Wakeup Call Message
December 30, 2004


Hi Everyone,

       There won’t be a Wake up Call tomorrow, Dec 31. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend to all of you a wonderful, grand NESARA New Year. Look for some unexpected turns of events to come, and be ready for the abundance that is on its way as we speak. That last comment was given me by St. Germain, Sananda, Enki, Enlil, and all the rest of the Collective. They are saying that this year marks the beginning of the treasures that enrich, and the revealing of the truth of mankind to the masses.

     Love to all of you,

               Nancy and Bob, and all of the Tree of the Golden Light





          My dear ones, soon you will be hearing from many of the ones who lost their lives in the tsunamis that took place a couple days ago. These dear souls stood in line to be the ones who would leave and set an energy for more compassion and reaching out from the people of this world. This was done for the purpose of aligning Mother Earth with the other planets in their harmonics in this stage of the Ascension process. Gaia is doing her adjustments, as are all of the planets in this galaxy. This is taking place so that there may be a coming together of the energies that will transform this galaxy and render it all ascended.

          I AM Commander Korton of the Galactic Federation, and I come to you at this time to let you know that these souls are already readying themselves either to return to earth, or to stand by and dispel any fear that others may have upon their lifting from this life on earth.

          Please allow me to share with you one of their stories. One family saw the wave ascending toward their house. They ran outside and heard the deafening roar. Then as if the volume had been turned off, the roar stopped and there came a moment of utter silence. As the giant wave come rushing toward them, they took each other’s hands and sang Glory Halleluiah in tones so sweet and pure that they were lifted with the wave and spiraled toward heaven in a glorious burst of angel wings. They did not experience one second of fear or of discomfort; they gave themselves over to the magic, for they knew in that instant that they were going home.

          As this tale was being relayed to us, we heard a chorus of affirmations that this was the case, or similar, for so many of them. In all the recountings of the experiences we heard, there was not one that told of any fear. This is proof that God was contained in every drop of water and every grain of sand that helped to lift them to their home in the heavens.

          When a great natural disaster such as this happens on earth, it is a natural reaction to be horrified, and to cry for the ones who lost lives. This is to be expected. However, there is the other aspect of this sorrow, and it is that there is also some degree of guilt felt, for why was it not me, why was I left behind?

          My dear ones, this is a part of the human reaction to grief, for in that there is a knowing that what one experiences, so do us all. Allow me to suggest another way to look at this. There is a fullness to this life, and it is many faceted. In this life lies the expression of many faces, and sometimes there is more than one face/facet exposed at the same time. Consider that All of life is one huge multi-faceted crystal, and when one life is lost, then one of the facets becomes dimmed and lifeless; still the rest shine forth and surround that facet till it once more shines forth with life.

          This is the perpetuation of life, for when one is dimmed the others hold that energy for the one who left. If all of those facets became dimmed, then the whole would loose it’s reflection and there would be nothing left upon which to draw for the remembrance of how to light up the life once more.

          You all are holding that light for these ones to return, if that is their choice, or to find you and send their love and support to all of mankind in the times to come. You serve a beautiful purpose for them, just as they serve a grand purpose for you. See how beautifully it works?

          And see how beautifully it works for Mother Earth to undergo her shifting within. Is this not what you are experiencing? She is sending forth her vibrations the only way she can, and that is to disrupt some of her wholeness in order to bring forth this great gift of her newness for all of you. She is within the Grace of the Creator, and in this there is a great resounding throughout Heaven to keep the energy of love strong and purposeful as this stage of her rebirth is being played out.

          Nothing is more important now than to allow the changes to come about in a manner that benefits the most and disrupts the least. This is your earth, and you have served in this family for a long time. You have brought this plan to such a degree of upheaval in order for all of the changes to take root and develop. This is no misguided series of events that is taking place, but a succession of happenings that is serving to bring all to a perfection that will give you all a glorious, beautiful, peaceful, serene home in which to experience and evolve through the next phase of life on planet earth.

          Give us your tired and your hungry and we will satisfy your appetite and tuck you in to the warm and loving arms of the Christ, and you will live happily ever after, my loved ones.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate


By the way, I wish to let you in on a little something concerning Commander Korton’s name. Some of you have written asking if I meant Korton, when in the past I have written Gorton. I wondered about this, for Gorton is the name I “heard”, so I asked. What I received is that when I knew and worked with him before, I always called him Gorton; it was a little joke between us, for when I first met him I was unaccustomed to the language and could not pronounce his name as he did. Now I have “grown up” and am able to give his name the “correct cadence”.