined. This is what takes you through life in the turmoil, or the peace. It is your choice, and I have given you that option for the creation of how your life is experienced.


Take for example the events of the days in your society of late. Do they not appear volatile while at the same time seem to be uneventful? This is according to the energy that one puts into what is. When you see a cloudy day and declare it gloomy, then you are creating something quite different from one who sees the clouds as a comfort from the glaring sun.


As you go through these times on earth, look to the life that you are creating. See that as you go about your tasks of the day, you are creating your reality. See then how you can create them in a different light, and consider which reality you prefer. You may surprise yourself, for in that creation lays the freedom or the imprisonment that you feel.


One day, maybe tomorrow, you will be teaching these concepts to another. You will be my voice and you will know exactly how to form your thoughts into easily understood ideas. You will give someone a thought and they will create with their perception of that thought. They will either say nay to the thought and create that result, or they will say, hey, I like that idea, and create with that perception of the thought.


Today you go out into your world and you see all that is being banded about by the people in your world. You hear the words they utter and you read the signs of society on every newsstand. You see the world in a certain way, and in so doing you believe what you see, or you reject it and go on about your day.


Sometimes in that rejection you fume and fuss till it becomes an obsession. That is when the news and condition of the world that you have seen becomes your reality. You take it into your world and render it your condition. You begin to feel unrest and irritation at times when you wouldnít have earlier. You become disillusioned with life and may even become depressed and unable to function in a clear manner.


This is an extreme, perhaps of what is taking place in many lives, however in some it has been an insidious trail of tears for many years. Look at your life right now and tell yourself how it feels. Look long and hard and take note of how your body feels at the thought of how the world is right now. Do you find it enlightening to think of the world? Or do you find that it is upsetting and would rather not think of it?


Well, now youíre on to something! Now you have found the first key to changing your world. Donít think about it! Think about how it is in your wildest dreams, and then go out into the world that your thoughts have created and make the subtle changes that build on themselves and others, and see your world lighten up.


You know that it isnít you alone who has created the world you perceive. You know that for every person in your world who agrees with you the world has found relevance to your thoughts. There has been an agreement that has solidified in each other. This is how creation is born. This is how mountains are moved and waters parted. When two or more agree on anything, in my name they can make it so.


I see you all in freedom. I see you all living the dreams of love that keep you alive. I see you all in the throes of living the life of splendor and joy. Come and sit with me and see these things through my eyes. Make them shine as I see them. Create your life in the image I hold for you. Ever wonder where the beautiful dreams and thoughts that you have go when youíre not tapping into them? Iím holding them for you in trust and protection. Iím holding them for you in the Light of truth.


You all are my beloved. I hold my candle for you in neutrality and love. The door is always open for your coming to sit and tell me your dreams, your concerns, your wishes, your intent. Iím here if you want to release the tears of frustration, the fears of the day.


Come and be my angel in the finest way you can conceive of, for I AM here for you, for you hold me in your heart and soul, always, through thick and thin, into eternity. Bless you my dear ones, for you are pure of heart.


Thank you dear Holy God,

Love, Nancy Tate